Bigg Boss 16 - 21st October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss removes Shiv from the captaincy


Bigg Boss 16 - 21st October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss removes Shiv from the captaincy


At the start of today’s episode on Day 19 at 1:15 AM: Priyanka, Gautam, Nimrit and Tina decide to trouble Shiv.

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Priyanka asks Shiv to clean the dishes but Shiv ignores her.

1:30 AM: Gautam, Ankit, Soundarya and Tina sit together. Archana walks out of the room and sleeps on the sofa.

Then Tina asks Gautam to call Archana but Gautam ignores the request. Shalin too ask Gautam to go. Gautam asks Archana to go and sleep on her bed but Archana refuses.

Gautam tells Shiv that he wants to change his roommate. Shiv and Nimrit laugh. Nimrit decides to trouble Archana. While Archana regrets sharing the room with Gautam.

Nimrit, Shiv, Gautam and Tina chill together. Priyanka’s sleep gets disturbed so she asks the group not to disturb others' sleep.

Gautam, Gori, and Stan join in and Priyanka gets angry about disturbing her sleep and then she decides to not let anyone sleep.

At this Manya and Priyanka argue with each other, while Ankit interrupts Priyanka and Manya’s fight.

2:30 AM: Archana asks Priyanka to ask lighter from Gautam. Priyanka gets the lighter. Archana breaks the lighter. Priyanka, Soundarya and Ankit laugh.

Priyanka accuses Shiv of being captain and getting involved in activities after blinding out, and then she wakes up Sajid.

Stan claims Priyanka is unnecessary making an issue. Ankit defends Priyanka, while Shiv calls Priyanka diplomatic.

Gautam, Gori, Soundarya and Nimrit say Priyanka is stretching the matter.

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2:45 AM: Sajid, Stan and Shiv say Priyanka’s voice is loud. Shiv says Priyanka lost the captainship thus she is venting.

Archana, and Priyanka plot to not let anyone sleep.

Gautam, Stan, and Gori ask Shiv to give 4 duties to Priyanka.

3:45 AM: Nimrit, Gautam, Gori, and Stan plan not to react if Priyanka and Archana don’t let them sleep.

Then Archana decides to bang the plate on Nimrit, Gori, Stan and Gautam’s ear. So Shiv decides to teach a lesson to both Archana and Priyanka.

Then Priyanka joins Archana.

Shalin asks Archana not to disturb their sleep now and convinces Archana to stop banging the plate.

Day 20 at 8:00 AM: All the inmates wake up and sing the Bigg Boss anthem in chorus.

8:30 AM: Archana and Ankit decide to sleep. Nimrit asks Gori and Gautam not to bring up last night's topic as she can’t bear Archana’s voice.

Stan tells Shiv that Archana is sleeping deliberately.

9:30 AM: Archana is seen sleeping, while Buzzer rings for Archana. Shiv asks Archana to wake up, but Archana gets adamant to sleep.

So Shiv decides to pour water on Archana’s face. Archana gets angry at Shiv for pouring water. Shiv gives the last warning to Archana, but Archana gets adamant to sleep.

Shiv warns Priyanka and asks her not to sleep and Priyanka assures Shiv.

Shiv complains to Bigg Boss that Archana is not waking up despite the warning. Archana asks Shiv to stop Gautam and others to not laugh after blinds out.

10:15 AM: Buzzer ring for Ankit.

11:00 AM: Ankit asks Gautam for a lighter. Gautam decides to help Ankit. Stan and Tina get offended by Gautam for helping lighter.

Manya talk with Stan and Gori. She says Shiv didn’t give any duty to Sumbul.

Gori asks Shiv to change Archana’s duty as she will not eat if Archana will eat.

12:15 PM: Buzzer ring for Priyanka. Stan asks Shiv not to fear Priyanka else he will sleep too.

1:00 PM: Stan and Gori sleep. Shiv asks Stan and Gori not to sleep and asks Gori and Stan to support him, but both Stan and Gori go against Shiv.

At this, both Shiv and Stan argue with each other.

1:30 PM: Shiv asks Priyanka when she will cook lunch. Priyanka says she will cook whenever she will like to.

Priyanka and Shiv fight over kitchen duty.

Stan and Gori think about why Shiv is calm towards Priyanka and Archana.

2:00 PM: Nimrit talks with Tina and Shalin. She says she wants to bang Archana and Priyanka’s heads.

Tina says she is upset with Gautam.

2:30 PM: Shiv talks with Sajid and Stan. He says Gori was complaining about being soft with Priyanka and Archana. Sajid says Gori has fewer brains.

Abdu steals dark fantasy from Manya’s gift and shares it with Stan.

4:15 PM: Bigg Boss lectures inmates about breaking the discipline of the house. He gives Shiv an opportunity to punish inmates if he feels any contender is breaking the house rule.

Then Bigg Boss asks Shiv to take the action, so Shiv locks Priyanka inside the box.

Shiv sends Archana to jail for destroying Bigg Boss' property.

Ankit decides to support Priyanka in her punishment. Shiv locks Archana in jail.

4:45 PM: Soundarya confronts Gautam about changing his side and breaking his friendship with Priyanka and Ankit.

Bigg Boss interrupts Soundarya for speaking in English. Shiv decides to punish Soundarya too and sends Soundarya to jail.

5:00 PM: Sajid talks with Abdu and says when any member from another team will become captain they will take revenge.

Priyanka asks Shiv to send her to jail as she is getting breathing problems.

Soundarya and Archana talk with each other. Gautam, Nimrit, and Stan say Archana and Soundarya are chilling in the jail.

Shiv sends Soundarya and Archana to the box and Priyanka to jail.

7:00 PM: Bigg Boss gets angry with Archana for enjoying her punishment. He says Shiv wants to be in everyone’s good book. Bigg Boss removes Shiv from captaincy.

Archana becomes the new captain of the house. Bigg Boss says he wants to see Archana’s captaincy, while Priyanka and Archana get happy.

Bigg Boss asks Archana not to get over-excited. The opposite team decide to trouble Archana’s captaincy.

7:30 PM: Ankit asks Priyanka to let Archana handle her captaincy.

Housemates are against Archana, while Ankit and Priyanka say Manya is uncultured.

Nimrit, Stan, Ankit, Shalin, Gori, and Sajid plot against Archana.

8:30 PM: Archana asks inmates to perform their duty as she was honestly doing others' duty.

8:45 PM: Archana claims Gori is stealing chocolates from her room.

11:00 PM: Archana asks Manya to clean the dishes. Manya refuses to perform duty. Archana and Manya argue with each other.

1:15 AM: Nimrit, Shiv, Tina, Gori, Manya, and Stan disturb others' sleep.

Archana asks Gautam and the group when they will sing and enjoy.

1:30 AM: Archana asks Nimrit, Shiv, Tina and Gautam to respect Bigg Boss at least. She says others will get a chance to become captains too.

Tina asks Archana to share the chocolates if she wants them to go and sleep. Archana refuses to share the chocolates.

At this Tina says then they will do a strike, so Archana asks Tina to go ahead.

Episode Ends!

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