GHKKPM Written Update 03 October 2022: Vinayak invites Sai for Virat-Pakhi's marriage anniversary


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd October 2022 Written Update: Vinayak invites Sai for Virat-Pakhi's marriage anniversary


At the start of today's episode, we see Bhavani getting furious at Sai for coming back into their life. She says that she won’t let Sai interfere in their life anymore and declares that she will make her leave Nagpur as soon as possible.

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Just then Virat comes there and says that he doesn’t care about Sai at all and assures Bhavani that he won’t get affected by Sai’s presence and goes inside his room.

On the other side, Sai takes the rented house from Varsha and shows her gratitude towards her. Sai asks about the landlord of the house, while Varsha gets nervous and tells her that he lives abroad and leaves there.

We see, Sai getting suspicious about Varsha and informs about this to Usha. At this Usha tells Sai not to think too much about it and assures her that everything is fine.

At Chavan Niwas, Bhavani recalls about a little girl with Sai and questions about her relationship with Sai, to which Karishma says that she could be the daughter of Sai from her second marriage, while Bhavani decides to find the truth.

Later, Sai visits Vinayak inside the hospital and removes one of the strips of his braces.

Seeing this Vinayak gets excited and questions about it to which Sai motivates him to get well and shows the form filled by her about him participating in the school racing competition.

Vinayak becomes excited thinking about the race and takes the diary from Sai in which he will cross the dates to get towards his goal. Sai cheers up Vinayak while Pakhi and Virat look at their bond.

Then Vinayak offers Sai to drop her at her home, while Pakhi smiles and agrees to fulfil Vinayak’s request.

Later, Virat along with Sai, Pakhi and Vinayak sit inside the car and they drop Sai near her home.

Sai is about to enter her house and just at that time, Jagtap comes there with balloons and candyfloss and also tries to help her with money. Sai denies his request and scolds him while Jagtap feels hurt.

On the other side, Virat sees Sai with Jagtap and gets furious, while Pakhi also sees this and gets worried for Virat.

Back at the Chavan Niwas, Bhavani reminds everyone about Pakhi and Virat’s marriage anniversary. While an angry Virat goes to his room without paying any attention to it.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Sai gets a call from Savi and becomes worried after hearing her scream. The phone gets disconnected and Sai becomes restless.

Sai then goes inside the house and becomes dumbstruck seeing all the decorations and celebration of Virat and Pakhi’s marriage anniversary.

Then she sees Vinayak and Savi dancing and enjoying themselves along with Virat and Pakhi.

Seeing this Sai gets upset and keeps staring at them.

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