Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | GHKKPM 13th October 2022 Written Update: Bhavani's evil plan against Sai backfires


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th October 2022 Written Update: Bhavani's evil plan against Sai backfires


At the start of today's episode, we see Bhavani telling her plan to Sonali. She makes a wicked ploy to make Sai jealous of Virat and Pakhi’s relationship.

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Virat does not answer Pakhi whether he still loves Sai

They both look at Sai and notice that she is feeling uncomfortable inside the house.

Then Bhavani says that she will make Sai regret returning back to Nagpur, while Sonali appreciates the idea of her.

Sonali decides to help Bhavani and both laugh thinking about Sai’s condition after their plan gets successful.

Meanwhile, they keep an eye on her movements while she goes towards Savi and Vinayak.

Then we see, Vinayak give the cake to Sai and insists she eats it. She looks at Virat, while Virat also stares at her.

The cake has Virat and Pakhi's names on it and the Sai eats the cake with a heavy heart, while Bhavani smirks and says that the cake will increase the bitterness inside Sai.

Later, Sai moves toward Virat and Pakhi’s room and notices their wedding photo frame. She recalls her marriage with Virat and also gets flashbacks of her happy moments with him.

Sai becomes emotional seeing Pakhi and Virat together and states that finally his dream to get Pakhi is completed.

Just at that time Ashwini comes there and taunts Sai that it’s bad manners to check someone else’s bedroom. Then Ashwini advises her to behave properly like a guest.

Hearing this, Sai gives a befitting reply to Ashwini and says that she isn’t doing anything wrong. She further says that she knows her limits and then goes away from there.

Then we see, Pulkit meets Sai and appreciates her decision to not take Savi away from the party. He praises her daughter and says that she is really well-mannered and cute.

At that time someone calls Pulkit and he goes away from there, while Sai and Virat look at each other.

Then, Pulkit goes towards Harini and asks her about meeting Sai previously. She gets scared and recalls the moment when she was about to get caught by the police.

Then Harini asks Pulkit if he knows the truth, but he talks about something else and she gets relieved.

On the other side, Vinayak takes Savi to his room and shows her the photo album. She also tells him about her childhood photographs and asks to see his childhood photos.

Hearing this Vinayak gets sad stating that he doesn’t have any childhood photos of himself.

Meanwhile, Bhavani goes towards Omkar and he confronts her for inviting Sai inside their house.

Bhavani reveals her plan to Omkar, and then Omkar spikes a drink and asks a waiter to give it to Sai in order to make fun of her at the party.

Then we see Virat and Pakhi perform a sizzling dance and everyone appreciates them.

Sai gets jealous of them and avoids their performance. She goes aside, while Pakhi comes there and insists Sai to eat something.

But Sai denies it when the waiter comes there and gives the drink to her but she refuses to take it. He was about to go when Pakhi takes it and drinks the whole of it, while Bhavani and Omkar get shocked.

Later, Virat introduces Pakhi to his seniors while the drink starts to affect Pakhi. As she is drunk, she loses control of herself and leans on Virat.

Everyone looks at her while she expresses her love towards Virat.

Sai also observes them, while Virat gets concerned for Pakhi. She reminds him about their past moments and asks him to do the same so that she can forget everything and follow him everywhere.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Virat and Pakhi get inside Sai’s house and lash out at her for informing Vinayak about his adoption.

Sai gets shocked to know this, while Pakhi and Virat accuse her of snatching their son from them.

Sai makes Virat leave her and denies all the allegations. She says that she hasn’t done anything and asks to find Vinayak.

Sai goes from there while Virat follows her to find his son, while Pakhi keeps looking at them worried.

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