Bigg Boss 16 - 27th October 2022 Written Update: Archana votes for Tina and Nimrit


Bigg Boss 16 - 27th October 2022 Written Update: Archana votes for Tina and Nimrit


At the start of Day 26 at 8:00 AM: Inmates wake up and sing the Bigg Boss anthem in chorus.

9:00 AM: Gautam looks for milk. Priyanka says Soundarya give upon milk. Soundarya says a few others also did.

Archana and Shalin discuss the milk. Tina hugs Shalin.

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11:30 AM: Abdu tells Shiv and Stan that Tina and Shalin were hugging each other. Shiv and Stan enjoy.

Abdu enacts Tina and Shalin.

12:45 PM: Sajid tells Abdu that Nimrit’s relatives are in Dubai. Abdu tells Sajid and Nimrit about his fan following in Dubai.

1:15 PM: Abdu says to Priyanka that if she wants to talk with her family then she has to give him 100 bucks.

Priyanka tries to negotiate. Abdu refuses to send Priyanka to make a call and instead asks Nimrit to go.

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1:45 PM: Gori, Abdu, Shiv and Nimrit dance together.

2:15 PM: Archana asks Abdu to help her in peeling off the garlic. Shiv laughs.

2:30 PM: Archana asks Priyanka to not fill the jug to make dough. Priyanka asks Archana not to interrupt always.

Sajid talks to Nimrit and says Archana and Priyanka will have a big fight one day.

Just then both Archana and Priyanka argue.

2:45 PM: Shalin tells Soundarya and Gautam that Niimrit changed her side.

Shalin tells Gautam and Soundarya that Shiv and the team are replacing Gori with Nimrit. He says he is speculating.

4:00 PM: Sajid reads about the girl's and boy's hostel talk. Archana and Sajid become the warden of the hostel.

Nimrit, Abdu, Shalin-Tina, Ankit-Priyanka, Soundarya-Gautam, MC-Stan-Sumbul and Shiv-Gori teamed up for the task.

The winner will get a special right at the end. As per the task if there is no winner then Archana and Sajid will get a chance to make a decision.

4:30 PM: The inmates try to convince Sajid and Archana to side with them.

4:45 PM: Sajid and Archana decide to make Ankit and Abdu win. Archana decides to make Sumbul and Stan win.

The task starts at 5:00 PM: Sajid does a comedy with Ankit.

Bigg Boss asks the girl to practice dance. The winner can get a chance to earn the ration. Bigg Boss asks Archana to take a decision.

Nimrit, Priyanka, Soundarya, Sumbul, Tina and Gori try to impress Archana. Archana makes Tina win and gives her milk.

Gautam asks Soundarya if she earned anything. Ankit says Soundarya lost her respect post talking with him. Gautam says he didn’t ask for his special comment.

5:15 PM: Sajid gives a chance to Ankit and Abdu a to speak over a call.

5:30 PM: Priyanka tries to convince Archana to let her make a call. Ankit tries to convince Sajid to make a call. Sajid and Archana decline the request.

Sajid allows Shiv to speak to Gori.

Sajid next allows Sumbul and Stan to speak with each other.

6:30 PM: Bigg Boss gives a bodybuilding competition activity to the boys of the boy's hostel. He asks Sajid to declare the winner and give a ration.

Task started with Shiv and ended with Abdu. Shalin wins the task.

Bigg Boss ends the task. He asks Sajid and Archana to take over the ration or they can distribute it too.

Tina and Shalin say Sajid was partial in the task.

Archana and Sajid decide to distribute to ration. They both shuffle the room of the inmates.

Tina and Shalin say Soundarya and Gautam will do a romance as they are given the same bed. She further hides avocados in Soundarya’s jacket.

8:15 PM: Tina, Sumbul and Shalin argue over onion. Sumbul refuses to take Tina’s help in chopping onion. Shalin and Tina ask Sumbul to use onion in a limit.

Shalin shares with Tina that he feels bad. Tina asks Shalin to go and comfort Sumbul.

9:15 PM: Nimrit read a task hunk blockbuster task. Girls of the house have to impress men.

Task starts. Shiv and Abdu decide to make Nimrit win.

9:45 PM: Nimrit, Tina, Priyanka, and Archana tries to impress men.

Nimrit wins the task

10:00 PM: Tina gets upset as Shalin didn’t support her in the task. She breaks down in front of Nimrit.

Abdu tells Shalin that Tina is upset. Shalin tries calm to Tina. Tina refuses to talk with Shalin.

Shalin says to Gautam that he has a reason to do whatever he has done.

Gautam and Nimrit talk with each other to clear their misunderstanding. He tells Nimrit that Gautam and co are not loyal.

Later, both Gautam and Nimrit patch up.

12:30 AM: Abdu tells Sajid, Stan, Gori and Shiv that Bigg Boss is smart and then he explains the reason.

1:00 AM: Archana asks Shalin if he likes Soundarya but Shalin refuses. They bet on who will get evicted this week. Shalin takes Gori and Gautam’s names. Archana votes for Tina and Nimrit.

Episode Ends!

How to Vote Bigg Boss 16 Contestants, Voting Lines, Voot – MyJio App:

As we know that the viewers of Bigg Boss 16 have the power to vote and save their favourite contestants from elimination.

These public votes will help the contestants to become the winner of Bigg Boss 2022.

All the fans can vote thru or Voot App and MyJio App voting methods to save their favourite contestants.

Check out below for the entire voting process and voting line timings.

Bigg Boss 16 Vote With Voot:

If you are looking at how to vote using Voot App / Voot website voting method, then you can follow below steps:

Step 1: Download and Upgrade the Voot App from the Google Playstore / iTunes. Or you can also open in your browser.

Step 2: Open and log in with your Voot account detail.

Step 3: Find Bigg Boss 16 in the search bar and now click on the Vote Now button.

Step 4: Click on your favourite contestant for whom you want to vote.

Step 5: After your selection, click on the SUBMIT button.

Step 6: You have successfully submitted your vote.

Bigg Boss 16 Vote With MyJio App:

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Step 5: After your selection, click on the SUBMIT button.

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