Imlie 26th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra gets Chini kidnapped; Atharv set to marry Imlie


Imlie 26th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra gets Chini kidnapped; Atharv set to marry Imlie


At the start of today's episode, we see Kia telling Chini to remove the veil as she wants to take a selfie with her. 


Imlie 27th October 2022 - Chini says now she will become the worst


But Anu stops Kia saying before marriage one cannot see the bride’s face without her husband.

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Then she takes Imlie’s name to fool Kia. Anu says there’s another ritual where the bride and groom meet each other at the temple to take blessings.

Anu then takes Chini from there, and Chini thanks Anu for saving her on time.

On the other side, Rudra greets one of his special guests outside and then he notices a person cleaning muddy footmarks.

Rudra wonders whose footmarks it can be. Imlie gets inside and looks for Chini. She bumps into Kia and checks if she is really Imlie and she feels relaxed seeing Imlie under the veil.

Imlie hides the matter from her as she doesn’t want any interruption before her marriage.

Devika compliments lmlie and Kia says she will first meet Atharv at the temple that’s what Anu said. Imlie smiles and there Chini hugs Atharv saying she is really excited to marry him.

But Atharv thinks something is bothering him so he can’t be fully happy. He and Chini pray to God, while Imlie stands beside him by covering her face with a veil.

Imlie prays for her happy married life with Atharv, he thinks he is going to shatter Imlie and will break her hopes so he is not feeling good though he is getting his love.

Chini thinks finally she is securing her future and her dream of getting rich will be fulfilled as after Imlie and Aryan her only dream is that. She leaves and Atharv looks at Imlie and thinks that’s Chini.

They take blessings of God together and think he won’t let anyone question Chini but he will give her all the love.

Then Anu notices them and thinks when did Chini get a bad habit of praying to GOD like Imlie? Imlie bends with Atharva to touch GOD’s idol feet and Anu notices Imlie's face in the water bowl and gets tensed.

Kia and Shivani walk in and take Atharva and Imlie to the mandap. Anu thinks about who took Chini away. While the Goons kidnap Chini and take her to a store room.

Chini warns them that she’s different and would trash them as she knows karate. Rudra walks in and asks her not to worry. Chini says goons kidnapped her and brought her here.

At this, Rudra says he did wrong by bringing her here, but what she did is betrayal. Chini asks how did he find out.

Rudra recalls seeing Chini’s face in the water bowl and says Imlie is a moon and how dare she think of replacing Imlie.

Chini says she took her place instead and says Atharv loves her and would never accept Imlie even if Rudra forcefully gets Atharv married to Imlie, nobody can separate her and Atharv.

Rudra says she is right, he will not interfere between the 2 lovers, so she can marry Atharv. Chini gets happy and tries to leave.

Then Rudra says Atharv belongs to Chini, but Atharva Rana can never be hers. He asks if she needs only Atharva and not his family surname or wealth.

Rudra blesses her to lead a happy married life with Atharva and warns her not to expect anything else other than blessings as Atharva wouldn't be his heir after marrying Chini.

On the other side, Imlie sits in mandap with Atharva and looks happy. Meethi tells Rathores that Imlie never got her parent’s love and hopes she gets her husband’s, immense love.

Arpita and Narmada get emotional remembering Imlie and Armaan, while Sundar comforts Narmada. Arpita asks Narmada to let her anger towards Imlie flow out with tears and accept her.

Narmada says her tears are her strength and she doesn’t hate anyone in her house. Meethi says Narmada is also in pain like her. Sundar says he knows Narmada loves her immensely.

Rupali says nobody can hate Imlie, Atharva is completely different from Imlie, even then he loves her immensely.

On the other side, Rudra tells Chini it's good that Chini doesn’t value wealth and loves only Atharva.

Rudra then gives her Rs. 1 Shagun coin as he will give only this to her and hopes she would be happy with this like Atharva.

Rudra then says he can compensate her for her tears if she doesn’t marry Atharva and offers her bags of money.

Chini says he is a true businessman who wants to buy Chini’s love, but her love is not for sale. Atharva tells Imlie that he fell in her love for the first time and hopes something wrong doesn’t happen.

Imlie thinks why is he saying this? An intoxicated guest fire shot in the air as a shagun and Atharva stops him.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Episode New Promo:- 

In the upcoming episode, Aprita says according to their custom, the groom has to see the bride’s face in a mirror before pheras. Atharva fears everyone will find out it's Chini and not Imlie under a veil.

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