Imlie 17th October 2022 Written Update: Chini planning to ruin Imlie's life


Imlie 17th October 2022 Written Update: Chini planning to ruin Imlie's life


At the start of today's episode, Chini tells Anu that Atharv cares about love, not about money but she needs his huge property, not his hard-earned money.

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Anu instigates Chini against Imlie

Rudra might disown him from his property after he marries her. At this Anu says she should focus on capturing Atharv so his family won’t be mad at him for long.

Rupy slams Anu for misguiding Chini and telling her to snatch Imlie’s fiance. She asks Chini how can she betray Imlie who loves her so much.

Chini says she is just thinking about her own secure future and Atharv doesn’t love Imlie but he loves her.

Rupy says she doesn’t believe that Atharv can betray someone and if he has feelings for someone else, he could have talked to them directly.

Chini says Rupy should accept the truth that not everyone is worried for Imlie.

On the other side, Devika gives medicine to Rudra for his low BP while Kia and Akash give him the news that Atharv again met Chini and wanted to cancel his wedding with Imlie.

Hearing this Rudra drops the glass in shock and Kia says Akash handled everything very well and he didn't let Atharv tell the truth to Imlie.

Rudra blesses Akash and prays that Atharv should also do the right thing.

Devika calms Rudra and Atharv recalls Chini’s words. He reads the poem thinking it must be written by Chini only. His first love was Chini’s poetry but now he loves her too.

On the other side, Imlie recites poems in her room and draws her sketch with Atharv. Chini sees it and says her fight with Imlie will go on.

Then Chini spills the tea on the painting knowingly and ruins Imlie’s face on the painting and acts like she is sorry.

At this Imlie says her name will not be removed from Atharv’s destiny. Chini says she is too much optimistic, while Imlie again paints her picture happily.

Later, Atharv asks Chini in a cafe if she should not lie to Imlie like this. She has to tell the truth that they love each other. Imlie kept fast for him and he felt bad for her and that they should not keep her in dark.

Chini replies that it’s not that easy for her to hurt Imlie, as she never did that before. She also needs the blessings of Atharv’s family. While he says he can leave her family for her.

At this Chini tells Atharv not to do that and says it’s easy for him but she can’t be selfish to those who adopted her after she lost her parents.

The Rathores will throw her out of their house. She acts like crying and Atharv consoles her that they will manage everything at right time.

Then Chini comes back home, and Imlie gives her a letter saying she didn’t imagine this would happen before marriage.

Chini fears Imlie learned the truth and sees her transfer letter from her office, she wonders she didn't go there for long and she bribed the guard too.

Rupy recalls how she talked to Arpita and Sundar about Chini’s wrong actions. Sundar says Chini will ruin her and Imlie’s life so they should arrange for her transfer to Mumbai.

Imlie says she can’t let Chini go like this without attending to her wedding. Sundar says Chini might lose her job so she has to go.

Then Atharv says Chini is not going anywhere but she can join his friend’s company. Chini gets nervous thinking what if Atharv tells everyone he loves her?

Rupy objects saying Chini should not accept anyone’s recommendation. Chini thinks the transfer letter is sent by Rupy, and that's the reason she is eager to send her to Mumbai.

Imlie gets happy to know Atharv cares for her and she holds his hand and asks if he will really stop Chini from leaving. He says from now he will think about her happiness only.

Imlie says she will spend some good time with Chini before her wedding takes place.

Episode Ends!

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