Banni Chow Home Delivery | BCHD 26th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan is starting to fall for Banni and Bunty both


Banni Chow Home Delivery 26th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan is starting to fall for Banni and Bunty both


At the start of today's episode, we see Tulika taking a lady in the auto who got abused by her husband. Yuvan sees an identity card in his hand.

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Yuvan then sees Tulika leaving in an auto then he runs behind the auto calling Bunty’s name. Banni from the back sees Yuvan and realizes he is the one who attacked Viraj seeing his shoes type.

Banni then chases him to know his identity but he runs far from her and he takes someone’s bike to chase Tulika and Banni misses him.

While Yuvan also could not chase Tulika’s auto due to some issue on road and he gets disappointed but feels happy seeing the identity card in his hand belongs to his Bunty.

Just then Yuvan receives a call from the gift services he ordered for Banni. Yuvan then asks them to deliver to Tulika’s address without mentioning his name.

On the other side, Banni thinks about why that person came here and what’s his motive. Then she thinks where is Yuvan and calls him.

On the other side, Yuvan feels sudden pain and comes to his normal state and attends the call. Banni asks him where is he and he replies that he is returning home.

Then Yuvan returns home and thinks he is feeling something different and decides to share his state with someone after Diwali.

Later, Banni does preparation for Lakshmi puja with other ladies. She sees Yuvan and questions him about his late arrival. At this Yuvan rebukes her.

Then Banni receives a call and she asks the mechanic to set up her scooty break by coming to her place. Yuvan sees Banni’s scooty and decides to impress her by driving it.

After some time, Banni notices Yuvan is driving her scooty. Banni runs behind him and saves him from meeting with an accident but gets injured herself in the process.

Yuvan carries Banni home without listening to her, while Charmi and Myra smile seeing them together.

Then Yuvan cleans Banni’s wounds and scolds her as to why she ran behind him to save him. Banni questions him if he would have not left her if she was about to meet with an accident.

At this Yuvan says he can't leave her to meet with an accident, so Banni says that’s my answer too. Yuvan thinks about why he feels their hearts are connected.

Then Yuvan goes to the kitchen and asks Ramu to prepare lep which Banni used to prepare for him. While Charmi and Myra leave teasing him.

Yuvan takes lep and applies it to Banni’s scratches, and seeing this both Myra and Charmi feel happy for them. Charmi says Banni’s confidence is winning and Yuvan can’t love anyone except Banni.

On the other side, Tulika receives a letter from Yuvan that he won’t let her leave far from him as he already waited years for her. She sees B’s pendant and thinks who likes me with this much passion?

Then Yuvan takes Banni and shows herself in the mirror. Banni asks where is her painting. Yuvan says no painter in this world can do justice to your smile.

At this Banni says it’s cheating, while Yuvan asks her to decide if she wants a fake painting or his feelings of the heart.

Banni asks him to tell his feelings. Yuvan is about to say but Brinda calls them for the puja.

Later Hemant asks Yuvan not to attend the party with Banni as she is not up to their status as she is just a caretaker. Banni overhears their conversation.

But Yuvan replies that he has trust and comfort in Banni that’s why he may be used to eating food from her hand in the past.

Yuvan further days that, Banni is with me in my bad phase so she deserves to be part of my happiness so will take her to the party as I admire her and then he leaves.

Hearing this, Hemant comes out saying he is doing wrong, while Banni reminds her challenge to Hemant.

Episode Ends!

Banni Chow Home Delivery Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Yuvan proposes to Banni saying that he is nothing without her and she is nothing without him. Then Yuvan dances with Banni.

Later Yuvan sees a girl and says to her that destiny made them meet and says he loves her.

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