Imlie 19th October 2022 Written Update: Chini's plan fails against Imlie


Imlie 19th October 2022 Written Update: Chini's plan fails against Imlie


At the start of today's episode, Imlie is about to fall but Chini holds her hand and saves her. Everyone is surprised to see that, and then Imlie hugs Chini saying she is the hero of her life.

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Seeing this Sundar gets happy, while Anu takes Chini aside and asks her why she saved Imlie as it was a golden opportunity to make a foolproof plan if she was hurt.

Anu further asks Chini to think of something fast. But Chini says that it will be wrong to destroy Imlie’s life, while Anu calls Chini innocent.

Then Atharv comes and gets delighted seeing Chini. Chini smiles at Atharv and Imlie also gets happy to see Atharv.

Then Imlie goes towards Atharv’s family, while Atharv thinks about why Chini didn’t tell the truth to her family yet.

While Devika compliments Imlie and Kia tells Akash that Atharv can’t wait to meet Chini. Akash replies that they have to act like they are supporting Atharv or else they can’t execute their plan.

Chini thinks even Atharv’s family is planning against her. No one is on her side, she says Anu was right and now she will be two steps ahead to make the plan.

Then the Rathore family ask Atharv to sit beside Imlie without feeling shy. Atharv says he is in love and now he can go to any extent to get his love, while Chini asks the cook what’s made for today.

The cook replies she made Palak Paneer for Imlie, as it's her favourite. Chini says everyone is worried about Imlie only and nothing else. Then Imlie tells about her wish that she wants to dance with Atharv.

Hearing this everyone teases her and she asks for Atharv’s hand to hold it. Atharv hesitates but finally gives his hand. Imlie dances with him on the "Adha Ishq song" in her imagination.

Later her dream ends and she dances to the "Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali" song. While Rudra hopes that Atharv will start falling for Imlie.

But Chini thinks Imlie’s Mehendi function will be ruined, and then she sends the cook away and grinds the spinach and puts it in the bowl instead of Mehendi.

Chini says spinach will not leave any colour on Imlie’s palm. Just then Sundar calls Chini to attend the function.

Then Chini keeps the bowl and thinks Imlie deserves all happiness but for now she will be the daughter-in-law of the Rana family and not Imlie.

Then Meethi gets emotional recalling Imlie and Aryan. Imlie waits for Chini to come before her Mehendi function starts.

Atharv takes Chini aside and asks why she did that. Chini gets nervous thinking if he learned she replaced the Mehendi with spinach.

While Imlie looks at her parents’ photo, when some guests say that she should spy on her husband as he is handsome, many girls are in love with him.

At this Imlie replies that he is like Krishna for her. While Chini tells Atharv that anyone can see them this close, he replies that he is not doing the wrong thing.

Then Chini also gets romantic with Atharv and asks him to stare for long.

Later, Imlie smells the Mehendi before the ritual and says the rose’s smell is coming from it.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Episode New Promo:- Chini's plan fails

In the upcoming episode, Atharv falls on Imlie by mistake and Arpita says their Mehendi ritual is done as Mehendi got applied on both their hands. Seeing this Chini gets super jealous, as her plan fails.

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