Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 20th October 2022 Written Update: Sameer instigates Mahesh to kill Ritesh


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th October 2022 Written Update: Sameer instigates Mahesh to kill Ritesh


At the start of today's episode, we see both Rahul and Ritesh thanking the lawyer for helping Ritesh get bail. Then Rahul informs Ritesh about the media who are waiting outside.

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Mahesh plans to kill Zoon for his avenge against Indu

Ritesh tells he doesn’t want any interaction with the media as he needs to go and talk to Indu because Mahesh visited her the previous night.

Ritesh then takes Commissioner’s help to leave the station from the back door.

On the other side, Payal sees Indu with Mahesh and wonders what is she doing here and also who she is with.

Before she could approach Indu she gets distracted by a phone call, while Indu has the coffee and then she feels dizzy.

Indu tells Mahesh that she is not feeling well so she is going home and stands in her place.

Indu misses her balance and falls on the couch. Mahesh acts and asks what happened to her. Indu tells him she is not feeling well and then falls unconscious.

Mahesh goes to Indu. While Payal turns around and sees Indu isn’t there. She goes inside and thinks that Indu might have left but then sees her phone.

Payal wonders why she left her phone and takes it with her. In Raina’s house, Ritesh plays with Zoon.

Ritesh promises to bring her favourite flavour of ice cream the next time he visits her. Zoon asks him whether the problems are solved or not. Ritesh tells her he almost solved it.

Just then Asha arrives there and informs Indu went out to take help to bail him out. Ritesh tells her that Indu forgets about his influence though.

Payal also arrives there looking for Indu and she tells Asha and Ritesh that she saw Indu in a restaurant with a guy, she left the phone there so she is here to give it to her.

Ritesh worries Indu is with Mahesh so he takes the restaurant's name from Payal and then rushes out of the house.

Mahesh puts Indu in bed and tells her that he is going to teach her a lesson to make her lose hope to live her life.

Mahesh then calls Kadambari and informs her to see his social media live then puts his mode in a recording mode and goes near Indu.

Ritesh comes to his car, while Kadambari and Sameer watch the live video. They both tell that Mahesh is worse than they have thought about him.

Ritesh gets shocked to see Maesh live on social media site where he tells his true love betrayed him so he is going to punish her and everyone can watch it through this live streaming.

Seeing this Ritesh urges the driver to go to the hotel fast. While Mahesh removes the shawl from Indu.

Ritesh reaches the hotel and demands the receptionist give Mahesh’s room number.

But when she refuses to give saying it's against the hotel policies, Ritesh threatens her and gets the room number and rushes to the floor using the staircase.

Mahesh goes near Indu and removes his shirt button and gets closer to her. Ritesh comes to the room and finds it locked from the inside, so he kicks the door to open it.

Magesh gets shocked and looks at Indu. After so many difficulties Ritesh opens the door and Mahesh’s phone drops from its place.

Ritesh beats up Magesh, while Kadambari gets shocked the video is not playing so she gets furious and calls Mahesh when he doesn’t answer her calls she goes crazy.

Sameer tries to calm her down but Kadambari starts to have chest pain so Sameer calls the doctor.

In the hotel, Ritesh beats up Mahesh and Mahesh tries to run away from there. The bodyguard comes there and assures Ritesh they will catch Mahesh and asks him to go back to Indu.

Ritesh obliges and goes to Indu. He covers her with a shawl then and takes her in his arms and walks away.

In Raina’s house, everyone gets worried about Indu’s safety. Sunita prays to God, while Anjali wonders where Indu went. Ritesh brings Indu home and the family members get shocked to see Indu’s state.

They all get shocked to learn Indu was with Mahesh. Ritesh tells the Raina family that Magesh must have deceived Indu by assuring her about his bail though.

The doctor checks up on Indu and tells them that she was under the influence of sleeping pills and once its effect is over she will wake up on her own and asks them to provide her with lots of water then leaves the place.

Vivek tells that he can’t believe Indu trusted Mahesh even after everything that happened.

Then Asha finds Mahesh’s letter in Indu’s bag. Vivek decides to submit it to the police station. Rajender shares his worries about Indu with Ritesh. Sunita informs them Indu gained consciousness.

Rajender and Ritesh go to her room. Ritesh asks Rajender’s permission to talk to Indu, while Rajender leaves.

Ritesh lashes out at Indu for trusting Mahesh and also advises her to take a decision before thinking about Zoon. Indu tries to say something but gets interrupted by family members.

Then Zoon insists to do a head massage for Indu but Indu assures her that she is fine.

On the other side, Ritesh informs Kaamna about his plan to prepone the wedding and asks her to make all the arrangements and Kaamna obliges.

Sameer finds Mahesh and takes him home. Mahesh decides to leave the city before the police could catch him but determines to ruin Indu and Ritesh’s lives.

Sameer gives him a pistol and asks him to kill Ritesh to avenge him. He provokes Mahesh against Ritesh saying this is the only option he has now, while Magesh looks on.

Episode Ends!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Sameer tells Vivaan instead of a wedding someone’s death is going to take place today, so these decorations are not needed which confuses Vivaan.

Later Indu and Ritesh stand opposite one another to exchange rings. Ritesh informs the ring isn’t in its box which shocks everyone.

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