Bigg Boss 16 - 28th October 2022 Written Update: Salman blasts Ankit-Sumbul on Weekend Ka Vaar


Bigg Boss 16 - 28th October 2022 Written Update: Salman blasts Ankit-Sumbul on Weekend Ka Vaar


Salman welcomes everyone to the Weekend Ka Vaar!

Salman says the horror would stay alive in the house. It feels nice to be back. Karan did it very well last week. I wasn’t well. So much has changed in the house.

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In the house, Shalin hugs Tina. Tina says I didn’t even do anything. He says I am sorry. I will get you a lot of chocolates. She says it’s not about them. It’s about being your priority. You tell Nimrit she’s your favourite and you were dancing with her.

Archana thinks by fighting you will stay here longer. I won’t go before Soundarya and everyone knows her fake followers. The only person who can hurt me here is you. I won’t give you that chance again.

Archana asks Abdu did you eat croissants? She says Sajid ate two and it’s not fine. She says to Sajid you ate two croissants. He says I can ask someone and give it back.

Archana says to ask before asking for another person’s food. The one you ate wasn’t Abdu’s. Shiv says I take mine, I don’t eat it. She says I don’t want it. I want people to eat theirs.

Archana says Abdu ate his. Stan says you’re getting it then why are you fighting? Your name wasn’t written on it.

Archana says to Soundaarya I like to stick to my things. Sajid asks Abdu why did you eat croissants when they said no. He says I said I will.

Salman says let’s see who they chose is a person who needs a guardian in the house.

Sajid says I think Abdu because there’s a language barrier. I take care of him. Then Sumbul, she’s 18 but she also needs a guardian. Abdu says Sumbul and Ankit.

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Sumbul is always crying, while Abdu is always in Priyanka’s shadow. Stan says Priyanka and Sumbul. Gori says Sumbul doesn’t know what to do. Ankit, he’s not interested.

Priyanka speaks on his behalf. Shiv says Sumbul and Ankit. Sumbul always needs someone to fight for her. She can’t take a stand for herself.

Ankit doesn’t do anything himself, he can’t do anything without Priyanka. Ankit says Stan and Sumbul. Stan because he hides behind people.

Priyanka says Abdu and Sumbul. He has a language barrier and people take stands and decisions for him. Archana says Sumbul and Stan. She listens to people and gets confused.

Stan goes in his herd. Soundarya says Sumbul and Stan. She looks dependent. Stan is getting overshadowed. Gautam says Sumbul because she always needs validation.

Ankit keeps things to himself. Sumbul says Abdu and Stan. He needs someone to translate. Stan, because he doesn’t take a stand. Nimrit says Ankit and Sumbul. He doesn’t involve in points.

Priyanka overshadows him. Sumbul takes support from others. Tina says Abdu and Ankit. Abdu gets influenced by Sajid and Shiv. Ankit is quick one-on-one but he doesn’t take his point.

If Priyanka wasn’t here we would see him better. Shalin says Abdu and Ankit. Abdu because of language but now he’s being open and understanding things.

Sajid has helped him a lot. Ankit. He gets overshadowed. Gautam says so Ankit and Sumbul.

Salman says Ankit and Sumbul are adults, not kids but they need guardians. Salman welcomes them. He says thank God I wasn’t here on Diwali, I would make it all blast.

Salmaan tells Gori to fix her behaviour, Gori. It wasn’t acceptable. You thought to come to the front you have to behave this way? She says no sir.

Salman says there is one contestant who hasn’t taken any fake fights, fake drama, or relationships but getting a lot of limelight. He’s just being who he is. He says any guess who that is. Gori says Abdu.

Salman says exactly, are you all learning from him? Very proud of you Abdu. Abdu says thank you, sir. Salman says this credit goes to you and your parents and Abdu becomes happy.

Salman says five people thought Abdu needs a guardian. He is the one person who is guarding this house. He’s leading every episode. He is actually entertaining. He’s doing everything right. No drama, no fake relationships.

Salmaan further says that people who think he needs guidance, need it. After nominating everyone was asking Abdu different things.

