Imlie 25th October 2022 Written Update: Kia set to expose Chini; Chini gets nervous


Imlie 25th October 2022 Written Update: Kia set to expose Chini; Chini gets nervous


At the start of today's episode, we see Chini doing Imlie’s touch-up. She thinks this brush will make Imlie unconscious for some time and she will take her place in mandap.

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But Imlie stops Chini and asks her if she is happy and Chini replies that Imlie didn’t apply blush on her right cheek.

Imlie feels Chini is always concerned for her. Then Chini leaves and Imlie starts to feel dizzy. She calls Chini for help but Chini keeps her eyes on Imlie.

Then Imlie faints and Chini comes in to check if she is hurt. Chini says that Atharv and Imlie are the same.

Imlie fell in love with him after the two meet-ups and Atharv also fell in love with Chini like that. Chini says this is the only chance for her to make her life better.

In the meanwhile, Baraat arrives and Chini smiles looking at Atharv from the window. Atharv looks tensed, while Meethi performs his aarti.

Meethi prays for Imlie and Atharv’s happy married life. While Narmada asks for Chini as she is Atharv’s saali.

Then Chini gets ready as Atharv’s bride and Akash says the Muhurat will be over so they should focus on the wedding.

Chini wears Imlie’s sandals saying she has to look exactly like her today.

On the other side, Devika tells Atharv that they see the light in Imlie but if Atharv is still not happy with their choice then he can clearly tell her. He shouldn’t be afraid of Rudra.

Atharv thinks if he tells the truth then Chini will end her life, and he can’t see Imlie’s life getting destroyed as well.

So Atharv tells Devika that he can’t lose everything to get something, at this she tells him to give his worries to God.

On the other side, Chini gets emotional and says she is upset due to many reasons from childhood.

Chini asks Imlie if she will deal with the mess. Sundar knocks on the door and calls Imlie. He says she has to wear the bangles her in-laws gave her.

Chini notices Imlie is wearing them and then she takes them out of her hands and Imlie’s hand gets injured. Chini feels Imlie should have been there on her special day as she will miss her.

Then Chini says she is good at snatching things always as she is left with no choice.

Just then Imlie’s friends knock on the door as it’s getting late and Chini sends a text to them saying Imlie is in the washroom.

They leave and Chini covers her face with a veil and then she also leaves after locking the door.

Then the rainwater falls on Imlie from the window, and she gains consciousness. She sees the baraat has arrived and wonders why no one came to call her yet.

Imlie then knocks on the door and asks for someone to help her come out. She feels anxious and looks for her phone to inform her family but she could not find the phone.

Chini hides the room keys inside a vase and says Imlie can't come out of the room, while Imlie thinks about how to reach the mandap.

On the other side, Kia feels that Chini is up to something as she cannot sit silently after seeing all this.

Kia then asks Arpita about Chini and she replies that Chini will take Imlie to mandap only.

Kia tells Akash they should find Chini before anything goes wrong.

Then we see Imlie jumps off the window and take the risk. She gets saved and but her feet get hurt.

Imlie thinks why anyone would lock her in the room in Atharv’s house. She feels she can’t enter the house using the front door else guests will insult their family.

Imlie then goes inside using the back door, while Kia looks at Chini believing her to be Imlie and tells her not to be nervous.

Kia then tries to take a selfie with her and tells Chini to remove her veil and Chini gets nervous.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Episode New Promo:- 

In the upcoming episode, Chini meets Atharv being his bride and he thanks God for everything.

Then Imlie comes out of her room wearing the veil and goes to the mandap.

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