Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | GHKKPM 9th October 2022 Written Update: Sai gives a befitting reply to Virat's taunts and insults


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th October 2022 Written Update: Sai gives a befitting reply to Virat's taunts and insults


At the start of today's episode, we see Bhavani warns Pakhi that Sai will not come for their wedding anniversary party.

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So, Pakhi agrees to this; however, says that we should allow Savi to come to the party, as she is just a kid and only the best friend of Vinayak.

Both Bhavani and Virat go against Pakhi and declares that Sai or Savi won't be part of the party.

Virat tells Pakhi that, yesterday only he had made a rule for Sai to keep his distance from his home and his family members and today he cannot just go there and bring Savi to the party.

Virat further says that he cannot break the rule that he himself has set. He says that Vinayak is just a kid and cannot understand all this.

At this Pakhi tells Virat that, Vinayak is indeed a kid and then requests Virat, not to sacrifice Vinayak's happiness for the elders' enmity and conveniences him to go and bring Savi to the party.

Pakhi further says that she cannot celebrate her wedding anniversary by hurting her son. Seeing this Bhavani and other family members gets stunned.

Virat unwillingly goes to bring Savi and at the doorstep of Sai's home, he becomes hesitant thinking about how Sai will react when she will know that he is here to pick up Savi for his wedding anniversary.

Then Virat rings the doorbell and Savi who is already ready for the party and is waiting for Vinayak opens the door. Savi becomes happy to see Virat and asks for Vinayak.

Virat informs Savi that Vinayak could not come today, as it's his parent's wedding anniversary and he is there to pick her up for the same.

Savi asks what is meant by a wedding anniversary, so Virat explains to her that, it is similar to a birthday. Savi then wishes Virat a happy anniversary and just then Sai also comes there.

Sai becomes angry about seeing Virat; while Savi questions Sai about her wedding anniversary and Sai is unable to answer her.

Later, Sai gets irritated with the constant questions from Savi about her wedding anniversary and she asks Savi to go inside her room and Savi goes from there.

Now Sai confronts Virat about the insult and the rule he made yesterday for her to keep her distance from his home and his family.

Sai gives a befitting reply to Virat for his yesterday's behaviour, taunts and insults and Virat just keeps silent.

Then Savi comes there with a drawing for Virat - wishing him a Happy Wedding Anniversary. Seeing this Sai gets furious and tears up the drawing made by Savi.

Savi starts to cry inconsolably and then Sai calls Usha and asks her to take Savi inside. Savi becomes unhappy with Sai's attitude and refuses to forgive or talk to her.

After this incident, Sai scolds Virat for being the reason for hurting her daughter now and also in the past when he had forcefully taken Vinayak without letting him meet Savi.

Sai warns Virat to stay away from her family and then brings a glass of water for Virat and again taunts him that the Chavan family may believe in insulting people who go to their house or even to the road in front of their house.

But Sai believe in offering at least a glass of water to those who are unknown to them and asks Virat to drink water.

Virat apologizes to Sai for his behaviour and tries to explain to her that, even though he had scolded Vinayak today when he was adamant to invite Savi to the party and now Sai also did the same thing with Savi.

Virat tells Sai that, they can break this rule for the happiness of their children. He further says that he understood this when Pakhi made him understand this.

As soon as Sai hears Pakhi's name, she gets furious and bluntly tells Virat that it's good that he understood what his wife said, but she does not want to understand anything and asks him again to keep his distance from her daughter.

Just then they hear Savi crying, at this Virat requests Sai to allow him to speak with Savi and try to console her.

Sai replies to him, on one hand, you want me to keep my distance from your family, but on the other hand, you want me to allow you inside my house and talk to my daughter.

Then Sai tells Virat that she is allowing him only for the sake of her daughter and then Virat goes inside and speaks with Savi.

Virat tries his best to make Savi understand that she cannot come to this particular party and tells her that, she should understand when elders are saying something to them.

At this Savi asks Virat, if that is the case, then he (Virat) is elder than Sai, then why Sai is not listening to him? Hearing this Virat and Sai go mum.

Just then Vinayak calls Sai and tells her that Savi would come late from the party, as they both would be enjoying till late.

At this Sai informs Vinayak that, Savi cannot come to the party. This makes Vinayak upset and questions her, as to what is wrong with her and Bhavani.

Why they are not allowing him to meet Savi, then he threatens that he won't attend his parent's wedding anniversary if Savi does not come.

Hearing this Sai goes stunned; while Pakhi who is also listening to Vinayak's conversation with Sai gets upset.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that the Chavan family is celebrating Virat and Pakhi's anniversary in a grand style. Then, they ask Virat to give a red rose to Pakhi.

Virat hesitantly offers the red rose to Pakhi and Pakhi is about to take the rose from Virat when everyone hears Sai's voice. Sai calls out for Savi and all the Chavan family members get shocked.

Then the Chavan family see Sai standing at their doorstep and Sai seeing Virat giving Pakhi a red rose gets stunned.

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