Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | GHKKPM 11th October 2022 Written Update: Sai makes her entry into Chavan Niwas; the Chavan family shocked


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th October 2022 Written Update: Sai makes her entry into Chavan Niwas; the Chavan family shocked


At the start of today's episode, we see Virat getting ready for the party, while Pakhi comes there and helps him to get dressed up.

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Sai's entry into the Chavan Niwas invites a ruckus

Pakhi asks Virat about how he convinced Savi to come to the party, while he keeps thinking about Sai’s words.

Virat recalls the moment when Sai allowed Savi to go to the party and also assures her to send her to the amusement park with Vinayak.

Pakhi finds Virat lost in his imagination and brings him back to reality. She questions him about the matter and then asks if he doesn’t want to reply to her question.

At this Virat replies about how he pacified Savi and convinced her to come to the party. He also tells about his conversation with Sai.

Hearing this, Pakhi tells that she understands the situation Sai is facing. She shows her sympathy towards Sai, while Virat stops Pakhi and asks her not to talk about Sai.

Virat tells that they have come a long way and reminds her about the excitement of their family members for their wedding anniversary.

Virat further says that he wants to enjoy the party for the sake of his family and asks Pakhi not to get upset.

Pakhi agrees with Virat and goes to attend the function. Whereas, Vinayak shows the house to Savi and Savi gets mesmerised to see it.

Savi also meets all the family members, while Virat also comes inside their room and takes both the kids to the party.

Harini praises Savi’s outfit while Vinayak tells that it was a gift for her from his side.

Then, the Chavan family praises Pakhi and Virat as a couple and blesses them.

Bhavani gets irked seeing Savi and taunts her while Savi replies back to her. Savi wishes to have her mother with her, while Sonali advises her to video call Sai.

Bhavani hears it and asks the reason behind her idea. At this Sonali smirks and tells that they can show Sai their happiness without her presence.

Sonali says that Sai will become jealous after seeing Virat and Pakhi celebrating their wedding anniversary. Bhavani appreciates Sonali’s plan and begins the function.

Savi makes a video call to Sai and tells her about all the things she experienced. She then shows Virat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary celebration, while Sai gets emotional.

But Sai controls her tears and keeps looking at Virat and Pakhi cutting the cake.

Meanwhile, the Chavans compliment the pair and Bhavani along with Sonali intentionally talks about them in front of the video call.

Whereas, Pakhi and Virat keep looking at one another without any reaction.

Virat asks Savi and Vinayak to join them during the cake-cutting ceremony, while Bhavani asks Savi to stay away from the cake as the first piece belongs to the couple.

The video call gets disconnected and Sai becomes concerned for Savi. She takes her bag and decides to leave for the Chavans Niwas, while Usha stops her and Sai does not stop.

Sai ignores her and goes out concerned for her daughter.

Later, Virat takes a stand for Savi against Bhavani and feeds her the cake. Bhavani taunts her for ruining the celebration, while she questions if they know her mother, to which Ashwini denies.

Meanwhile, Virat apologises to Pakhi and asks her to demand anything as a gift.

Ashwini comes forward and asks them to dance, while they go to the dance floor. Shivani gives Virat a flower and asks him to hand it over to Pakhi.

Just at that time, Sai comes there and everyone gets shocked to see her at the doorstep of the Chavan Niwas.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Virat and Pakhi get inside Sai’s house and lash out at her for informing Vinayak about his adoption.

Sai gets shocked to know this, while Pakhi and Virat accuse her of snatching their son from them.

Sai makes Virat leave her and denies all the allegations. She says that she hasn’t done anything and asks to find Vinayak.

Sai goes from there while Virat follows her to find his son, while Pakhi keeps looking at them worried.

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