Archana asked Abdu to show his angry side. Is that what you think works here Archana? But Abdu didn’t listen to you, thank God. He says Abdu remained who he is and India loves him this way.

Then Abdu, says I love India and Salman Bhai. Salman says Abdu does show his emotions. Like he was even mad at Sajid when he nominated Nimrit.

Even with his limited vocabulary. He wasn’t agreeing with Archana’s wrong advice and stood his ground. When Sumbul nominated him, he wasn’t happy and expressed it very clearly.

Salman says Abdu you did what your mind and heart said. And they think you need a guardian? They need a guardian. You’re doing very well. Abdu is grateful.

Salman says there are actually two people who need a guardian. Ankit, who brought the guardian. And Sumbul has been looking for one. These two people you both chose right?

They didn’t listen to their natural guardians. Sumbul didn’t listen to her own dad, do you guys think she would listen to a guardian inside? And Ankit do you listen to your family?

He says no. Salman says so would you need a guardian inside? he says no sir. Salman says Sumbul said many things like, I am strong. I am this and that and see what she’s doing.

Abdu and Sumbul are the same age but look at how different Abdu is and how he gets the footage. Salman asks Sumbul how long have you been here? She says 4 weeks.

Salman asks what’s your relevance in the house. She says nothing. Salman says you keep saying I get hurt, I did this for him. I became a best friend. No one cares.

Shalin said the same. I didn’t ask for it. You blamed it all on Shalin and cried. You’ve become an example in people’s conversations.

Soundarya was saying to Gautam that Nimrit has become the next Sumbul. What did you mean? Soundarya says Nimrit was overshadowing herself with Gautam.

Sumbul does the same with Shalin. Salman says didn’t you and Priyanka try to overshadow her? She says no. Sumbul is trying to find a room with Shalin.

Salman says Sumbul you’ve become an example of people who keep crying and depends on people. You look like this dancer who just stands in the background.

Salman asks her to go to the living room sofa and stand there. He says this is how you look.

Salman says this is to change you and come forward. Sumbul says yes. The weakest would lose and the strongest would lose.

Salman says there’s one person who doesn’t care about any of this. That man is Mr Gupta. I want to ask Priyanka one thing. He asks Priyanka why people think he needs a guardian.

Priyanka says I have the same complaint. I ask him to bring his points forward. I do mine. He thinks he doesn’t like making noise. So I don’t interfere with that.

Bigg Boss says you said Ankit is very strong deep down. How will we know? If you don’t do anything we can’t show anything. Do we have the technology to show what’s in his heart?

Should we do the x-ray? Is this all he is? What are his 5 qualities? Priyanka says I get hyper but he understands things from a quiet side.

He says Abdu is even calmer than Ankit and it works for him. He knows how to entertain with it.

Salman asks Ankit what the show is. Ankit says Bigg Boss. Salman says why are you here and he replies to win.

Salman says what did you do to win in 4 weeks. How many people think if it was the finale today you would win? What’s the strategy? He says there is no strategy sir.

Salman says you wanna just sleep no one has any problem with you. So no one nominates you. If you think you don’t care, you shouldn’t have come here.

It was your decision to be here. If you know what the format of the show is, you knew what you’re doing here.

Do you see anything wrong happening in the house? He says Nimrit left the food for shiv. Salman says did you raise it? He says I didn’t.

Salman says if you’re in the house and things are affecting the house won’t you talk about those points? We have seen your calm.

This isn’t okay at all. I am correcting you and Sumbul. This is my job. When did you stand for Priyanka?

He says when the captaincy task was there between her and Shiv. Salman says the first week. He asks Priyanka. Priyanka says I told him he can even stand against me if he feels I am wrong.

Salman says everyone is different. You can show your personality. You’re educated, smart, and calm why can’t you show the same personality?

You are working here and my job is to improve you all. You are here to show your personality.

Manya and Sreejita wanted to stay here. You look like you don’t want to be here. Even if you leave, you will be called a quitter.

