Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 17th October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh stops Indu-Ritesh’s marriage


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh stops Indu-Ritesh’s marriage


At the start of today's episode, Sunita tells Rajender that their Shagun is less than the Malhotra’s. Rajender says he knows that, but they brought all the things that are needed in Shagun most.

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Indu hugs Ritesh and pleads for help

Then Zoon comes there and asks what is all this. Anjali tells her this is a Shagun sent by the Malhotra family and they brought this in return for the Malhotra family as Shagun.

Seeing this Zoon also says that their gifts are less compared to the Malhotra’s. Sunita gets upset and tells even Zoon can clearly see the difference between their gifts.

Indu tells Zoon that they can afford this much only. Zoon tells Indu and the family members why can’t they give the Shagun which they get from the Malhotra to them as it belongs to them now. Sunita tells it won't be nice.

Zoon reminds us what Rajender do with the excessive sweets they receive during Diwali time. Indu likes the idea and says that Zoon’s idea is best, but the family members get worried.

On the other side, Ritesh asks Rahul’s opinion about the dress which he has to wear it. He then receives a call from Indu who tells him to be ready to receive Shagun from them.

Ritesh wonders what Indu’s plan is, while on the other side Anjali selects a dress to wear at an evening ceremony. She asks Raima for the rental amount of the dress.

Raima tells it's ten thousand, at this Anjali says she can’t afford that much and pleads with her to give her low rent but Raima refuses and tells her she will show her a dress which she can afford and goes inside.

Vivaan comes there and asks Anjali why she is avoiding him. Anjali says after what happened to Indu she doesn’t feel like talking to him is right.

Vivaan tells her, that now both Ritesh and Indu are patching up then why can’t they? He also tells her she can at least consider him as her friend but Anjali refuses.

Raima comes there and shows Anjali a dress which she can afford but Anjali tells she wants the one which she likes.

Then Vivaan gives his card and tells Raima to give the dress to Anjali which shocks Anjali and she refuses to accept it but Vivaan convinces her.

Anjali goes to change her dress while Vivaan tells Raima that he won’t spend money on people if they don’t benefit him at all and smirks.

On the other side, Mahesh shows some photos and papers to the inspector and acts his life is ruined so pleads with the Inspector to save it.

Inspector says that he can’t believe Ritesh Malhotra can do anything like that and then asks him to send all the proofs to his phone he will check and then do what the needful is.

At the Malhotra Mansion, Kaamna enters the room and questions Sameer about his plan but he gets annoyed and insults her. Kaamna gets angry and warns him about Kadambari then leaves the place.

Later Dolly brings Shakuntala to the living room and tells her that she knows she wants to see her son Ritesh first now and Shakuntala smiles.

Then Ritesh comes out of his room and goes to his mother. He asks how he looks, while Shakuntala smiles and Dolly praises his looks, Kaamna also arrives there.

Then the Raina family comes to Malhotra’s mansion. Ritesh and Dolly welcome them, while Indu and Zoon arrive behind them.

Indu takes Shakuntala’s blessings and takes her seat while Ritesh interacts with Zoon.

Zoon goes to Shakuntala and asks her how is she. Dolly asks her to call Shakuntala Daadi Maa and Zoon obliges and calls her Dadi Maa which makes Ritesh happy and Indu also smiles.

While Kaamna thinks that truly the Raina’s going to give a hundred and one rupees to Shagun as they didn’t bring anything with them and calls them beggars.

Kaamna then taunts Raina’s saying she thought they might need their worker’s help to bring the Shagun they brought for them though.

Indu tells her they needed it indeed but with the help of Vivek she managed everything.

Vivek comes there and instructs the workers to keep the things. Kaamna gets shocked to find the Shaguns are nothing which she gave to the Raina family so she questions the same.

Indu says she is right and tells them they can't afford this much nor they needed all this, also it's their thing so they can do what they wish to be right, while Dolly praises.

At this Kaamna gets angry and reminds the Raina’s that they have to give Shagun more than the groom’s side and insults them.

At this Ritesh warns Kaamna by taking Raina’s side and asks her not to insult them. Kaamna defends herself saying Shakuntala must be upset.

Indu apologises to Shakuntala if her actions hurt her and explain to her and say she is sure she can speak then she herself explained everything to the others.

Hearing this Shakuntala agrees and smiles. While Kaamna says still they have to give more than the groom’s family.

Then Zoon gives her chocolate and tells now they gave more Shagun than them.

Indu and Ritesh silently argue with one another. While Kaamna says they can talk about the wedding arrangements.

Just then the Inspector arrives there and asks Ritesh if he is going to marry Indu and Ritesh replies yes.

The inspector tells him that he can’t because Indu is already married which shocks everyone.

Then the inspector gives the papers to Ritesh and he reads Indu’s name as Mrs Indu Jaiswal. Indu rushes to him and gets shocked seeing the papers.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Ritesh and Indu go to the police station where they get shocked to find Sameer, Kadambari and Mahesh together.

Kadambari reminds Ritesh about her challenge to get Zoon’s custody. At this Ritesh gives an open challenge to Kadambari, Sameer and Mahesh to marry Indu, while Sameer also challenges Ritesh.

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