Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 28th October 2022 Written Update: Kadambri takes advantage of Ritesh-Indu's fight for Zoon


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th October 2022 Written Update: Kadambri takes advantage of Ritesh-Indu's fight for Zoon


At the start of today's episode, Ritesh tells Indu that he knows he looks handsome which he knows already.

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Indu makes faces at him and tries to tell him something but he interrupts her and tells her that he knows he looks charming also.

Ritesh also tells her that her dressing sense also improved. Indu gets angry and opens her mouth to scold him but Zoon arrives there and calls Ritesh handsome.

Ritesh thanks her and tries to lift her in his arms but feels pain. Zoon notices it and asks him if his wound isn’t cured yet and Ritesh replies yes.

Then Indu lifts Zoon in her arms and Zoon kisses her cheek. She then brings Zoon near Ritesh and Zoon kisses Ritesh’s cheek as well.

Zoon then asks Ritesh to hug her. Indu and Ritesh look at each other before Ritesh hugs them both.

Rahul sees Anjali and waves at her thinking she is acknowledging his presence but gets upset when she walks past him and talks to Vivaan.

Then Vivaan gifts her an expensive bracelet which Anjali refuses at first but Vivaan convinces her so Anjali takes it and thanks him. Rahul gets sad seeing it.

On the other side, Dolly tells Sunita that she is upset and angry with them. Sunita gets worried and asks her the reason.

Dolly complains that no one here is dancing at this Mehendi function. She also asks Sunita to dance with her and takes her with her.

In the meanwhile, Mehendi designers apply Mehendi on Indu’s hand.

Then Dolly and Sunita start dancing according to the song playing in the background. Both Malhotra and Raina families join and Anjali brings Indu to the centre.

Ritesh sees Indu struggling with her hair so he goes to help her. They both shares an eye lock. Zoon comes there which makes both Ritesh and Indu smile.

Later Zoon goes to Indu and tells her that she wants to apply Mehendi in her hand like her. Indu tells her as per school rules she can’t so ask her to use the tattoo sticker.

Zoon tells her that she wants to apply Mehendi though. Indu refuses and apologises to her for not letting her apply Mehendi then leaves the place.

In the meanwhile, Neelam tries to take a photo with Ritesh but fails. Rahul informs Ritesh all the media want is one interview from him.

But Ritesh refuses and says he isn’t interested and also asks him about the investigation.

At this, Rahul tells the investigation is in full swing but is unable to get a clue about the person behind his attack though.

On the other side, Sameer gives Mahesh his ticket to go to Bhopal and tells him that Kadambari feels that she doesn't want to risk anything by keeping him here so asked him to leave the city.

Hearing this Mahesh gets furious and tells Sameer that he isn’t Kadambari’s servant to oblige her every instruction.

Mahesh also says that he does everything as per his wish only and mocks both Sameer and Kadambari then tears the ticket and leaves the place.

While Sameer looks on with anger-filled eyes.

In Indu’s house, Ritesh asks Zoon the reason behind her being sad. Zoon tells him that Indu refused to let her apply Mehendi because it’s against the school rules.

So, Ritesh tells her that she can apply Mehendi which makes Zoon happy and then he takes her to the Mehendi designer.

On the other side, both Vivaan and Anjali flirt with one another which once again Rahul notices and gets hurt.

Indu sees Ritesh and Zoon with the Mehendi designer so she goes and asks what’s happening and also stops the designer from applying Mehendi on Zoon’s hand.

Ritesh takes Indu aside and tells her they are doing this all for Zoon’s happiness so they should let her enjoy.

But Indu remains stubborn saying it’s against school rules and she already had a conversation with Zoon’s school vice principal then leaves from there.

Indu then tells Zoon that she can't apply Mehendi. Ritesh recalls meeting the vice principal so he gets an idea and decides to execute it so that he can fulfil Zoon’s wish to make her happy.

Indu sees Ritesh is waiting for someone at the doorstep and wonders who it is.

Sunita gets emotional seeing Indu. She expresses her happiness to Indu and also asks her to complete her Mehendi then leaves the place.

Neelam taunts Asha when she looks at the Mehendi being applied to everyone’s hand so Vivek brings Indu there.

Indu gets upset hearing Neelam’s conversation with Asha. She goes to Asha and insists her to apply Mehendi because she deserves to live her life a happy one.

Asha gets happy and teary-eyed when the Mehendi designer applies Mehendi to her hand. Sunita informs Indu that Zoon’s school vice principal is here.

Ritesh welcomes the vice principal and then asks Zoon to say yes to everything he is going to tell her teacher. Zoon obliges and goes with him.

Indu also arrives there and then both Indu and Ritesh get into an argument over whether to follow the rules or break them which is the right one.

In the end, despite Ritesh’s attempts the vice principal refuses to let Zoon apply Mehendi on her hand which upsets Ritesh.

Zoon and her teacher leave the place with Sunita while Ritesh and Indu tell each other the other person will never change. While Ritesh gets determined to fulfil Zoon’s wish.

Episode Ends!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Indu shouts at Ritesh saying she doesn't want him to spoil Zoon with money or teach her how to break the rules.

At this Ritesh scolds Indu and asks her not to be strict because she isn’t Zoon’s real mother which hurts Indu.

Just then Kadambari arrives there and tells everyone that she is Zoon’s real mother, hearing this both Indu and Ritesh get stunned.

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