Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 18th October 2022 Written Update: Indu hugs Ritesh and pleads for help


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th October 2022 Written Update: Indu hugs Ritesh and pleads for help


At the start of today's episode, Indu gets shocked to see her photo with Mahesh.

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Mahesh gets Ritesh arrested; threatens Indu to snatch Zoon from her

Ritesh says that he already met Mahesh and recalls his interactions with Mahesh. He then realises that he is none other than Mansi’s ex-husband Mahesh.

Rahul also realises who Mahesh is, while Indu gets shocked by Ritesh’s revelation. Inspector tells Ritesh that he can’t marry Indu because she is Mahesh’s wife.

Hearing this Indu pleads with the inspector not to believe the allegations because it's false. While Sunita and Rajender also plead with the inspector not to trust Mahesh.

But Inspector says that Mahesh has proof and he made a complaint about Indu so she has to come to the police station.

Then Kaamna asks what’s happening here and asks Indu to tell the truth.

Indu tells that Mahesh stayed in their house as paying guest and she loved him but he married someone else. It's been six years since the last time she have seen him.

Hearing the truth Kaamna insults Indu and her family and then she taunts Shakuntala for choosing Indu for Ritesh. At this, Ritesh warns Kaamna.

Ritesh then tells the inspector that he and Indu will meet the commissioner first. Seeing all this ruckus, Zoon asks Asha what the inspector is saying. Won’t Ritesh and Indu get married?

Asha assures her that both Indu and Ritesh will solve the matter. Ritesh tells the Raina family to go home and assures Indu’s safety and well-being.

Ritesh then promises Zoon to solve this problem as soon as possible. While Sameer calls Kadambari and tells her their first step towards their victory is a success.

Then Indu and Ritesh leave the house. Indu on her way to the commissioner's office recalls whatever happened all those years ago and gets sad.

Ritesh asks Indu to tell him about her relationship with Mahesh.

Indu tells him how she learnt Mansi and Mahesh married and when she confronted him, he not only humiliated her but also beat up her father Rajender.

Ritesh tells Indu that time when she visited Mahesh he was there too but in another room and heard her arguments with Mahesh.

Knowing this, Indu mocks and says whenever there is a problem arises in her life he is there though.

Ritesh gets annoyed and tells her this problem happened not because of him. He then asks her about the marriage photo of her and Mahesh and also about the signature on the marriage certificate.

Indu tells him when she and Mahesh were dating that time they went to a mela and they clicked a photo dressing up like bride and groom also Mahesh is an expert in copying handwriting.

Ritesh mocks Indu for dating someone like Mahesh and then they both get into an argument. Indu tells Ritesh that she will handle this matter on her own.

Ritesh reminds her about the problems she is in currently because of the false allegation of being a corrupt officer, and now Mahesh claiming his rights as a husband to her which might make Swati have a second thoughts about giving Zoon’s custody to her.

Ritesh then advises her to focus on Zoon’s custody for which they both have decided to marry each other.

At the Malhotra mansion, the Raina family leaves Malhotra’s mansion. Vivaan goes behind Anjali and insists to drop her.

Vivek comes there and tells him it’s not necessary but Anjali defends Vivaan’s suggestion to drop her home and leaves the place.

Vivek questions Vivaan’s intentions and warns him but he refuses to reveal his intentions towards Anjali to him.

On the other side, Ritesh and Indu reach the commissioner officer. They meet the commissioner and Ritesh thanks him for agreeing to meet him at the last minute.

Then Ritesh introduces Indu to the commissioner and gives the file that the inspector gave to Ritesh and tells him the allegations are false.

The Commissioner tells Mahesh is here and he comes out and acts in front of them by telling Indu that in a husband-and-wife relationship fights do happen.

Mahesh also says that he was searching for Indu and tells her because of her only he even divorced Mansi.

Indu cries and pleads with Mahesh to tell the real reason behind his actions. Mahesh takes a step towards Indu but Ritesh stands in front of her.

Commissioner warns Ritesh and then sends Mahesh out. Mahesh vows not to let their marriage happen.

Ritesh seeks the commissioner's help saying they don’t have much time. Commissioner says the only way is that Mahesh takes back the case he filed against Indu.

Ritesh and Indu come out of the office and get shocked to see Mahesh with Sameer and Kadambari. All three of them go to Indu and Ritesh.

Kadambari tells Ritesh that she did tell him she won’t let Indu get Zoon’s custody.

Ritesh insults both Kadambari and Mahesh and gives an open challenge to marry Indu. He then expresses his disappointment towards Sameer for involving with Mahesh and Kadambari.

Sameer defends himself that he is helping them get what belongs to them and says that he accepts Ritesh’s challenge then leaves the place followed by Kadambari and Mahesh.

Indu cries and says now her hope to get Zoon’s custody is shattered and tells her that she won't be able to get Zoon’s custody and pleads with Ritesh to do something to help her and hugs him.

Ritesh gets shocked and hesitates to hug her back but does it eventually and pacifies her. Indu realises she is hugging Ritesh so she distances herself.

Ritesh takes Indu’s face in his hand and promises to find a solution to this problem then takes her with him to drop her home.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Ritesh beats Mahesh and takes him to where Sameer and Kadambari are, while they both get shocked.

Later Sameer gives a pistol to Mahesh and asks him to kill Ritesh to avenge him, while Mahesh looks on.

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