Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 25th October 2022 Written Update: Ritesh is no more; Indu gets devastated


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 25th October 2022 Written Update: Ritesh is no more; Indu gets devastated


At the start of today's episode, we see Ritesh going rigid after Mahesh shoots him. Indu looks at him then her blood-filled hands then sees Ritesh, while Ritesh looks at her and falls to the ground.

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Zoon vows to fast until Ritesh recovers

Indu gets shocked, while the family members were also got shocked.

Kaamna thinks to herself that Sameer lied to her and he indeed brought his man to kill Ritesh only.

Sameer meets Mahesh and urges him to leave the place using the back gate, while everyone rushes to Ritesh.

Vivek stops Zoon from watching what’s happening. Indu watches everyone trying to wake up Ritesh and remains stunned.

The doctor checks up on Ritesh and Rahul calls the ambulance. Rahul and others take Ritesh out.

Anjali calls Indu and she learns through her that Ritesh is taken to the hospital.

Indu asks about Zoon and Anjali tells her she is with Vivek. Indu asks her and the family members to stay with Zoon and she will go to the hospital with the others and leaves the place.

Rajender asks about Zoon’s whereabouts and Vivek brings her out. Zoon asks what’s happening to which Rajender says nothing and takes her inside the room.

Both the Malhotra family and Indu reach the hospital and the doctor urges the hospital staff to get him to the treatment room.

On the other side, Mahesh is about to leave the house through the back door but gets shocked when the door locks itself on its own.

Then we see, Rahul tells Vivaan and Sameer how could someone enter the house and dare to shoot Ritesh. Sameer acts and says even he wonders the same.

Rahul says someone from the staff is involved in this, so that’s the reason he locked all the gates using the electronic lock which shocks Sameer.

Rahul then tells that he called the police too and then leaves the place. Vivaan recalls Sameer’s warning not to go near Ritesh and glares at him.

In the meanwhile, Sameer meets Mahesh and informs him all the doors are locked except one which is the storeroom and asks him to follow him and Mahesh obliges.

Sameer gets shocked to find Vivek there. Vivek tells him that he learned it’s a manual door so he stayed here so that the culprit cannot escape.

At this Sameer also acts and says that he also came here for the same reason. They both hear the police vehicle siren and leave the place, while Mahesh hides.

Zoon asks Rajender about Ritesh and tells him she wants to meet him, but the Raina family feels helpless. Sunita cries and prays for Ritesh’s well-being.

In the hospital doctor treats Ritesh. The guard informs Kaamna that the media learned this and the reporters are waiting outside.

Kaamna asks him to stop them from entering the hospital, while Indu goes and sees Ritesh through the door.

Indu recalls her moments with Ritesh and gets sad. Dolly tells her don’t know why this happened.

In Malhotra’s mansion, Vivek informs the Raina family about the police investigation and asks them not to get worried if they get interrogated.

Zoon questions Vivek about the reason behind the police's arrival.

Vivek tells her they are here to catch the thief, after that she can meet Ritesh then leaves the place.

The Police check the people inside the house one by one. One of the staff takes Mahesh to where the cops are.

Sameer gets worried if Mahesh gets caught then he might take his name, while Mahesh worries about how to leave the house.

In the hospital, the doctor comes out and informs that they have removed the bullet but Ritesh is still in critical condition which shocks Indu, Kaamna and Dolly.

The bodyguard arrives there and tells the reporters that are going out of control and some of them got inside the hospital despite their attempts to stop them.

One of the reporters arrives there and pleads to let him take one photo of Ritesh which angers Indu so she lashes out at him and sends him out.

Kaamna shares her worry about Ritesh’s safety and pleads with the doctor to allow them to shift Ritesh to his house and the doctor agrees.

In Malhotra’s mansion, Mahesh sees the door is open so he takes the gun out and shoots it which makes everyone scream and run here and there.

Mahesh uses the opportunity and escapes, while Sameer gets relieved.

Inspector assures Rahul and Vivaan that they will find the person and leaves the house.

Later Kaamna learns through Deep about the person behind the one who shoot Ritesh fooled them and left which shocks her.

Then Kaamna confronts Sameer for lying to her but he acts.

Kaamna insults him also warns him about the consequences of not being on her side and then leaves the place, while Sameer looks on.

Episode Ends!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Zoon questions God why she is getting punished like this and demands to recover Ritesh.

Zoon then puts God’s idol inside a bowl of water and vows not to have anything until Ritesh recovers which shock Indu.

Later, the doctor tries to save Ritesh but fails. The doctor informs both the Malhotra and Raina family that Ritesh is no more which shocks everyone.

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