Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | GHKKPM 18th October 2022 Written Update: The Chavan family insult Sai, but Sai help them get back their smiles


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th October 2022 Written Update: The Chavan family insult Sai, but Sai help them get back their smiles


At the start of today's episode, we see Pakhi lashing out at Sai for revealing Vinayak’s truth to him.

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Sai decides to leave Nagpur forever and go away from the Chavans

Pakhi pushes Sai away from the doorstep, while the Chavan family gets shocked by her action and Virat tries to stop her.

Then Sai says that she can understand Pakhi’s situation and tries to calm her, but Pakhi rebukes Sai and shows her anger.

Pakhi further says that she won’t forgive anyone who will try to harm her kid. She also says that Sai is at fault to make Vinayak learn about the truth without their consent.

Then, Pakhi cries expressing her feelings for Vinayak and worries that he is crying continuously inside the washroom and is not even ready to open the door.

Pakhi breaks down in front of Sai while Sai consoles her and says that she can understand Pakhi’s pain and tells her that can help them if they will agree to give her a chance.

Sai then says that she has an influence on Vinayak and can use it to bring him out. She tries to convince the Chavan family, but they deny it.

Then Virat stares at Sai and says that she hasn’t seen his anger and then warns her to leave the house as soon as possible, while Pakhi speaks in favour of Sai. She asks Sai if she can bring their son out of the washroom.

Sai assures Pakhi that she will try her best to convince Vinayak and assures her that she has held on to his emotions and can make him open the door.

Pakhi agrees to give her a chance, while the Chavan family gets shocked.

Then Bhavani lashes out at Pakhi for her wrong decision and says that by doing so, Sai will get a grip inside their house and won’t ever leave from there.

Bhavani also insults Sai and says that she will bring a bad omen to their family. She taunts Sai that she only wants to get inside the house and is using Vinayak for it.

Hearing all this, Sai takes an oath in front of everyone. She says that as soon as Vinayak starts walking on his legs and participates in the race and wins it, she will go far away from the Chavan family.

Later, Sai goes inside the house while Virat looks at her. She starts talking to Vinayak and tries to calm him down as he is unable to breathe properly.

Virat and Pakhi get worried for their Vinayak but control their emotions. Sai talks to Vinayak and tries to convince him but he denies to trust her.

Vinayak says that even she also hid the truth from him, so Sai gives him examples to understand her situation.

Sai says that Savi will feel bad if she finds out about Vinayak’s condition and asks him to open the door and have a conversation with his parents to clarify the misunderstanding.

Then Vinayak asks if he is a bad kid that his parents left him while his questions hurt the elders.

Sai reminds Vinayak about the love his parents shower on him and makes him calm. He then opens the door while Virat and Pakhi hug him immediately.

Then, Sai smiles to see them and goes downstairs to leave the Chavans Niwas. Ninad and Ashwini follow her and shows their gratitude towards her for helping them.

But Sai dismisses their thank you and says that she feels happy after helping Vinayak.

On the other side, Virat and Pakhi shower their love towards their son and ask him not to lock himself inside ever again.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Savi and Vinayak will go to find their lost parents. While Savi assures Vinayak that soon he will find his father as well as his mother, while Vinayak also assures her that she will also find her father.

Just at that time, they see the fire burning the statue of Raavan and is about to fall when they both get scared.

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