Imlie 20th October 2022 Written Update: Atharv saves Imlie


Imlie 20th October 2022 Written Update: Atharv saves Imlie


At the start of today's episode, we see Imlie saying rose smell coming from the Mehendi. Sundar says Chini mixed rose water in it.

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Imlie says I love you to Atharv; Atharv gets stunned to hear this

While on the other side, Chini tells Atharv that someone will surely notice them in this position. Imlie’s ritual is about to start but the curtain falls on the guests from up.

Anu gets irked seeing the mess, while Chini gets romantic with Atharv and Atharv says Imlie deserves to know the truth.

Since Imlie is dreaming to spend her life with Atharv so they can’t hide the truth that her dreams will never get fulfilled.

Atharv is about to go disclose the truth to Imlie but Chini gets nervous saying she already cancelled her own wedding so she can’t take the risk by cancelling Imlie’s wedding too.

Chini fears that her family will not forgive her, so she asks Atharv to have patience.

Meanwhile, Anu says the function is really dull as there’s no music playing. The music system is also broken. Imlie says they will dance with the music playing in their mind.

Then Imlie asks everyone to get ready and they all dance to the "Long Elaichi" song. Imlie notices Chini is going somewhere and she follows her.

Atharv pulls Chini closer and starts romancing, at this she says lmlie can catch them together. Chini writes her own name on Atharv’s hand saying he belongs to hers only. She leaves saying they will meet later.

Atharv still tries to stop her, but Imlie is passing by and he holds her hand mistakenly. He asks her to meet him tonight at his house secretly, while Imlie gets shy and he gets shocked seeing Imlie.

Before he can explain anything, he falls on her by mistake. Their hands are touched and Mehendi gets applied to Imlie's hand.

Seeing this Arpita teases them saying Imlie’s ritual is done as Atharv and Imlie’s Mehendi can be seen on their hands.

While Chini feels jealous seeing them and thinks Imlie again snatched her happiness. Upset Chini leaves from there and Atharv goes behind.

Atharv calls Chini and asks her to come to his house at night else he will come over to meet her in front of everyone. Chini finally agrees and says she will come at night.

While Imlie worries whether she should go to meet Atharv or not. She can’t deny fulfilling his wish too.

Imlie then shares it with Sundar and he suggests she should go there as Atharv should also know Imlie is not less confident. Sundar tells her to be romantic without fear.

Imlie smiles and she wakes up at midnight. She thinks she should ask Chini about it before leaving to meet Atharv.

Imlie believes it’s her life so she should think about what she wants and then goes to meet him after gathering courage.

Atharv waits for Chini and checks the door is locked. Kia tells Akash that she overheard Atharv’s plan to meet Chini so she closed the door. Akash says they will not let these two get united.

While Atharv thinks he loves Chini and no one can come between them and then he opens the window in his room.

Imlie thinks before ringing the doorbell at his house that she is not here to meet his family. She thinks she should not feel shy as Atharv is her would-be husband.

Imlie thinks where is Atharv, she notices him when she looks up. He hangs a cloth from his window and she thinks she can climb up using that.

Atharv notices Imlie and gets stunned, while Imlie is about to fall and he saves her.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Imlie falls on Atharv in his room and later Chini calls him. Imlie looks at his phone, and Atharv gets nervous.

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