Bigg Boss 16 - 24th October 2022 Written Update: Abdu’s first Diwali in India


Bigg Boss 16 - 24th October 2022 Written Update: Abdu’s first Diwali in India


At the start of today's episode, Shekhar Sumar said he wants to know what impact inmates had post-Karan Johar left.

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He meets them and reads the poetry. Inmates enjoy and wish Shekhar a happy Diwali. Shekhar wishes them back.

Shekhar talks about Diwali in the Bigg Boss house. He says Diwali is celebrated differently in the Bigg Boss house. Inmates agree with Shekhar.

Shekhar comments on inmates based on their so far performance. He likes Abdu and Sajid’s friendship. Shekhar teases Tina and Shalin. He asks them not to hide their love.

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Shekhar calls Archana powerful. He makes fun of Gori and Archana’s fight. Inmates enjoy.

Shekhar next comments on Stan getting happy post cleaning the washroom. He jokes about Stan’s hair. Shekhar says Sumbul’s tear has filled the pool.

He then comments on Sumbul crying more than enough. Shekhar says Bigg Boss' eyes have swollen up seeing her tear, while Sumbul laughs.

Shekhar comments on Archana’s captaincy. He also imitates Archana’s voice.

Shekhar talks about Bigg Boss gossip talks. He also highlights the house turning into a lovers' point.

The host further performs a task with inmates. He asks contenders to give a deserving Diwali gift to the other.

The task starts with Gori. Shekhar asks Gori to give the tongue cleaner to whom she feels and Gori gives it to Archana.

Gautam gives a dustbin to Priyanka, while Priyanka gifts a mirror to Shiv.

Then Shiv gifts a mask to Shalin and says he is fake so far. He claims Shalin can go to any extent for the game. While Shekhar gifts a megaphone to Ankit.

Archana is asked to give brinjal to the deserving contender. Archana gives brinjal to Manya.

Shekhar wishes good luck and bids adieu to the contenders.

Karan Johar re-enters the stage and decides to spice up the Diwali.

Karan talks about eviction and asks the nominated contenders to raise their hands. Sumbul, Shalin and Manya raise their hand.

Then Karan creates the suspense and says Manya is evicted. Gori cries for Manya.

Shalin and Sumbul hug each other. Manya gets happy thinking she will celebrate Diwali with her parent and inmates bid adieu to Manya.

Karan asks Abdu why he is silent today and then Abdu talks with Karan.

Karan performs the phuski bomb task with Tina and Nimrit. He asks inmates to choose who amid Nimrit and Tina are phuski bombs.

Task started with Priyanka and Priyanka calls Nimrit phuski.

Ankit Gupta, Sumbul, Archana, Shalin gives phuski bomb tag to Nimrit.

Gautam, Abdu, Sajid, Stan, Gori and Shiv gives the phuski bomb tag to Tina.

Nimrit wins the task against Tina, while Tina decides to buck up her game.

Abdu gives the crown to Nimrit. Karan asks Abdu why the house is decorated and Adbu replies for Diwali.

Karan then shows the fans a clip of Abdu as they shower their love on Abdu. Fans wish Happy Diwali to Abdu.

Karan decides to make Abdu’s first Diwali in India special. Sajid explains to Abdu.

Abdu gets a gift from his family. Abdu gets a chair and table as a gift.

Karan asks inmates to entertain Abdu and impress him. Sumbul dances to impress Abdu.

Karan and Abdu like Sumbul’s dance. Shalin dance shirtless to impress Abdu, while Abdu likes Shalin’s performance too.

Priyanka and Archana perform a duet dance for Abdu. Next, Gori dances.

Lastly, Shiv and Abdu dance together. Karan gifts to inmates sent by their families and inmates get teary seeing the gift.

Karan wishes Happy Diwali to inmates and bids adieu.

Bigg Boss gift special Tajikistan food for Abdu. He asks to share with inmates and inmates get happy, while Abdu thanks Bigg Boss.

Then Soundarya talks with Gautam. She asks him not to get bothered by others.

Gautam says he respects other girls but Soundarya complained to Gautam for not walking to her post the accusation, while Sajid joins the talk.

Archana, Priyanka and Ankit discuss and they say everyone is trying to make a pair to go ahead in the game.

Archana decides to lecture Gautam, while Soundarya discusses with Shalin, Tina and Gautam.

Soundarya confronts Shalin and says his behaviour towards her was disrespectful. Shalin and Soundarya argue with each other.

Archana talks with Nimrit and says she doesn’t understand her own game.

Priyanka talks about the MY Glam contest. Priyanka is leading the challenge and she gets happy.

Archana talks with Soundarya and Gautam. She tells Gautam that he doesn’t love Soundarya. Gautam asks Archana to prove it and then both get into an argument with each other.

Then Soundarya complains to Gautam that he was hugging Manya. She says he didn’t walk up to her post Manya’s accusation came to light.

In the end, both Soundarya and Gautam argue with each other.

Episode Ends!

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