Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | GHKKPM 17th October 2022 Written Update: Sai faces the wrath of Virat-Pakhi and the Chavan family


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th October 2022 Written Update: Sai faces the wrath of Virat-Pakhi and the Chavan family


At the start of today's episode, Virat and Pakhi getting shocked after seeing Vinayak’s condition. Vinayak says that he knows the truth about his adoption and then locks himself inside the washroom.

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Pakhi and Virat get tensed and cry seeing the pain of Vinayak. They try to convince him but are unsuccessful as Vinayak denies to open the door for them.

Pakhi says that they always love him as their own child and say that he is the most important person in their life, but Vinayak denies believing it and asks if he was bad that his own parents didn’t want to accept him.

Then, Pakhi replies negatively to Vinayak’s question and says that he is the best kid a parent can have. She tries to soothe him with her words but Vinayak stays unconvinced.

Meanwhile, Pakhi gets confused as to how Sai got to know the truth about Vinayak being an orphan. She doubts the orphanage lady and says that she must have told Sai the truth.

Pakhi gets furious at the lady of the orphanage as well as Sai and decides to confront them, but Virat stops her. He tells her that he was the one who told Sai about Vinayak’s adoption.

Pakhi gets shocked to know about it and lashes out at him for breaking their promise. She reminds him that they decided not to tell anyone else other than their family.

Virat calms Pakhi and replies that he didn’t want to tell Sai but it just came out of his mouth accidentally. He says that she wasn’t ready to accept the job at the orphanage and so he told her about it to convince her.

Pakhi shows her anger towards Sai for hurting their son and says that Sai is insensitive and that she didn’t even think about the child.

Ashwini hears their conversation and then goes downstairs, whereas Virat calls Sai and she picks up his call. He lashes out at her for telling the truth to Vinayak and scolds her while she denies it.

Sai then recalls her conversation with Usha and gets stunned. She tells about the same to Virat, but he rebukes her for discussing it with others.

Sai feels guilty about her action and then decides to correct the situation.

Later, Virat calls the orphanage woman and discusses the situation with her. She says that it happens and kids do react in similar ways.

The lady asks Virat to give the time to Vinayak to cope with the situation. Whereas, the Chavan family get furious at Sai for spoiling their peace.

Pakhi tries to convince Vinayak to open the door but he keeps ignoring her. She falls down being sentiment and cries.

Pakhi then expresses her love and cares towards Vinayak but he denies to get convinced and keeps thinking about the adoption matter.

Meanwhile, Sai comes to the Chavan Niwas and seeing her the Chavan family get super angry with her.

Virat lashes out at her while she says that she wants to reduce her guilty by helping them to convince Vinayak.

On the other side, Karishma informs Pakhi about the arrival of Sai while Pakhi goes downstairs.

The Chavan family scolds and rebukes Sai for being insensitive towards the kid. Sai tries to explain herself but no one hears her.

Pakhi comes there and pushes Sai away from the doorstep. Virat stops Pakhi, while Sai says that she can understand Pakhi’s feelings.

But Pakhi rebukes Sai and expresses her attachment towards Vinayak and cries.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Savi and Vinayak will go to find their lost parents. While Savi assures Vinayak that soon he will find his father as well as his mother, while Vinayak also assures her that she will also find her father.

Just at that time, they see the fire burning the statue of Raavan and is about to fall when they both get scared.

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