Imlie 30th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra taunts Cheeni; Chini spoiled Imlie's rituals!


Imlie 30th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra taunts Cheeni; Chini spoiled Imlie's rituals!


In Today's episode Cheeni was thinking of ideas to make Atharva believe that she loves him only and her eyes goes to Imlie's poetry diary.


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Cheeni torn out the page from the diary while thinking of giving it to Atharva.

In few seconds, Chini hear Atharva voice, he said he is not going to leave Chini to live with Imlie . Chini get shocked and turn to see Atharv. 

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Cheeni starts her drama to make him fool.

She gives Atharva the paper of poetry to express her love to him by saying that she wishes he loves reading the same way she felt writing it.

After reading the poetry, Atharv believe Chini his Miss Shyra and clear all his doubts.

Atharva hugs Chini and said he will make sure Imlie will not win in this game of love.

Meanwhile, Rudra and Devika insist Rathod family to stay till Imlie’s Grahpravesh in Rana Mension.

Cheeni stops Imlie which shocked everyone, after few minutes she said that Imlie cannot go inside without taking gift from her.

Anu wont go single chance away to make Imlie hurt. Anu makes fun of idol Radha-Krishna given by Chini to Imlie.

Anu taunt Imlie as Krishna’s wife Rukmani and Atharva as Krishna, Anu refers Cheeni as Radha- Atharva’s love.

However, Imlie explains her thoughts which touches everyone’s heart saying Radha and Rukmani are two different faces of love .

Rathore Family bids goodbyes to the Rana family and leaves.

The Rana family welcomes Imlie into the house with her Grahpravesh while Atharva scowls all the time.

After everyone goes inside, Cheeni appears at the main door.

Being influenced by Anu’s words, Cheeni walk on Imlie’s foot prints which she makes in Grahpravesh pooja .

Chini's face start sweating after seeing Rudra in front of her .

Anu comes to handle the situation, however, Rudra, taunts Cheeni to stop comparing with Imlie now and if she is planning to come inside the house she will have to change her path.

Further, Rudra turns to Anu and asks her to leave with Cheeni saying that the guests look good for a while only.

Later, Chini spoiled the rituals and makes Imlie as bad omen.

Chini remembers how she put the black color on Atharva’s hand when she met him.

While the ritual of find a ring in a large bowl of milk having flower petals, the color of the milk changes to black as Imlie and Atharva put their hands inside the bowl.

After listen the bad words from family, Atharv fill with anger, he burst that the marriage has happened now and what else can happen badly.


Imlie Upcoming Story :


Atharv meets with an accident and Imlie hears about that over phone. She gets stunned and rushes towards the door and prays to God for her husband.

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