Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | BPKH 24th October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh shoots Ritesh; Ritesh not responding to the treatment


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 24th October 2022 Written Update: Mahesh shoots Ritesh; Ritesh not responding to the treatment


At the start of today's episode, we see Ritesh going to his room and Indu comes behind him and apologizes to him. Ritesh says she might have made it fall intentionally.

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At this Indu asks really? Ritesh says she can and asks her not to act as his wife as nobody is watching them. Indu says that he is a drama company and also says that he can’t digest the respect.

At this Ritesh says to get habitual, as she will get such a response from him, as he is her future husband. Indu asks him to get habitual to her response as if she does a mistake then she will rectify it too.

Indu then says she will bring tissues and asks him to wait outside, and then Ritesh goes to the bathroom.

While Mahesh is searching for the gun and hides after seeing Indu and Indu goes to the bathroom. Ritesh says she came here and says it is wrong to argue, as she has brought tissue into the bathroom.

Then Indu slips and falls on Ritesh and they have an eye lock. Indu gets up and says sorry. She asks him to clean it with soap and then dry it using the dryer, while Ritesh says okay.

In the meanwhile, Sameer calls Mahesh and Mahesh comes out from the hideout. Indu comes out of the bathroom and hears the phone ringtone and thinks it might be Ritesh’s phone.

While Ritesh thinks that it might be Indu’s phone and then Indu goes out.

While Mahesh rejects the call and comes out and hides again seeing Ritesh coming.

Ritesh thinks Indu is smart to have given that idea. He comes out and sees the bookshelf open and closes it and goes.

Then seeing the opportunity, Mahesh takes the gun in his hand from the book.

On the other side, Vivaan, Rahul and Anjali dance to the song "Tune Maari Entriyan" while Ritesh, Indu, Zoon and others watch their dance performance.

Zoon says even I want to dance and Ritesh takes her to dance with them. Just then Mahesh aims a gun at Ritesh and seeing this Sameer gets tensed as Vivaan is also dancing on the stage.

All the family members come to the stage. Anjali takes Indu to the stage.

Mahesh thinks if the bullet hits Zoon or Ritesh, it is good for him. Indu and Ritesh hold Zoon and dance and everyone claps.

Just then a waiter comes and opens the cupboard and it hits Mahesh, and the bullet is fired and the bullet hits the rooftop.

Vivaan holds Anjali’s hand and she smiles. Rahul holds her another hand, but Anjali leaves his hand and seeing this Vivaan smiles, while Rahul gets upset.

Then Vivaan tells that the next performance will be of their Dulhe Raja, Superstar Ritesh Malhotra. Anjali says Dulhan will also dance and cheer for Indu and Indu nods no.

Zoon then asks Indu to dance with him, while Ritesh says her Moj can’t dance as she is a coward. Indu replies that she is not a coward.

At this Ritesh asks Indu to accept his challenge and Indu says the challenge is accepted.

In the meanwhile, Mahesh tells Sameer that he had aimed at Ritesh, but due to someone, the bullet got fired at the rooftop.

Then Sameer asks if the work will be done and Mahesh says it will be done by tonight and says Ritesh was lucky last time, but he cannot be always lucky.

On the other side, Kaamna asks the waiter if he knows the waiter standing with Sameer and the waiter says no, as he seems to be new.

Kaamna asks Sameer to go and takes him to her room. She asks what is going on and also asks who is that waiter, and asks if he is mixing poison in the food.

Sameer says I don’t do flop planning like you, this irritates Kaamna and she asks him to tell him his plan. Sameer says he has called that waiter to lift someone’s pyre.

At this Kaamna says this house is running due to Ritesh. Sameer thinks he shall not tell her about his plan for Ritesh and says he wanted to kill Indu.

Hearing this Kaamna gets shocked and says it is a big thing to murder someone, and if anything happens to you then she can’t do anything.

But Sameer replies that the plan is set, once they come on stage, it will be fun.

On the other side, Indu and Ritesh dance together, while Zoon asks Indu to dance more. Ritesh says we have to dance more for Zoon.

Then Ritesh holds Indu's hand and takes her to dance. While Sunita, Rajendra and others are happy to see them dancing.

Mahesh again aims a gun at Ritesh and shoots at him and Ritesh hugs Indu. Mahesh shoots at Ritesh's back and Ritesh gets shaken up.

The blood falls on Indu’s hand and she touches it. She sees blood on her hand and gets shocked. Ritesh falls down and Indu gets teary eyes and stands in disbelief.

Episode Ends!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rahul and Kaamna rush to Ritesh and then both Rahul and Kaamna take him to the hospital. The Police check all the waiters, while  Mahesh is standing at the last holding gun in his hand.

Seeing this Sameer thinks if he gets caught and takes his name, then everything will be over.

On the other side, Kaamna asks the doctor how is Ritesh, while the doctor says they have taken out the bullet, but he is not responding as they want, while Indu cries seeing Ritesh's condition.

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