GHKKPM Written Update 05 October 2022: Pakhi in tears after getting scolded by Virat


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th October 2022 Written Update: Pakhi in tears after getting scolded by Virat


At the start of today's episode, we see Pakhi getting upset after hearing Sai’s voice note.

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Just at that time Virat comes there and sees the bill from the jewellery shop. He questions Pakhi if she had brought something again from the shop.

But Pakhi remains silent, while a confused Virat again asks her, just then Pakhi's phone slips down from her hand.

Virat notices the voice message from Sai on Pakhi's phone and looks at Pakhi. He picks up her phone and plays the voice note.

Virat gets shocked hearing Sai’s words and also finds out about the ring which Pakhi returned back to Sai, that Sai had sold to the jewellery shop.

A furious Virat lashes out at Pakhi for trying to help Sai. He scolds her for trying to be generous and says that Sai doesn’t deserve it.

Pakhi tries to justify her point and says that she just wanted to return the favour of Sai, as she is helping their son.

Virat says that the ring was just a piece of jewellery and it’s Sai’s decision whether she wants to sell it or not. He asks Pakhi to keep Sai away from their house.

Virat says that Sai has already done magic on Vinayak and that he isn’t ready to take treatment from anyone else. He asks Pakhi to keep Sai away from their family matter as much as possible.

Pakhi who is in tears right now agrees with Virat and apologises for her mistake. She assures him that she won’t repeat her mistake and goes away from there after wiping her tears.

Later, while sleeping both Virat and Pakhi look at one another and Virat question Pakhi if she is fine. She assures him and then talks about her suspicion.

Pakhi says that the thing he did with her in the jewellery shop is bothering her. She questions if he used her to make Sai jealous.

Virat accepts his mistake and says that he just wants to repay Pakhi for whatever she did to him and his family.

Hearing this Pakhi gets emotional thinking that she is waiting for the day when Virat will realise that she isn’t doing any favour to him, but it's her love for him.

On the other side, Sai keeps thinking about the money issue and how Jagtap and Pakhi try to pity her. She couldn’t able to sleep, while Pakhi and Virat also keeps turning on the bed.

The next day, Ashwini asks Mohit to go to Sai’s house for Vinayak’s treatment but he informs her that he and Pakhi has a very important meeting in the office.

Then Bhavani and Sonali ask Ashwini to drop Vinayak at Sai’s house but she denies it. She says that she doesn’t want to meet her.

Bhavani somehow convinces Ashwini to go to Sai’s house along with Vinayak.

Then, Ashwini drops Vinayak at Sai’s house and talks rudely with Savi. Seeing this Sai confronts Ashwini and says that she has changed.

Sai feels hurt as Ashwini rebukes her and then leaves from there.

Then, Sai starts the treatment of Vinayak and asks him to kick the ball and he does it successfully.

The ball is about to hit Virat when Virat catches it and gets surprised to see that Vinayak was able to kick the ball so hard.

Virat becomes emotional and hugs Vinayak and he also holds Sai’s hand in excitement to thank her but soon realises that he is holding Sai Joshi's hands and leaves it.

While Sai who had a faint smile when Virat was holding her hands, gets sad after Virat leaves her hands and diverts the conversation and appreciates Vinayak for his progress in his health.

Episode Ends!

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