Imlie 23rd October 2022 Written Update: To marry Atharv, Chini involves Atharv in her plan of bride swap


Imlie 23rd October 2022 Written Update: To marry Atharv, Chini involves Atharv in her plan of bride swap


At the start of today's episode, Imlie tells Atharv she started loving him and is not afraid to confess that.

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Atharv gets shocked and he holds her hand. Before he could tell anything Chini reaches there in the car.

Atharv and Imlie go to the Rana mansion, and then Rudra questions Imlie that her family is worried then why did she leave.

Atharv tells Rudra that Imlie is not at fault. Rudra acts like getting angry and then he appreciates Atharv for spending time with Imlie.

Arpita says Imlie got some adventure in her life because of Atharv. Meethi says Imlie’s mother will be proud after seeing this.

Chini gets shocked hearing that and thinks why everyone doesn’t find Imlie’s action wrong. She decides to execute the bride swap plan if they don’t cancel Imlie and Atharv’s wedding.

While Atharv thinks about how he will betray everyone tomorrow by rejecting Imlie. Chini goes to talk to Atharv when he is in the car. She says she will marry him in place of Imlie tomorrow.

Atharv stops her and says he can't insult anyone’s family tomorrow, he won’t hurt Imlie by making such wrong plans. He will always love Chini but won’t marry her by betraying all.

But Chini tries to convince Atharv by saying that she can’t reveal the truth for many reasons which he won’t understand. But her plan is not wrong either and she will marry only him.

Atharv says he won’t support her idea, he goes to speak with Imlie and tells Chini that he won’t take her name at all. Chini thinks she can’t lose Atharv’s money and status that easily.

Imlie wears a dupatta and looks into the mirror. Arpita teases her and says she used to do the same in childhood. Arpita says she can notice the change in her.

Imlie says it’s because she is in love with Atharv. While Atharv thinks he is going to hurt Imlie a lot, but then he sees Chini is going to jump off the balcony.

Seeing this Atharv gets scared and asks her to stop. Chini says he can remain honest with everyone but she can’t afford to lose him. She will end her life if he leaves her.

Then Atharv asks Chini to come down and they will sort this out but Chini pretends to jump and falls on him and he holds her.

Atharv hugs her and Chini says she never got such unconditional love and hence she can’t lose him.

Then Chini shares her plan with Atharv and he agrees to listen to her else she will kill herself. She smirks and hugs back him saying that they will finally get married.

The next day during the Haldi ceremony the Rathore family is busy with functions. Atharv comes with the Haldi and Imlie gets surprised to see him.

Anu asks Chini why he came here with Imlie’s haldi and not doing anything to marry Chini. At this, Chini says it's a part of their plan, and Anu says she should apply the haldi on Atharv.

Then Chini and Atharv go towards each other and Chini tries to apply haldi on him but Imlie stops her.

At this Chini asks Imlie why she stopped her, and Imlie replies that Atharv belongs to only her so she cannot give the right to anyone else to apply the haldi on him first except her, hearing this Chini stands shocked.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Episode New Promo:- 

In the upcoming episode, Chini does the bridal makeover of Imlie before the wedding.

Imlie falls unconscious due to the makeup effect, while Chini gets time to become the bride in place of Imlie.

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