Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 19th October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh gets Ritesh arrested; threatens Indu to snatch Zoon from her


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh gets Ritesh arrested; threatens Indu to snatch Zoon from her


At the start of today's episode, Sunita requests Zoon to have food but she refuses and says she won’t have it until Indu returns. Just then Indu and Ritesh arrive there.

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Sameer instigates Mahesh to kill Ritesh

Rajender asks them what the commissioner told them. Ritesh informs that the commissioner has told them to convince Mahesh.

Zoon goes and hugs Ritesh. She then asks Ritesh if she wants to see his and Indu’s marriage and wants to be with them. Ritesh assures her he will find a solution.

Indu also assures Zoon that she and Ritesh will find a solution to this problem and tells her she is hungry so they can have food to which Zoon obliges.

Ritesh recalls Mahesh’s act in front of the commissioner and gets furious and leaves the place.

On the other side, Kadambari tells Sameer that she is impressed by the way he took a stand for her in front of Ritesh. Sameer asks her now she must start trusting him right?

Kadambari says now she trusts him fully and asks him not to break it. Sameer assures and they both get romantic.

Just then Mahesh arrives there and asks for soda which Kadambari tells him that she has ordered it and it will arrive at any time just then they hear a doorbell so Mahesh goes to open the door.

Ritesh kicks Mahesh and he falls flat on the floor.

Sameer goes to stop the fight but Kadambari stops him and says they have to use Ritesh’s anger in their favour it will help them achieve their goals, so Sameer doesn’t go to help Mahesh.

Ritesh beats up Mahesh, and then Mahesh tells Ritesh that he will snatch both Zoon and Indu from him at any cost. Ritesh gets furious and beats black and blue.

Then Ritesh leaves the place. Sameer says that he will take Mahesh to the hospital. Mahesh asks Sameer to call the police which makes Sameer and Kadambari happy.

On the other side, Rahul scolds Ritesh for beating up Mahesh while aiding his wound. Ritesh expresses his anger for Mahesh.

Just then the Inspector arrives there and tells Ritesh that they are arresting him under murder charges which are filed by Mahesh which shocks both Rahul and Ritesh.

Other side Indu comes out of her room when the light goes off and notices the weather has changed. Indu then sees a shadow outside the house so she opens the window to check who it is and finds no one.

Indu then decides to fix the fuse on her own so she goes outside. She senses someone is following her but when she turns around finds no one.

Indu is shocked to see the fuse removed and wonders who has done this. She then fixes the fuse and turns around and gets shocked to find a man in a hoodie.

Indu quickly runs inside the house and gets shocked finding Mahesh with blood filled face.

Mahesh tells Indu that Ritesh has done this to him in return he has sent him to prison and Ritesh won't even get bail which shocks Indu.

Mahesh further says at any cost he will snatch Zoon from her and send Zoon to the orphanage and then he leaves the house. Hearing this Indu gets worried and sad.

In Malhotra’s mansion, Rahul informs due to the Diwali holidays nearing it's not easy to get bail for Ritesh.

Kaamna gets upset and expresses her hatred for Indu and tells because of her only Ritesh is in this situation then asks Rahul to do anything but she wants Ritesh to get out of prison at any cost.

The next day Indu goes to meet Ritesh in the prison. Ritesh asks her how she knows about his arrest. Indu tells that Mahesh met her at night which shocks Ritesh.

Ritesh worries about Zoon’s safety and scolds Indu for letting Mahesh inside and asks her to go home and be with Zoon.

In reply, Indu scolds Ritesh and leaves the place. She thinks because of her Ritesh is in this situation so she decides to help him.

Kadambari tells Sameer how evil Mahesh is. Sameer asks her to talk low or else Mahesh can hear them, just then the doorbell rings.

Kadambari opens it and gets shocked to see Indu in front of her. She asks Indu what is she doing here and who gave her address.

Just then Mahesh arrives there and says it's him. Kadambari and Mahesh get into an argument when Kadambari asks Mahesh not to talk to Indu.

Then Sameer signals at Kadambari so she goes inside.

Indu pleads with Mahesh to withdraw the case against Ritesh because in this fight, there is no fault of Ritesh and also reminds Mahesh about his good deeds.

Sameer tells Indu that Mahesh won’t withdraw the case. Mahesh gets annoyed by Kadambari and Sameer’s interruption so he takes Indu outside.

Mahesh then tells Indu that he is the same person as when they both used to date and agrees to withdraw the case in return he asks her to have a cup of coffee with him and Indu agrees.

Mahesh gives a letter in which he confesses his deeds of trapping Indu and gives it to Indu saying this will help her. After getting the letter Indu thanks him.

Just then Indu receives a call, so she decides to attend it.

Mahesh uses the opportunity and mixes a pill in her coffee and thinks that what he is going to do with Indu to destroy her.

Indu returns and decides to leave but Mahesh insists to have coffee, she obliges and drinks the coffee, while Mahesh smirks happily.

Episode Ends!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Mahesh takes an unconscious Indu to a place and puts his phone in recording mode and goes near her while Ritesh is seen in prison.

Later Sameer asks Mahesh to kill Ritesh by giving him a pistol.

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