Bigg Boss 16 - 20th October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss warns both Tina and Shalin


Bigg Boss 16 - 20th October 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss warns both Tina and Shalin


At the start of today’s episode on Day 18 at 6:30 PM: Tina gets emotional, so Soundarya boosts Tina’s morale and asks Tina not to let circumstances affect her.

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On the other side, Shalin tells Shiv and Gori that Tina is crying to gain sympathy. He says Tina came to talk with him but he asked her to stay away and don’t play with his heart.

Then Sumbul joins Shalin, Shiv and Gori. Shalin says he never saw a girl like Tina. He says one day he will blast Tina badly.

Meanwhile, Tina and Nimrit say they are strong among the others.

Later, Shalin gets happy seeing the ration. He asks Stan whatever he wants to eat he can.

8:15 PM: Sajid feed medicine to Abdu.

Bigg Boss tells Tina that her pet is critical.

Shalin asks Tina why she is crying. Tina shares with Shalin that her pet is too sick, hearing this Shalin comforted Tina. Tina asks Shalin not to share with anyone including Sumbul.

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Tina and Shalin talk with each other and they rebuild their bond.

Sumbul share with Stan that she is feeling insulted. Stan asks Sumbul not to feel bad.

11:30 PM: Shalin hugs Tina, while Abdu sees Shalin and Tina together. Tina says to Abdu that Shalin is just a friend.

11:45 PM: Bigg Boss calls Tina and Shalin to the confession room.

Bigg Boss asks Tina and Shalin why they are scared after visiting the confession room. He asks Tina and Shalin how they patch up so suddenly.

Tina tells Bigg Boss that Shalin keeps fighting. She further says that she urged Bigg Boss to help her in clearing the misunderstanding with Shalin.

Bigg Boss schools Tina as to why she disclosed to Shalin about her pet. Tina apologizes to Bigg Boss for disclosing her pet's health with Shalin.

Then Shalin also apologizes to Bigg Boss for his deeds. Bigg Boss asks him to wait for Saturday.

1:30 AM: Shiv, Sajid and Stan talk with each other. Shiv says Shalin is flipping every day and both Sajid and Stan agree with Shiv.

3:30 AM: Gautam and Soundarya talk with each other. Archana asks Gautam and Soundarya to go outside and talk as they are disturbing her sleep. So both Gautam and Soundarya walk out of the room.

Day 19: 8:00 AM: The inmates wake up and sing Bigg Boss Anthem in chorus.

9:00 AM: Sumbul talks with Gautam, while Gautam asks Sumbul to pour her heart if she wants.

On the other side, Priyanka tells Ankit that Sajid is after him and Ankit agrees.

Then Priyanka says that Shiv and Sajid are trying to play by separating them. She plans with Archana and Ankit to turn Shiv’s game.

Archana says Shiv and Stan will destroy Abdu’s game. She says Abdu needs to change his team

Later, Shalin goes to Shiv, Gori and Stan. He says Tina needs him thus he is supporting her for time being.

Shalin further says that whenever the time will come he will pay back them surely. Then Shiv hugs Shalin.

Tina and Nimrit say that Shiv is throwing attitude after becoming captain.

12:45 PM: Soundarya talks with Nimrit. She says within a few days she decoded Shalin’s double standard and distances herself from him.

2:00 PM: Nimrit says to Abdu that he makes her feel beautiful. Gautam grooms Stan’s area.

Abdu likes Nimrit’s dress.

3:00 PM: Bigg Boss addresses inmates in the living room. He highlights all contenders are feeling lazy. Bigg Boss says inmates are too boring. He gives gossip tasks to inmates.

Bigg Boss asks housemates to give him good gossip. Archana says Bigg Boss is excited. Bigg Boss asks inmates not to discuss the gossip among themselves.

3:15 PM: inmates prepare their gossip.

3:30 PM: Archana likes the food cooked by Manya.

The task starts and Manya goes to the confession room. Bigg Boss asks Manya to share her gossip. Manya says Sumbul has an emotion for Shalin. She adds there is a love triangle between Shalin, Tina and Sumbul.

Manya also told to Bigg Boss that Soundarya has given hint to both Shalin and Gautam that she is involved with both.

Manya adds that Soundarya is with the guy who has power. She says she knows Soundarya for 20 years and she is not behaving real.

Bigg Boss likes Manya’s gossip.

3:45 PM: Sumbul goes to the confession room to share the gossip. Bigg Boss asks Sumbul to share juicy gossip. Sumbul says inmates are bitching about Shiv.

Bigg Boss says to Sumbul that Manya’s gossip was much better.

4:00 PM: Archana become the third contender to share the gossip with Bigg Boss.

Archana shares with Bigg Boss that Gautam and Soundarya share the same quilt. She says Gautam applies balm on Soundarya’s back. Archana laughs.

Archana says Gautam and Soundarya are claiming to be just friends.

Archana asks Bigg Boss to send her a grater as she wants to cook.

4:15 PM: Shiv asks inmates to keep their stuff properly. Bigg Boss discloses that two contenders gossiped about Soundarya.

Soundarya says Manya is insecure with her.

4:30 PM: Sajid and Abdu share gossip with Bigg Boss.

Sajid says the girls of the house are trying to get footage from Abdu.

4:45 PM: Manya worry about getting evicted. Sajid cheers up Manya.

5:00 PM: Nimrit shares the gossip with Bigg Boss. She gossips about Soundarya and Shalin. Nimrit says she is still trying to figure out what went wrong between Shalin and Soundarya. Bigg Boss dislikes Nimrit’s gossip.

5:15 PM: Archana and Shiv argue over keeping the kitchen clean.

5:30 PM: Shiv asks Archana to clean the dishes. Archana gets offended. Bigg Boss send a grater for Archana. Archana gets happy.

5:45 PM: Archana complained to Gautam and Soundarya about Shiv. She says Shiv is arguing over cleaning dishes. Shiv says he will change Archana’s duty. Archana decides to not perform any duty.

Shiv and Archana argue with each other.

6:00 PM: Gori gossip about Shalin and Tina. She says Shalin and Tina are in love. Gori says Priyankit also love each other.

6:15 PM: Soundarya gossip about Shalin. She says Shalin was trying to cover the kissing incident by portraying her bad.

Shiv talks with Shalin and Stan. He says he will break Archana’s attitude. Shiv says Archana is playing the woman card.

Gautam tell to Bigg Boss that Tina and Shalin love each other. He says Gori is trying to copy Archana for the game.

6:30 PM: Shiv says Tina will backstab Shalin surely.

Shalin tell to Bigg Boss that Tina is falling for him.

Stan tells Bigg Boss that Tina will backstab Shalin.

Gautam, Archana and Priyanka enjoy it.

7:00 PM: Bigg Boss tells inmates that the gossip session was good. Manya and Archana win the task.

7:30 PM: Shalin asks Sumbul if she wants to share anything. Sumbul decides not to talk about it.

Later, Archana, Tina and Nimrit discuss Shiv. Tina says Shiv is not a mastermind but he is doing dirty politics.

Gautam and Soundarya end by giving a warm kiss to each other.

Episode Ends!

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