Bigg Boss 16 - 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Nimrit-Soundarya made to apologise to the Nation; Abdu gets nominated


Bigg Boss 16 - 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Nimrit-Soundarya made to apologise to the Nation; Abdu gets nominated


At the start of the episode, Day 24 at 8:00 AM: All the inmates wake up and sing the Bigg Boss anthem in chorus.

9:45 AM: Shalin says to Tina that Soundarya is an actor. Tina says even Gautam is equally at fault. Shalin says Gautam and Soundarya’s love angle is not working.

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Then Soundarya complains to Nimrit about Archana claiming that even she felt long back that Gautam was interested in her.

11:30 AM: Priyanka argues with Ankit over a coffee mug.

Ankit tries to cheer Priyanka, but Priyanka complains that he has stopped understanding her.

1:30 PM: Abdu, Sajid, Nimrit and Shiv enjoy together.

2:00 PM: Soundarya talks with Gautam. Bigg Boss asks Soundarya to speak in English. Archana asks Soundarya to speak in Hindi so that the world can understand their love.

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Bigg Boss asks everyone to gather in a living room.

Archana asks Soundrya to fulfil her dream by making her eat grapes in the captain's room before Bigg Boss fires her.

Tina says instead of Soundarya some boy should fulfil Archana’s dream. Archana laughs.

Bigg Boss talks about Nimrit and Soundarya for speaking in English and asks them to apologise to the Nation.

Bigg Boss asks Nimrit and Soundarya to apologize to the Nation and give them an apology to read it aloud until his next announcement.

Nimrit and Soundarya take the punishment.

Bigg Boss gets upset with Soundarya for doing make-up first instead of completing her punishment.

Bigg Boss asks Nimrit and Soundarya to read the apology fast, while Abdu and Sajid laugh.

Nimrit and Soundarya apologize to Bigg Boss as well.

3:30 PM: Stan asks fans to support him. Abdu asks Bigg Boss to forgive Nimrit and Soundarya. Sumbul says if he is feeling so bad then he can join them.

Shalin asks Gautam to beware of Sajid, Shiv, Abdu and Stan. Gautam understands Shalin.

Sajid asks Abdu how Guatam and Shalin became friends again.

Bigg Boss forgives Nimrit and Soundarya for speaking in English. Nimrit and Soundarya decide to speak in Hindi only.

Archana asks Soundarya and Gautam to speak in Hindi to make the audience understand their love

5:00 PM: Bigg Boss explains the Nomination task. He says two pairs will discuss and nominate one person from the other pair.

Bigg Boss asks Archana to directly nominate one contender as she is the captain and Archana nominates Gori.

The task starts with Tina and Nimrit.

5:15 PM: Tina and Nimrit are asked to nominate one among Shalin and Gautam. Shalin and Gautam try to prove themselves more worthy.

Sajid predict Nimrit and Tina will nominate Gautam. He says Shalin has a convincing power.

Nimrit decides to nominate Shalin. Tina goes against Nimrit. Bigg Boss asks Nimrit and Tina to decide fast. Tina and Nimrit nominate Gautam after the discussion.

5:45 PM: Tina and Nimrit ask Shalin to be loyal to them in the game ahead. Archana says to Shiv that the game is on.

Gautam decides to support Soudnarya. Archana says Gautam and Soundarya are having each other’s backs. He says Nimrit is strong in herself.

6:00 PM: Bigg Boss calls Tina and Shalin. He asks Tina if she regrets her decision. Tina says she is feeling bad for nominating Gautam.

Bigg Boss exposes Nimrit and says she wasn’t ready to nominate herself for Shalin or Gautam and asks Tina to think over it.

Shalin asks Tina what he feels about Gautam. Tina says Gautam will go to any extent for the game.

Gautam tells Soundarya that Tina gave the reason that KaranJohar called him fake thus she nominated him.

6:15 PM: Sajid and Abdu both enjoy in the activity area.

Bigg Boss asks Ankit and Nimrit to come to the activity area. Sajid and Abdu are asked to nominate 1 among Nimrit and Ankit. Nimrit and Ankit try to prove their worth.

Sajid and Abdu nominate Nimrit. Ankit gets happy. Sajid asks Abdu not to worry as Nimrit isn’t going anywhere.

6:30 PM: Abdu talks with Stan and Sajid. He says Sajid nominated Nimrit. Gori says Sajid is telling everyone that Abdu nominated Nimrit.

7:00 PM: Priyanka and Shiv are asked to choose the nomination amid Soundarya and Stan. Soundarya and Stan try to prove their worth.

Priyanka and Shiv argue over the nomination and both nominate Soundarya.

Soundarya says that Shiv played unfairly.

7:30 PM: Bigg Boss talks with Priyanka and Shiv. He says Priyanka is right that Shiv took the decision on a personal basis.

Bigg Boss asks Priyanka if she has to choose between Nimrit and Ankit, what she would have done. Priyanka says she would have saved Ankit.

7:45 PM: Tina and Gautam argue post latter claim she took an unfair decision.

Tina says to Gautam that she was ready to nominate herself but Nimrit wasn’t.

8:00 PM: Soundarya and Shalin are asked to nominate one amid Shiv and Sumbul. Shalin decides to nominate Sumbul.

Soundrya supports Sumbul, while Shalin and Soundarya also decide to save Sumbul over Shiv.

Sumbul and Gautam nominate Abdu.

8:45 PM: Sumbul asks Abdu if he is angry with her. Abdu says he is fine.

Bigg Boss asks Sumbul if she regrets her decision. Sumbul apologizes to Bigg Boss.

9:00 PM: Ankit and Stan are asked to nominate one between Tina and Sajid.

Ankit and Stan nominate Tina.

9:15 PM: Abdu gets upset about his nomination. Tina and Shalin boost Abdu’s morale.

Abdu talks with Sajid. He says Priyanka made a statement that he isn’t playing on his own.

9:30 PM: Sajid, Shiv and Abdu feel bad about Abdu.

9:45 PM: Abdu talks with Shiv. He says he will not spare Priyanka. Shiv, Stan cheers Abdu. Shiv and Gori get emotional. Abdu asks Gori and Shiv not to cry.

Shalin asks Sumbul to give him 5 mins and talk with him. Sumbul refuses to talk.

10:15 PM: Abdu complains to Stan, Sajid and Shiv that Priyanka wasn’t allowing Ankit to cook chapatti.

Stan says Abdu will show his game. Sajid tries to make Abdu not change his lovable personality for the game.

Shalin asks Tina and Gautam to move on and reconcile.

11:15 PM: Abdu gets angry with Sajid for supporting Ankit and Priyanka. Stan feels for Abdu.

Abdu goes against Sajid. Sajid asks Abdu to calm. Sajid gets angry on Sumbul, Ankit and Priyanka.

Episode Ends!

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