Imlie 16th October 2022 Written Update: Atharv says Chini is his love


Imlie 16th October 2022 Written Update: Atharv says Chini is his love


At the start of today's episode, Chini tells Atharv she can’t understand what he is saying. He pulls her closer and says he loves her.

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While Chini acts like she is shocked and she tells him to come back to his senses as he is going to marry her sister Imlie. She can’t see Imlie’s life getting ruined.

At this Atharv says he can understand she loves her sister but he only loves Chini.

While Imlie loses her balance while entering the temple and Arpita asks her if she is not fine due to fast. Imlie says she will get used to it.

Then Chini starts acting like she also hid her feelings for Atharv as he is Imlie’s would-be husband. She thought for Imlie first every time and put herself behind.

Hearing this Atharv gets overjoyed that Chini also has feelings for him. He says they both will talk to Imlie and she will understand their feelings for sure, they can’t destroy Imlie’s life as well.

At this Chini replies that her family loves Imlie more, so will he be able to convince them with his love?

Then Chini takes her to God and starts taking phera with him. She asks him whether he is able to give all kinds of happiness and comfort and whether he will convince both of their families.

While we see Imlie prays for Chini’s happiness and thinks she already considered Atharv as her love.

Imlie feels shy and thinks about why Atharv didn’t come to meet her yet.

On the other side, Chini asks Atharv to put vermilion on her forehead as destiny united them finally. He gets second thoughts that why he feels this is not right. He tries to put the vermilion on her forehead. But the vermilion falls down, Imlie takes blessings of God and some vermilion falls on her forehead. She notices that and smiles.

Atharv tells Chini that he can’t betray Imlie and marry her at this time. He will first tell the truth to Imlie then he will marry Chini. They can even elope, and just then both Akash and Kia arrive.

Akash scolds Atharv for holding Chini’s hand again and says Rudra will get furious. Atharv says Chini also loves him, and Kia says that’s all drama.

Chini says she loved him from the start but didn’t express it, while Kia says Atharv might have taken this decision thinking about the consequences.

Rudra can disown him from the property and also can throw him out of the house after he marries Chini. Chini gets worried thinking but she wants the property and money.

Atharv says love can win over everything and he believes he will live a good life with Chini.

While Chini says that she is marrying him for his rich status and she thinks that she has committed a mistake by coming here.

Then Atharv tells Imlie to come behind the temple to tell her the truth and he takes Chini there. Atharv says everything will be alright and Imlie will understand their situation too.

Just then Imlie comes and Chini leaves Atharv’s hand, and before Atharv could tell Imlie anything, Kia and Akash make an excuse for their visit to the temple.

Imlie leaves and Kia tells Akash that now Chini won’t agree to marry Atharv hearing about the property issue.

Later, Atharv asks Chini why she is getting afraid, to tell the truth. She hurt her family by choosing love, then why can’t she do it for the second time?

But Chini says she can’t hurt Imlie on her first Karva Chauth and Imlie’s family will also be very upset.

Chini acts like she can’t upset Atharv’s family as she needs their blessings too not just his love. While Atharv says he can't wait to get married to her, they have to convince their family.

Hearing this Chini thinks that Atharv is too sentimental. While Akash takes Atharv from there and thinks Chini is now not showing enough love to Atharv.

Later, Imlie gets delighted to see Atharv, while her family teases her. Imlie performs the Karwa Chauth puja for Atharv but Atharv looks at Chini.

Atharv makes Imlie eat sweets and Imlie says she will now always support him and will stay by his side.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Imlie says her Mehendi function will start, and Chini says she will wear the Mehendi of Atharv’s name, not Imlie. Atharv says Chini is his love and his name’s Mehendi will be on her hand.

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