Imlie 21st October 2022 Written Update: Imlie says I love you to Atharv; Atharv gets stunned to hear this


Imlie 21st October 2022 Written Update: Imlie says I love you to Atharv; Atharv gets stunned to hear this


At the start of today's episode, Imlie is about to fall but Atharv saves her from falling, and then she falls on him in his room.

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Atharv asks Imlie what she is doing here. Imlie feels nervous and says Sundar told her to show confidence and Atharv only asked her to come to meet him so she came.

Atharv recalls how he wanted Chini to come but by mistake, he said it to Imlie. He thinks it’s a big confusion and Imlie will get hurt even more when she will learn the truth.

Imlie thinks she has to gather the courage to tell him about her feelings. She pushes herself in her mind to express her feelings to him.

While Chini calls Atharv and Imlie is about to pick it up but Atharv stops her. He talks to Chini saying her sister is standing in front of him.

Chini gets shocked on hearing that. She says Imlie used to get scared even going out at 1 pm then how can she go to his house at 1 am?

Atharv says but the impossible thing has happened already.

Chini tells him not to reveal the truth to Imlie tonight as she wants to talk to her first. Atharv says he won’t.

Then Chini disconnects the call and Atharv drops a text to Chini saying he loves her. He utters I love you and Imlie hears that. She thinks he also has feelings for her.

Imlie keeps on giving herself the strength to stay what she feels for him.

While on the other side, Chini gets overjoyed seeing the expensive shiny cars of the Rana’s. She talks to the cars saying they have to take her shopping every day after marriage.

Then Chini reads Atharv’s text and says she also loves his money and she will become rich soon.

Back in Atharv's room, Atharv notices Imlie’s expressions and asks her what happened to her. She says she wants to tell him something, weird things are happening with her like she can’t sleep well, her body temperature is going up and down etc.

At this Atharv asks her if she has a fever, and she says no. Then a noise comes from the outside and Imlie says a thief has come maybe.

Atharv says she should think about herself not about others right now. She says she is worried for her loved ones only.

Then the Rana family wakes up from sleep to see who is there outside.

Meanwhile, Atharv tries to open the door to help Imlie leave before anyone sees her but he fails to open it.

Then Imlie asks for a card, he gives her that and she opens the door. Atharv gets impressed seeing that. She says when they both are together then they can do anything.

Then Atharv goes out with her and hides from his family before leaving.

In the meanwhile, Rudra checks the entire house and they somehow fool him by hiding themselves using lamps, plants etc.

On the other side, Chini says she didn’t meet Atharv as he would have asked her the same question why she didn’t tell the truth to Imlie yet.

Chini says in real life people need to struggle hard to get a rich husband and she won’t let Atharv leave his house as he is a lottery ticket for her.

At the Rathore house, Rupy notices spinach paste and real Mehendi in the kitchen and she understands Imlie’s Mehendi was exchanged.

Just then, Chini comes in and sends a text to Atharv that she will talk to him tomorrow. While Rupy confronts her for trying to ruin Imlie’s Mehendi function.

But Imlie trusts her sister so she didn’t doubt her for a second. Chini says she is not behind this planning and says that Kia and Akash might have done this.

At this Rupy says now she is blaming Atharv’s family for no reason. While Chini acts like she went out to find Imlie at late night as she is not home. Hearing this Rupy asks her where is Imlie.

Episode Ends!

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In the upcoming episode, Imlie gets drenched in rain with Atharv and finally says I love you to him and Atharv gets shocked to hear that.

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