Imlie 24th October 2022 Written Update: Imlie-Chini both go to Mandap to marry Atharv; Game over for Chini


Imlie 24th October 2022 Written Update: Imlie-Chini both go to Mandap to marry Atharv; Game over for Chini


At the start of today's episode, we see Imlie telling Chini that Atharv is her would-be husband and he gave her the right to himself before anyone.

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Also, he is not an object so she will first apply Haldi to him then Chini can do the same.

Hearing this Chini gets irked, while Imlie applies Haldi on Atharv, she says this is the start of their lifelong partnership. Atharv also applies haldi to Imlie.

Chini gets jealous and leaves the venue and Atharv goes to stop her thinking she might harm herself again.

Atharv says she promised him she won’t take any such step. But Chini says that he is taking stress for no reason, but she is happy that she is going to marry him.

Then Atharv says but it doesn’t seem right as Imlie is very happy. She says there’s nothing right or wrong in love. She applies Haldi on herself from Atharv's hand.

While Atharv thinks that Chini is not realising how much their families will be hurt after their act, as it’s not an easy thing.

Then Chini leaves and Imlie comes there and tells him to wipe some haldi from his face but he can’t do it properly by himself so she helps him.

Imlie then asks Atharv why he looks worried and distracted, so he says how does she know? She says his nose and his shoulders look overburdened with the stress, so she understood.

Atharv smiles upon hearing that and Imlie asks him to share his problems with her so that she can do something about it.

Before Atharv could tell the truth to Imlie someone calls him. Kia gets ready and says she is afraid that Chini might do something to stop the wedding.

While Akash says they will get Atharv married to Imlie no matter what happens.

On the other side, Devika asks Shivani why she is wearing faded clothes.

Shivani says she feels like Atharv is not happy with this marriage thus she doesn’t feel like wearing shiny clothes and then prays for his happiness.

Rudra hears their conversation, while Imlie writes a poem on her bridal look and informs the editor that she is sending him the poem.

Sundar asks Imlie if she is writing poems even on her wedding day. She says she is feeling nervous about many changes that are coming into her life.

Then the Rathore family compliments Imlie on her bridal look, while Meethi says she looks like the reflection of her mother.

Rupy says she will miss Imlie a lot as she will leave them today. Narmada also says that Imlie is looking pretty. At this Imlie tells them that she will come to meet them frequently.

On the other side, Atharv asks Rudra why they are going with Baraat since the wedding is at their place only.

Rudra says this is a ritual and it will strengthen their relations even more. He reassures him that Imlie is the perfect life partner for him.

At the Rathore Mansion, Meethi advises Imlie that now she has to share her life with Atharv.

They have to handle things with love, and then Imlie hugs her after getting emotional.

On the other side, Atharv thinks today even God can’t do anything. They all are going to get hurt. Rudra tells Atharv to be prepared as Baraat will leave.

While Imlie waits for the Baraat and Chini asks Imlie why she believes in rituals a lot. So Imlie replies that she feels good doing that.

Chini talks about touch up and Imlie says that she doesn’t want to do make-up. But Chini insists and then looks at the brush she is holding.

Then Chini thinks this brush will make Imlie unconscious for some time and she will take Imlie's place in mandap to get married to Atharv.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Episode New Promo:- 

In the upcoming episode, Chini meets Atharv being his bride and he thanks God for everything.

Then Imlie comes out of her room wearing the veil and goes to the mandap.

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