You are also ruining your guardian’s game. She gets blamed for this. Wake up both of you.

He says Sumbul you don’t listen to your dad why do you need a guardian here? He says Ankit I have faith in you bro.

Salman says when Nimrit left food it was wrong but when Soundaarya did the same it was right. Why Gautam?

Gautam says everyone wanted food. Soundarya chose me because she could save me from nomination. Salman says you would become captain after this week’s eviction.

Shiv was also nominated. He asks Priyanka. Priyanka says they both did wrong but Soundarya has a different equation with Shiv.

I couldn’t get into that. I told Nimrit she didn’t think about us. There was hardly any grocery.

Salman says what did you say to Soundarya when she came out. Priyanka says not much because I had an idea she would leave it.

Salman says the major point is Gautam didn’t like Nimrit supporting Shiv. Gautam says I said the same. Salman says Nimrit and Shiv are friends.

Gautam says I have no problem with that. Salman says Nimrit is one vote for you. Shiv and Nimrit actually look like friends.

We saw many love affairs in this house, many fakes. Tell me. He says it’s real. Salman asks Soundarya. She says real. Salman says hello Shalin. Just wanted to say hello.

Salman says Gautam you were only seen in two positions this week. Hugging Soundarya and begging people.

Salman says as if only you need to be saved by being a captain. Others don’t need it? You keep saying they would get votes.

Anyone can lose if they’re nominated. Your desperation for captaincy is good but say it out loud. There is no love. Gautam says there is.

Salman says this isn’t real. I can see. Do you go to the bathroom with a mic? What did you want us to hear? He says it was to talk to only and it was sudden.

Salman says there’s a girl involved in it too. I would keep my dignity and not tell anyone. Salman says don’t speak English. Shalin and Tina have done so many serials, they can’t even speak Hindi.

And Soudarya when you speak Hindi people can’t understand and when you speak English people who speak English laugh. Like, don’t get retaliated? She says don’t retaliate.

Salman says you said it. She says it was my fault. We were speaking in English in a Hindi show.

Salman says Tina and Shalin got a call from Bigg Boss they said never send him. We don’t know what language they speak.

Salman says now you will sit on a chair. If most people answer the question with yes, the contestant would get a slap.

He says first is, Archana. The question is, have Archana’s points ended? Now she’s just doing comedy. Everyone agrees. She gets a slap from a big card.

Salman asks does Gautam like Archana. The majority say yes. Everyone laughs. Priyanka says Archana claims it.

Salman says people are scared of Archana in the house. Archana says I have my fear of them.

Sajid is called. Salman asks does Sajid influence Abdu. Everyone says yes sometimes. Sajid gets a slap. Abdu says I listen o him sometimes, not every time.

Salman asks if is Sajid involved in everything in the house. Only Nimrit agrees. She says Sajid talks to people individually.

Salman says you don’t have to sort out everything. If you think anything is wrong, express it. He asks does Sajid play safe. Everyone agrees. He gets a slap.

Shalin comes. Salman asks is Shalin colour changing chameleon? Everyone agrees except for Tina. He says getting a slap. Shalin says I say right is right. I don’t do bias.

Salman asks does Shalin use Sumbul. Everyone says no. Shiv says yes he does. He keeps her hanging in the middle so he can benefit too but is never there for her when she needs it.

Salman says we all saw what happened. Shiv says he acts so much. Shalin says I am an award-winning actor after all. Shiv says this is a reality show so be a little real.

Salman says Sumbul said the same. Sumbul says when? Salman says when we repeat things, you disagree, you told Priyanka Shalin to act.

Sumbul says I said about nominations. Salman says we are talking about the same.

Salman asks who is nominated. They all raise their hands. Salman says the person whose journey ends today. I will tell you the name tomorrow.

Sajid says what involvement? I fight for coffee. Shalin says to Sumbul I told you the same thing Salman did. Sumbul hugs him.

Salman says it’s the spooky season. A ghost comes there. It’s Katrina. She says you have ghost friends too. I want to communicate with your ghost friends to you.

Episode Ends!

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