Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | GHKKPM 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Sai and Virat risked their lives to save Vinayak and Savi's lives


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Sai and Virat risked their lives to save Vinayak and Savi's lives


At the start of today's episode, Pakhi tries to find Vinayak and goes out of the fair in search of him.


GHKKPM 23rd October 2022 Written Update - Virat apologizes to Sai; Ram - Sita became Sairat in Ramlila where Luv-Kush are Vinu Savi!


She sees the kidnapper’s car and stands in front of it, while the kids keep shouting for help.

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GHKKPM 20th October 2022 Written Update

Pakhi gets shocked and tries to stop the car, but they run it over her making her fall down on the road.

At that time Sai comes there and becomes stunned seeing Pakhi’s state. Sai runs towards Pakhi and helps her to stand up, while Sai shows her concern towards Pakhi as she got injured.

Meanwhile, Virat along with Pakhi and Sai goes behind the car to save their kids.

On the other side, Savi and Vinayak get worried and shout for help but the goons ask them to stay quiet.

Savi calms Vinayak and assures him that they can escape from there. She then looks at the two other kids and wakes them up.

Both the kids get conscious while Savi and Vinayak keep banging on the back door and finally it gets opened.

The kidnappers halt the car at a point while the kids run away from there secretly.

Meanwhile, Virat along with Sai and Pakhi stops the goons and starts fighting with them. Sai gets slapped by the lady kidnapper while she slaps her back.

The goon was about to attack Sai when Virat stops him and starts fighting with them. Whereas, Pakhi also helps Sai to fight the kidnappers.

On the other side, Pakhi goes to check inside the car and gets tensed upon not finding the kids. She becomes worried and shares it with Sai and Virat.

Pakhi says that the kids were there only but now they are missing. Virat takes the goons along with him, while the Chavan family also reaches the fair and starts looking for the kids.

They ask all the people showing Vinayak and Savi’s pictures but get a negative response. Bhavani gets some people from her party and asks them for help, while they also start looking for the kids.

Meanwhile, Savi and Vinayak look for a way to go back to the fair and follows some people.

They go into the ground where the statue of Raavan was about to get burned. They stand there and look at the statue, while it starts burning.

Then, Savi and Vinayak get scared and shout for help as the fire starts increasing.

Meanwhile, everyone sees them on the television screen and Chavans gets shocked. They become worried for the kids and start crying while Pakhi falls down while trying to go to save Vinayak.

Sai and Virat run towards Savi and Vinayak. They risk their lives to get inside the ground and take the kids along with them.

They both save their life and moves out safely, while Chavans gets relieved after seeing everyone fine.

Later, Bhavani scolds Savi for manipulating Vinayak and accuses her of putting his life in danger.

Bhavani reveals her intentions about helping Sai, while Sai makes Savi understand that they were wrong and had put their lives in danger.

Further, Pakhi and Virat hug Vinayak and pour their love but Vinayak stands still.

Sai notices it and makes him understand the love and care of his parents towards him.

Sai tells Vinayak that Virat and Pakhi have put all their efforts to save him and explains to him how concerned they were for Vinayak.

Then Vinayak starts crying while Sai consoles him and tells him that his parents care about him more than anything, while Ninad appreciates Sai’s efforts.

The Chavan family also gets emotional hearing Sai’s words, while Vinayak looks at his parents.

Episode Ends!

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, the teacher gets worried as the kids who were performing Luv and Kush’s role gets ill. She says how they will perform the act.

At this Vinayak and Savi shows their interest and decide to participate. The teacher gets elated and then asks about the roles of their parents Ram and Sita.

The kids go towards Virat and insist he does the role of Ram and he finally agrees.

They then move toward Sai and request her to do the role of Sita while she looks at them and the Chavan family along with Virat gets stunned.

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