Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh plans to kill Zoon for his avenge against Indu


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh plans to kill Zoon for his avenge against Indu


At the start of today's episode, Mahesh arrives at the Malhotra mansion and asks the security personnel how to get entry inside the house.

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At this, the Security guard asks who he is. Mahesh introduces himself as a catering service person. Security asks him for his id card which he gives to him.

Then the Security guard takes the id card to his senior who sees it and looks on. Mahesh worries wondering whether the security personnel is growing suspicious about him.

On the other side, Zoon is playing with a ball but it falls to the ground through a window. She wonders how to take it from there.

Zoon then goes and knocks on Anjali’s room asking her to go with her to take the ball.

Anjali tells her she is changing her dress and asks her to wait she will come outside in a few minutes. Zoon decides to go outside to take the ball on her own.

Then the Security guard goes to Mahesh and asks him to use gate number 2 because this entry is for guests. Mahesh obliges and turns to leave, while Zoon comes there.

The Security stops her and asks where is she going. Zoon tells him she is going to take the ball. Mahesh sees Zoon and thinks that she is the Zoon who Indu loves the most.

The Security guard takes Zoon with him and asks her not to leave the place as he will bring the ball to her. Zoon obliges and thanks him. While Mahesh goes to Zoon and starts a conversation.

Zoon tells him that she doesn’t know him. Mahesh tells her that he met her when she was a kid. He then thinks to kill Zoon to break Indu.

But Zoon refuses to talk to Mahesh saying her mother had advised her not to talk to an unknown person. Mahesh brings his hand near Zoon’s neck to strangle her but stops when he hears Indu’s voice.

Mahesh quickly leaves the place and then Indu comes to Zoon and asks her what is she doing there and scolds her for coming out alone.

Zoon tells her about meeting an unknown person (Mahesh) and also tells her how she refused to talk to him, while Indu praises her.

Just then the Security guard brings back the ball to Zoon and Indu thanks him and takes Zoon inside with her.

Dolly asks Indu to sit with Ritesh and enjoy the ceremony then leaves the place. Indu asks Zoon to sit with Ritesh and she will sit with her parents but Zoon refuses and makes Indu sit beside Ritesh.

Ritesh and Indu both shares an eye lock. Zoon then sits on Ritesh’s lap. Ritesh tells her the lights are off to surprise her which makes Zoon happy.

Vivaan comes to the stage and welcomes the guests. He also tells them about the dance performances from both Raina’s and Malhotra’s sides, while Kaamna makes faces hearing this.

On the other side, Mahesh reaches Sameer’s room as per his earlier instructions. He sees the catering workers' dress and changes it to one of the catering workers.

Mahesh then opens Sameer’s wardrobe and takes the book and finds the gun in it.

Meanwhile, Sameer instructs Vivaan to stay away from Ritesh tonight which confuses Vivaan so he asks him the reason.

Sameer smirks and tells Vivaan to look at Ritesh as much as he wants today because there won't be any possibility to see him again after tonight.

Hearing this Vivaan gets confused, while Kaamna overhears their conversation and gets shocked.

On the other side, Indu pleads with Ritesh not to make her pose for the media because she is uncomfortable. Rahul assures her nothing will go wrong.

Ritesh tells Indu that she has to get used to this all hereafter and mocks her which leads to an argument between them.

Indu calls Ritesh a drama company. Seeing both argue Zoon scolds both of them and asks Indu to accompany them for a photoshoot.

At this Ritesh indirectly taunts and leaves Zoon, while Rahul takes Indu with him.

Dolly sees a disguised Mahesh and questions him about what is he doing here. Mahesh lies he is on his way to the kitchen. Dolly points in the opposite direction and tells him the kitchen is there.

Dolly also warns him and makes him leave the place. Mahesh tries to hide the book in which the pistol is.

But Dolly thinks the book belongs to Ritesh so takes it to his room which upsets Mahesh and he wonders how to take the pistol from the book.

On the other side, Indu, Ritesh and Zoon pose for the media, and then Ritesh holds Indu closer to him.

Sunita and Rajender get happy and emotional seeing them. Sunita prays for their happiness.

While Sameer tells Nisha on the call to take care of Kadambari and that he will try to reach there as soon as possible. He then wonders whether Mahesh arrived at their house yet or not.

The reporter requests a couple of photos from Ritesh and Indu. They ask Ritesh to kiss Indu’s hand first then her forehead. Indu gets shocked and confused.

Ritesh then leaves the place followed by the media.

Meanwhile, Kaamna taunts Sunita and Rajender by assuring them of Indu’s happiness. She then asks Sunita to bring drinks for her and her friend.

Sunita obliges while Kaamna smirks happily.

Indu gets shocked seeing Sunita with the drinks tray. She gives the tray to Mahesh who comes there and Mahesh leaves the place hurriedly.

Then Indu scolds Sunita that they are from the bride's side family so they don't have to do all this.

Later Indu spills the drink on Ritesh and he scolds Indu and decides to clean it on his own and walk towards his room.

Meanwhile, Mahesh enters Ritesh's room to take the pistol from the book.

Episode Ends!

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