Imlie 18th October 2022 Written Update: Anu instigates Chini against Imlie


Imlie 18th October 2022 Written Update: Anu instigates Chini against Imlie


At the start of today's episode, we see Imlie telling her family that if Chini and she both leave the family together then their house will be empty. So they should listen to her and not let Chini leave.

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Chini will make them happy in her absence, while she will focus on Atharv and her new responsibilities. Arpita says Imlie will be theirs after marriage too.

Then Imlie asks Atharv to stay back for some time but he says now that he saw she is fine, he wants to leave. He looks at Chini and leaves.

Chini asks Rupy if her plan flopped, as she is not going anywhere. So what will Rupy do next? Rupy replies she will keep her eyes on Chini and won’t let her succeed in any wrongdoing.

On the other side, Atharv fails to start the car and gets annoyed, Imlie comes there and stops him from hurting himself. He says she is not a mechanic, so she tells him to come out of the car and she sits inside.

Imlie recites a poem saying patience can solve all problems and asks him to try again. Atharv gets surprised to see the car engine start. He smiles at her and she feels shy.

Atharv says that her poem didn’t start the car, so Imlie comes out of the car and says patience is the key to running a successful marriage.

Atharv says he is impressed by the way she supported her sister’s decision on her wedding. Will she support Chini always?

Imlie says Chini is always right for her. Atharv asks her about the poems where did she read that?

Imlie hides that saying she read it somewhere. While Atharv thinks Imlie read it in Chini’s diary maybe. Atharv says he will drive carefully and Imlie gets happy.

Then we see Kia and Akash talking about how Akash is getting praise from Rudra and soon he will take Atharv’s place. Rudra will also give him the property which belongs to Atharv.

Then Kia says Chini is money-minded like them and she will control Atharv after the wedding so they have to convince Rudra that Atharv marries Imlie only.

Atharv comes there and seeing him both Akash, and Kia divert the topic saying they are trying to convince Rudra of Atharv and Chini’s marriage but he is adamant.

Atharv says he will handle the situation with Chini and he thanks them for their support.

Kia says they did their best but Rudra is putting pressure on them. Atharv says he can understand and it’s his and Chini’s challenge.

Then Akash says it seems Atharv will convince Chini to marry him. While Kia says, Chini won’t be ready as she cares about money only.

On the other side, Rupy tells Sundar and Arpita that why Atharv stopped Chini.

After knowing this, Sundar says he is concerned for Imlie nothing else. He tells Rupy not to worry, they won’t let Chini do anything wrong.

On the other side, Anu brainwashes Chini saying she should sit in mandap instead of Imlie to marry Atharv.

Anu then tries to instigate Chini by saying that no one loves her, else why they wanted to send her to Mumbai?

Chini replies that she wants to secure her future but she doesn’t want to destroy Imlie’s life.

Anu manipulates her to take the step of marrying Atharv and after marriage, everyone will have to accept her as his wife.

Chini agrees, next day during the Mehendi ceremony Anu sees the preparations and says they should do all this for Chini but no one considers her as their own.

While Imlie takes blessings from Narmada. Meethi surprises Imlie and Chini with her arrival. Chini and Imlie go to hug her happily. Chini says Meethi is her grandmother before Imlie was born.

Meethi says they both are equal to her. She asks Imlie about how is Atharv. She feels shy and Chini replies he is super rich and handsome.

Then Chini thinks that she can’t hide the truth from Meethi as Atharv is going to marry her not Imlie. Meethi meets the Rathore family and Anu gets irked seeing her happiness.

Meethi recalls the past mishap seeing Anu. Anu says Meethi is nothing but a maid so she will show her real place today. She makes a waiter fall down and Imlie slips.

But someone holds her hand and saves her from falling.

Episode Ends!

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