GHKKPM Written Update 06 October 2022: Virat takes stand for Sai against Bhavani; shares Vinayak adoption truth with Sai


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th October 2022 Written Update: Virat takes stand for Sai against Bhavani; shares Vinayak adoption truth with Sai


At the start of today's episode, we see Sai asking Virat about Vinayak’s medical history. She says that she needs the information to keep it on record, in order to plan better treatment for Vinayak.

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Pakhi in tears after getting scolded by Virat

Virat gets emotional recalling the time when he met Vinayak. She asks the time when he started walking, while Virat replies that it took him some time to walk on his own.

Virat also says that it was difficult for Vinayak in the beginning, but he bravely crossed all the obstacles.

Virat then praises Vinayak’s willpower and requests Sai to cure him. Sai gives assurance to Virat and says to plan the best treatment for Vinayak.

On the other side, Bhavani talks about the inauguration in the orphanage and says that they have called them personally to become the guest of honours.

Bhavani then praises them for their good work and asks Pakhi and Virat to accompany her.

Whereas, Savi shows her secret place to Vinayak in her house, while he praises her for it. She then shows her new dress to Vinayak and he says that she will look beautiful in it.

Later, Vinayak informs Savi about Virat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary and also invites Savi and her family to his parent's wedding anniversary.

Savi agrees to join him and shows her excitement. Whereas, they both go out and sees Sai and Virat talking to one another. They mingle with their parents.

Later, Sai is seen searching for a job and ask Savi to concentrate on her studies. Savi happily starts reading her books, while Sai looks for some online jobs.

Usha is going through the newspaper and tells Sai about a job in the orphanage. She motivates Sai to try for it, and Sai agrees and goes for the interview.

Meanwhile, Bhavani visits the orphanage along with Virat and Pakhi. The lady of the orphanage greets Virat along with Pakhi and Bhavani.

They show their respect towards the Chavans and talk about all the help that they provide.

Bhavani praises the way they handle the orphanage and assures them to always be with them in improving the lives of the orphan kids.

Meanwhile, they insist they inaugurate the clinic that they had opened in the orphanage.

Later, the lady of the orphanage reminds Bhavani about their plan to have a clinic in the orphanage itself, as it will be helpful to them. She also insists Virat be the guest of honour to cut the ribbon for it.

Whereas, Chavans ask them to make the doctor do it. Bhavani says that it is the right of the doctor to do the inauguration.

The lady suggests getting Virat and the doctor together to cut the ribbon of the clinic.

The Chavans get excited hearing about it, while Pakhi gets shocked seeing Sai there. Even Bhavani and Virat also notice her while the lady introduces her to Chavans.

The lady says that Sai is the perfect doctor to handle the clinic, while Bhavani gets furious at her and asks to throw Sai away from there.

At this, the lady asks about the matter, to which Bhavani insults Sai.

But, Virat takes a stand for Sai against Bhavani while Bhavani says that Sai will destroy their life again.

Virat stays firm in his decision and asks the orphanage lady to keep Sai for the job. Even Pakhi also speaks good about Sai but Sai leaves from there.

Virat runs behind her to stop and notify her about the adoption truth of Vinayak. He asks her to keep it a secret from Vinayak, while she gets emotional finding out about it.

On the other side, Bhavani gives a warning to Pakhi and asks her to be aware of Sai and Virat’s bonding.

Episode Ends!

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