Imlie 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Imlie's stunning statement on Atharv shocks Chini


Imlie 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Imlie's stunning statement on Atharv shocks Chini


At the start of today's episode, we see Chini telling Rupy that she was worried for Imlie when she didn’t find her in the room. So she went out to find her. But they always doubt her intentions.

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Rupy asks her angrily where is Imlie then? Chini says Imlie never goes out without informing anyone.

Then the Rathore family wakes up and Rupy tells them Imlie is not at home. Arpita tries to call her, while Sundar smiles. Chini thinks she had to use Imlie’s name to save herself.

Sundar thinks Imlie is near her protector only. Arpita asks him why is he smiling. Sundar hides that he knows where Imlie is else they all will scold him.

Then Narmada says tomorrow is her wedding, how can she just go missing, when the weather is also rainy?

On the other side, Imlie feels nervous in the car and she thinks she wrote many poems on love but practically she is experiencing it now. She can’t tell her feelings to him that easily - it’s tough.

Meanwhile, Atharv thinks he can’t face her after what he has been hiding from her. She says she wants to seize this moment forever. He stops the car thinking if she wants to go to the washroom.

Imlie gets happy and thanks, God.

Back at the Rathore house, Narmada says Imlie is not like her mother. Her mother used to be confident always but this Imlie has nothing but fear.

Narmada again blames Imlie for ruining their happiness. Meethi says fear doesn’t make someone weak, but it cautions people about any trouble. Then Arpita tells Narmada to listen to Meethi.

Narmada says what if the Rana family cancels the wedding knowing Imlie is missing. At this Chini gets an idea from that and calls Rudra. She asks about Imlie’s whereabouts and acts like crying.

Chini says she is tense for Imlie, while Rudra says if she comes to their house, he will let her know. Devika says, hope Imlie is safe.

Then we see Kia and Akash discuss where did Imlie go? Akash says the wedding can’t get cancelled at any cost. They won’t get Atharv property then, while Kia prays for Imlie’s safety.

Meethi goes to Chini and asks her whom she was talking to but Chini makes excuse. Then she calms Meethi down and thinks this news will affect Atharv and Imlie’s wedding only.

On the other side, Atharv calls the mechanic and gets stressed. He learns they have to wait for one hour. Then it starts raining, and Atharv gets pissed and goes under a shade with Imlie.

Arthav holds her hand while Imlie feels shy. He leaves it and she goes to feel the rain but is about to fall, but he saves her and they share an eye-lock.

Then Arthav asks her if she is fine and then says the rain is not going to stop it seems.

While Imlie goes under the rain saying she doesn’t want the rainfall to stop. Atharv refuses but Imlie drags him into the rain.

Back at the Rathore house, Sundar thinks if Imlie doesn’t come back soon he has to tell everyone the truth.

Then Chini thinks if Imlie got stuck in real danger as she doesn’t want that.

On the other side, Imlie jumps on the rainwater and it spills on Atharv. He acts like he is angry but then he enjoys the rain with her in the same way.

Imlie says she misses her mother at such times and seeks her blessings. While Atharv says she made him enjoy the rainfall for the first time.

Imlie says sometimes people can’t see what is best for them. Then Atharv spreads over his arms, while Imlie says I love you to Atharv.

Imlie says today she won’t stop herself from confessing that she is in love.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Episode New Promo:- Imlie's stunning statement

In the upcoming episode, Chini tries to apply haldi on Atharv but Imlie stops her.

Imlie says that Chini has the right to everything before her but Atharv is not an object so she knows he only belongs to her. Chini gets shocked to hear that.

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