GHKKPM Written Update 08 October 2022: Pakhi goes against Virat-Bhavani to invite Savi to her wedding anniversary


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th October 2022 Written Update: Pakhi goes against Virat-Bhavani to invite Savi to her wedding anniversary


At the start of today's episode, we see Virat confronting Sai in front of his house gate. He questions the matter, to which she hides Harini’s issue and makes up an excuse.

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Sai gives a befitting reply to Virat's taunts and insults

Virat reminds her about their deal, that they won’t interfere in their personal life and ask her not to assume anything as he helped her to get the job in the orphanage.

Virat taunts and insults Sai, while Sai gets furious and gives a befitting reply to Virat.

Meanwhile, Pakhi gets shocked to see them together from upstairs and just at that time Bhavani also comes there and reminds Pakhi about her warning.

Bhavani says that Sai is trying to get into their life and it won’t take her long to come in between Pakhi and Virat. She asks Pakhi to be strict and careful towards her relationship with Virat, while Pakhi gets into turmoil.

Pakhi keeps staring at Sai and Virat, while Sai takes an autorickshaw and leaves from there to avoid any other conversation with Virat.

Then we see Harini comes inside Virat’s room and sits near him. Virat questions if she needs to talk to him regarding something.

Harini thinks about the matter but then hides it from him and acts to be confused. He reminds her about her meeting with Sai and tells her that they are not connected to Sai anymore.

Virat asks her to stop calling Sai their relative and says that she needs to change her behaviour towards Sai, as she is not their family anymore.

Then, Pakhi also comes there and hears their conversation and she confronts him and starts scolding him that he can’t avoid people all his life.

Pakhi asks him to settle his score with Sai and move on in his life, rather than trying not to face the issues.

At that time Harini gets up and goes away from there, while Virat glares at Pakhi and stays firm on his decision.

Virat states that what he is doing is right, as he doesn’t consider Sai anything more than Vinayak’s doctor.

Virat says that he doesn’t want Sai to get involved with his family and says that he made it clear to her also. Then, both Virat and Pakhi sleep on their bed avoiding one another.

On the other side, Sai goes back to her house and Usha gets worried for her after seeing her face. She questions her, while Sai replies that all her problem begins with Virat and his family.

Then, Usha sends Savi inside the room in order to avoid telling her about Sai and Virat’s connection.

Sai informs Usha that the orphanage was owned by Chavans and Bhavani was against her getting a job there.

Sai says that Bhavani created a huge mess in order to throw her out of the job, but Virat took a stand for her and requested her to work there.

Sai says that she agreed to work with the orphanage, while Usha smiles and says that Virat still has feelings for Sai.

At this Sai recalls their past and then denies that Virat doesn’t have feelings for her. She tells her about the way he insulted her when she dropped Harini at her house and gets emotional.

Sai says that she doesn’t want to keep any relationship with Virat and wishes that she should not have met Vinayak in the camp.

At the Chavan Niwas, the Chavan family wishes Pakhi and Virat their wedding anniversary.

Then Virat apologizes to Pakhi for not wishing her in the midnight, while the Chavan family plans to celebrate their anniversary with a grand party.

They all become excited while Vinayak insists to invite Sai and Savi. Hearing this both Virat and Bhavani deny his request while Pakhi takes a stand for inviting Savi.

Seeing this Vinayak gets rebellious and goes away, while Bhavani becomes angry.

Meanwhile, Pakhi shares her worry with Ashwini, while Ashwini assures her and asks her to stay strong and advises her to get close to Virat.

Episode Ends!

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