Imlie 29th October 2022 Written Update: Atharv meets with an accident !


Imlie 29th October 2022 Written Update: Atharv meets with an accident !



The episode starts with Chini saying she is connecting her own destiny with the wedding knot. She ties her own dupatta with the knot. She says now she will get what she wants. 

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Imlie is about to take the phera with Atharv but she stops him as she noticed Chini’s dupatta is stuck with it.

Chini says that happened by mistake and opening the knot would be bad omen now. Imlie tells about the significance of wedding knot to him. She says a bonding can’t be made forcibly. 


Imlie 28th October 2022 - Chini and Anu create a misunderstanding between Imlie and Atharv

A bond lasts due to love and hard work. She will put enough efforts to continue their marriage peacefully. The priest says now they should start the phera, he says how Atharv should discuss all his issues with Imlie and share with her.

Chini says no matter what happens Atharv is under her control now and he will be Imlie’s husband for namesake only.

Priest tells about the other vows which Imlie takes with Atharv. He thinks his loyalty towards Chini would remain the same and won’t change.

Whatever happened to him is not acceptable at all. His first love remained incomplete. Imlie gets delighted and the priest says no third person will come between the husband and wife according to another vow.

Chini thinks she already snatched Arto from Imlie. Chini gives the mangalsutra to Atharv and he makes Imlie wear that.

Elders bless them. Anu says even after putting all the efforts Imlie and Arto got married.

Chini says she is controlling Atharv and he is married to whom that doesnt matter at all. She will get everything she desires from Atharv.

Divya tells Manish that before wedding those armed men started firing and it means Imlie’s presence is ill-fated.

Her parents also died after she was born so she might bring bad omen to their family.

They should be worried for their son. Devika says that’s not true and they should not worry as Imlie will be their lucky charm.

Imlie performs the Vidaai ritual and Rathores get emotional. Arpita tells Arto that Imlie is scared of crowd and he should always be there for her and will support her.

Rupy tells Imlie that she knows she is strong and she will manage everything. Meethi says her parents’ qualities are present in Imlie so she will succeed in everything.

Imlie hugs Sundar and the latter says her parents trusted them and gave them her responsibility and he prays for Imlie’s happiness.

Imlie goes to Narmada and the latter gets teary, Narmada says though she never showed love to the latter but truth is she is only sign of Aryan and Imlie Narmada is left with.

She says Imlie should take care of her in laws and fulfil her responsibilities towards them.

Imlie nods yes. Atharv tells Sundar that he wants to go to room as this drama looks never ending. Akash tries to stop him but in vain.

Chini thinks even Narmada got emotional due to Vidaai and she should do something to assure Atharv that she loves him more than Imlie.

She gets Imlie’s poem and thinks it can help her. She is ready to impress him. Atharv comes and says she is not ready. She gets shocked seeing him.

Precap- Atharv meets with an accident and Imlie hears about that over phone. She gets stunned and rushes towards the door and prays to God for her husband.

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