GHKKPM Written Update 07 October 2022: Virat-Sai face-off


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th October 2022 Written Update: Virat-Sai face-off


At the start of today's episode, we see Virat telling Sai about Vinayak’s truth that he is adopted. He asks Sai to keep it a secret from him, as only the family members know about it.

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Virat also tells that the orphanage is really important to him, as he got his lost son back from there only. He becomes emotional and insists Sai think about the orphan kids.

Virat proclaims that God has given them a chance to help them and asks Sai to take her decision with an open mind.

Hearing this, Sai gets teary eyes and then decides to take the job for the betterment of the orphanage.

On the other side, Bhavani provokes Pakhi against Sai and Virat’s closeness. She warns her to be aware of Sai, as Sai will enter their life and destroy it even before she can realise it.

Bhavani asks Pakhi to be careful about Sai and asks her to let her stay away from Virat, or else the past will ruin their present and future.

Meanwhile, at that time Sai and Virat come there together. While Pakhi gets shocked seeing them while Bhavani reminds Pakhi about her warning.

Then, Sai tells her decision to accept the job to the lady of the orphanage. They move to inaugurate the clinic, while the lady asks Sai and Virat to do the honour.

But, Sai denies cutting the ribbon and says that Virat and Pakhi should do it. She insists they do the honour, while Pakhi and Virat cut the ribbon together.

Later, Pakhi keeps recalling Bhavani’s words and stares at Sai continuously.

On the other side, Harini goes to the club for her photoshoot and gets clicked by the photographer. He praises her, while she tells her dream of becoming a model.

Harini says that she can even take a professional course in modelling for some day, while the photographer keeps clicking her pictures.

He then handover drugs to her secretly, while she gets confused and asks about it. He insists she takes it without questioning anything, while she gets into a dilemma.

On the other side, DIG sir calls Virat and tells him about the new mission to raid a club.

Then the DIG sir tells that there is a drug supply going inside the club and sends the information to Virat. Virat leaves the orphanage and goes to the club.

Harini was about to take the drugs when she becomes shocked seeing all the police coming there. She becomes confused as well as scared to face Virat.

Harini hides under the table and waits for the perfect moment to run away from there to save herself.

An inspector sees Harini running but couldn’t able to catch her. She assures Virat that she will recognise her if she sees her again.

Whereas, Harini gets inside the auto and tries to hide from the police team. She meets Sai and explains to her the situation she has just gone through.

Harini complains about the Chavans and says that no one understands her except for Virat. Sai makes her understand to tell the truth to him and assures her that he will help her.

Later, Chavans gets furious at Pakhi and Virat for trusting Sai and bringing her back into their life.

Just at that time Virat comes there and confronts her. She hides the truth from him, while he asks her to stay within her limits and says that their relationship is only professional.

At this Sai gives a befitting reply to Virat.

Episode Ends!

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