Imlie 11th October 2022 Written Update: Chini Steals Imlie's Jewellery


Imlie 11th October 2022 Written Update: Chini Steals Imlie's Jewellery


At the start of today's episode, the Rathore family are seen selecting jewels for Imlie’s marriage.

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Atharv says Chini is his love

Chini says why they are giving everything to Imlie and not leaving something for her. Hearing this Rupy shuts her up.

Imlie says she will do the shopping for Chini’s marriage, as she knows her choice. Sundar says they should dance as both Imlie and Chini are getting married.

Chini thinks she will miss her family after her marriage, though they will not. She also feels that Chini is happy with her marriage.

Then Atharv enters Rathore Mansion and sees Chini and Imlie dancing. Atharv says Chini is happy and he will also try to be happy seeing her. But he can’t see her with someone else.

Rupy tells Imlie to dance with her future life partner. Imlie hesitates and feels shy after keeping her hand on his shoulder and then they both dance.

After some time Atharv leaves without saying bye to Chini.

Chini stops him and they both try to talk about their Dusshera meet. Just then Imlie comes there and Atharv covers up the matter. He gives some gifts to Imlie from their side.

Imlie says these were not needed, while Atharv says it’s a duty. Chini thinks Imlie is getting so much from her in-laws but she got nothing but a poor groom.

Then Chini decides to steal Imlie’s shagun at night. When Imlie is busy writing poems, Chini packs Imlie’s shagun and expensive things and plans to run away from her wedding before Rupy forces her to marry Jatin.

Chini opens the door and Imlie hears the sound.

Atharv sits in his car and is upset over his heartbreak. Chini sees his car and thinks she will keep her stuff in the car and will steal the car as well.

Imlie follows her and catches her. Chini drops the shagun by mistake. Arpita informs Sundar that Imlie’s shagun, gifts are missing and Imlie and Chini are not in their room as well.

They all get worried, while Imlie questions Chini about where is she going.

Chini lies that she also heard someone opening the door and she caught the thief and fought with him to save Imlie’s jewels.

Imlie says jewels are not that precious for her but Chini is and she should not have taken the risk.

Chini says she won’t understand the value of the jewels as she gets things easily. Chini hugs Imlie and they enter the home.

The Rathore family talk to the police and Chini gets nervous thinking about how to lie to the police now. Rupy asks her how come she has Imlie’s jewels.

Chini starts her drama that her family thinks she is a thief and she should get arrested now.

At this Arpita says they didn’t mean it, while Imlie reveals Chini saved her wedding jewels.

Hearing this Arpita praises Chini, while the Police get the CCTV footage and goes to check who is the thief.

Chini gets scared that she is going to get caught now. The Police find the footage but it’s not clearly visible, and Chini gets happy to know that.

The Rathore family salutes Chini for saving the jewels. Then Rupy tells Imlie to check the jewels. Imlie says since Chini saved these jewels, so Chini should be given these jewels, but Rupy does not agree with Imlie.

Imlie gets ready to share jewels with Chini. Chini picks the pretty ones and leaves the average jewels for Imlie. She holds the necklace gifted by Atharv and Sundar says this belongs to Imlie as it’s gifted by her fiance.

Chini gives her that unhappily, while Rupy thinks this necklace was separately kept in another room than how it’s here. She suspects someone has stolen it from there and mixed it up.

Episode Ends!

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