Bigg Boss 16 - 19th October 2022 Written Update: Gautam and Shalin are at loggerheads


Bigg Boss 16 - 19th October 2022 Written Update: Gautam and Shalin are at loggerheads


At the start of today’s episode on Day 17 at 9:00 PM, Priyanka tells Sajid that none from his team is playing and simply playing Shiv. She claims Shiv, Stan, and Gori are doing the same

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Sajid says what's wrong if they are following Shiv. Priyanka says Sajid will not win a trophy like that. Sajid says he isn’t here for the trophy.

Priyanka asks Sajid why he separated Ankit and her. Shiv joins the discussion and says she throws a wrong attitude.

9:15 PM: Priyanka tells Ankit that she is emotionally attached to her. Ankit says he is equally emotional for her.

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Then Priyanka claims she always takes a stand for him but he never reciprocates, and then both discuss the past. Priyanka asks Ankit not to dig out the past and Ankit goes silent.

Tina says to Nimrit that she doesn’t understand anyone in the house except her.

9:30 PM: Bigg Boss asks Manya and Sumbul to take out their mask and he announces the nomination.

He says Manya, Sumbul and Shalin are the nominated contender for the house. Sumbul says to Shalin that they both aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Shiv and Gori ask Manya not to worry as she isn’t going anytime soon but Manya worries

9:45 PM: Shiv says Shalin isn’t included in their team. He asks Abdu to keep private talk between Gori, Stan, Sajid and him and Abdu agrees.

Priyanka talks with Archana and says Abdu’s mind is being played by Shiv and others.

Tina and Nimrit decide not to trust Shalin

11:45 PM: Tina confronts Stan about the group. She claims they highlighted groupisum and now they themselves are the following group.

At this Stan defends, while Tina tells Stan that Shalin wasn’t loyal to them and asks Stan to be careful.

Stan discloses Shalin about Tina’s accusation. Sumbul joins Shalin and Stan’s talk.

Shalin gets stunned learning Tina was bitching about him before the task. Sumbul says she tried to alert Shalin about Tina but he ignored her.

Stan says Tina stunned him by bitching about Shalin. He thinks if Tina can bitch about Shalin then she can flip anyone.

Shalin says everyone in the house is fake. Sumbul says she is different.

1:00 AM: Soundarya talks with Tina and says Stan’s decision stunned her and Tina agrees.

Shalin feels betrayed by Tina, on the other side Sumbul consoles Shalin

Abdu wishes you a good night on camera.

Day 18: 8:00 AM: Buzzer rings and inmates sing the Bigg Boss anthem.

10:00 AM: Abdu says to Tina that he missed her and they both hug each other. Then Abdu hugs Nimrit too. Priyanka, Gautam, and Nimrit talk and says Abdu is getting manipulated.

Sajid asks Abdu why he said things flipped when Nimrit confronted her about the room, while Abdu remains silent.

11:00 AM: Abdu sings. At this Gautam says to Tina and Nimrit that Abdu should stop singing.

11:15 AM: Sumbul sits with Tina, Gautam, and Nimrit. Tina asks Sumbul why she is spending so much time in their room. Gautam, Tina pulls Sumbul’s leg, while Ankit also joins them.

11:30 AM: Sumbul tells Shalin that Gautam, Tina was taunting her a lot.

Shalin tells Sumbul that Tina and the group can’t target him thus taunting Sumbul. Shalin confronts Gautam about taunting Sumbul and then both Gautam and Shalin are at loggerheads.

Shalin claims that Gautam is targeting a kid, while Gautam asks Shalin who is the kid and then both argue. Sumbul asks Gautam and Shalin to not argue because of her.

Shalin and Gautam argue with each other, while Sumbul asks Shalin to stop fighting.

Tina takes Gautam, but Gautam asks Shalin not to become Sumbul’s father.

Shalin claims Gautam roams around the girl. Hearing this Gautam claims Shalin flips. Then again a heated argument happens between Gautam and Shalin.

Sumbul asks Shalin and Gautam not to fight because of her.

11:45 PM: Tina, Nimrit and Soundarya get angry with Shalin. Gautam says Shalin don’t deserve their attention, and Shalin also gets angry with Gautam.

Then Gautam asks Shalin not to play under the current. Shalin and Gautam argue with each other.

Later Shiv takes Shalin with him and Shalin breaks down.

We see Sajid getting angry at Sumbul for initiating the fight.

Tina claims she never bitched about Shalin. Shalin talks with Stan and says Tina is trying to be nice now.

Sumbul talks with Tina and says the joke should be cracked to a limit.

Archana, Tina urges Bigg Boss to send ration. Bigg Boss says to Tina that her voice seems different.

While Bigg Boss asks Archana and Tina to wait.

Then Gori also asks for flour and other ration.

3:30 PM: Bigg Boss asks Gautam to read the ration task ‘Aap Kataar Mei Hain’. Sajid and Abdu become shopkeepers and the inmates can earn the ration by facing a challenge.

Then Sajid becomes the dictator of the task.

3:45 PM: The task starts, Sajid and Abdu take over the shop. Buzzer rings; Archana and Stan argue over taking a place in the line.

Shalin, Gautam and Soundarya become the first three contenders to fetch the ration.

Stan refuses to play post his argument with Archana and urges Bigg Boss to get him out.

Soundarya console Stan and says he is strong but Stan replies that he isn’t strong.

4:30 PM: Shalin, Sumbul and Gautam become the second set of customers to fetch the ration.

4:45 PM: Ankit, Gautam, and Soundarya become the third set of customers to fetch the ration.

Sumbul claim she was the first contender to cross the red line but was pushed. Then Shiv takes the decision.

Shalin and Tina argue with each other after Shalin claims that Tina is playing with him.

5:00 PM: Shalin asks Tina to believe Stan and stay away from him.

Gautam alerts Soundarya about Tina. While Priyanka and Soundarya are happy after getting the coffee.

The task ends and the Bigg Boss says the shop is closed, and the remaining items belong to Sajid, Shiv and Abdu.

Episode Ends!

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