Bigg Boss 16 - 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Gautam and Soundarya’s fake relationship is exposed


Bigg Boss 16 - 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Gautam and Soundarya’s fake relationship is exposed


At the start of today's episode, Karan Johar enters the house. He meets with inmates and performs a task. He asks contenders to choose which contender needs cleaning of the heart. Task started with Sajid.

Sajid voted against Ankit. He says Ankit needs to realise his love for Priyanka. While Abdu votes for Archana and says Archana keeps speaking all day long.

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Stan votes for Priyanka. Priyanka says most will vote for her only. Stan says Priyanka is dishonest.

Shiv votes for Shalin for flipping every now and then, and Gori votes for Priyanka for jumping into the others' conversation.

Manya vote for Soundarya and says she is fake. While Archana votes for Gori for falsely accusing her.

Soundarya votes for Manya for trying to become over-smart. Gautam calls Shalin and asks Shalin to clear his thoughts.

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Nimrit calls Priyanka for jumping into others' conversations.

Karan says 5 contenders voted for Priyanka after Tina called her.

Priyanka votes for Shiv. She asks Shiv to give the right direction to his group mates. Ankit voted for Gori for using the wrong gestures.

Sumbul voted for Shalin. Karan teases Sumbul. He asks Sumbul to tell the reason. Sumbul says she wanted to tease Shalin. Karan asks Sumbul to take the task seriously

Sumbul vote for Manya next.

Shalin says Gautam needs to know whom to trust and whom not. He votes for Gautam.

Karan likes the task performed by the inmates. Then Karan takes a break and asks inmates to enjoy themselves in the meantime.

Soundarya talks with Archana and says Manya is jealous of her. She adds Manya thinks she is beautiful.

Shiv talks with Stan and Manya. He says Shalin will flip. Shalin joins the talk with Shiv. Shiv gets angry for flipping.

Both argue with each other. Shiv says he will teach a lesson to Shalin too. Shalin accepts Shiv’s challenge.

Tina suggests that Nimrit not be like Gori, Archana and Priyanka to buck up her game.

Ankit asks Sumbul to tell how it all started with Tina and Shalin. Sumbul says she doesn’t want to be a third person in anyone’s life.

Priyanka complained to Ankit that every weekend it was highlighted the love is from one side. Ankit cheers up Priyanka.

Shiv, Stan and Gori say the Jodi of the house is getting more light. Stan asks Bigg Boss to send his girlfriend a t-shirt for him. Gori teased Stan.

Nimrit, Tina and Shalin discuss Soundarya and Gautam.

Tina flirts with Shalin in front of Sumbul but Sumbul is unaffected. While Abdu writes I love ‘t’ on Shalin’s cup.

Nimrit confronts Gautam. She asks Gautam why Soundarya is becoming the spokesperson.

Nimrit says Soundarya reacted when they were chilling at the night. She complained to Gautam about not being there because of Soundarya.

Nimrit says none is keeping her on priority. She says Tina has Shalin, and Soundarya has Gautam. Nimrit feels left too. Gautam asks Nimrit to trust him. Nimrit asks Gautam to prove his loyalty. Both argue with each other.

Gautam asks Soundarya why she is upset. Soundarya asks Gautam to carry himself with his other friends too. Soundarya and Gautam argue with each other

Afterwards, Gautam explain to Soundarya that he is not able to manage time with Nimrit thus she reacted. He adds both Soundarya and Nimrit are not wrong. And it’s just he who is not able to sit with Nimrit at right time.

Sajid makes Abdu understand that apart from him other contenders treat him like a kid. Abdu says he knows it well.

Soundarya shares with Gautam that Shalin is again trying to get her on his team.

Gautam says Shalin think he is a leader. He adds Shalin is getting on his nerve and he will definitely vent out at him one day

Soundarya and Gautam discuss Shalin. Both argue with each other. Soundarya asks Gautam not to react. Both go inside the bathroom.

Karan Johar welcomes inmates again. He asks inmates to tell the relationship status between Gautam and Soundarya.

Shiv, Tina and Archana say it is one-sided love. They also say Gautam and Soundarya share a hate-and-love relationship.

Karan asks Nimrit to comment on Soundarya and Gautam’s relationship. Nimrit says Soundarya is yet to accept Gautam.

Karan asks Gautam and Soudarya to tell if their relationship is real or fake. Soundarya says their friendship is in process. Gautam says from his side, feelings are pure.

Karan further shows Manya’s clip where she claimed Soundarya is with Gautam for the game because she knows her from the outside.

Soundarya sees the clip and questions Manya’s mentality. She gets angry at Manya for commenting on her.

Karan tells inmates that Soundarya claimed Shalin touched her inappropriately.

Karan concludes that Soundarya and Gautam’s relationship is fake. He says Gautam is trying to set up a love story for the game.

Karan asks Gautam to stop his strategy as none is liking his love angle.

Karan exposes Gautam and says he said about Soundarya that the girl is free-spirited and he is not fine with it.

Gautam refuses to believe Karan. Karan says it is on record. Gautam explains his side story. Karan calls Gautam a misogynist.

Shalin confronts Soundarya about her accusation. Karan asks Shalin to respect the host.

Karan asks Shalin not to get bothered about the accusation as if this would have been right then Bigg Boss would have corrected him.

Karan says Gautam think he is running the house but this isn’t right. He further says Nimrit is losing herself under Gautam’s shadow.

Karan asks Nimrit to buck up her game. He further says to Sajid that he is getting a little less entertaining under Ankit’s shadow.

Karan says Priyanka and Archana’s Jodi is hit. Priyanka and Archana get happy.

Manya vent out at Soundarya. Both argue with each other. Soundarya asks Manya a loser.

Nimrit calms Gautam. Archana advises Gautam to skip friendship and relationships and focus on his game. She advised Soundarya the same.

Shalin calmed Gautam. He asks Gautam to come out from a love angle and focus on the game.

Archana says to Soudnarya that Gautam doesn’t love her. She claims Gautam is using her for the game.

Karan performs a task with inmates. He asks contenders to vote for the one who they feel needs a brain light up. Task started with Manya and ended with Nimrit.

Priyanka gets the maximum vote.

Karan talks about eviction, while the inmates sit shocked.

Episode Ends!

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