Banni Chow Home Delivery | BCHD 25th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan's scary past changes him completely


Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan's scary past changes him completely


At the start of today's episode, we see Yuvan lighting Diya in the mandir. While Banni prays to Goddess to keep them happy, after a long time.

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Yuvan is starting to fall for Banni and Bunty both

Then Banni records everything on her phone. She sees Tulika entering their place and thinks that she is the one who gave her prasad in the temple, and why she came here.

Banni goes to Tulika and Tulika tells her she came to give gifts to Banni which are sent by Agastya.

Then Banni tells Tulika that she is Banni. Tulika tells she is happy to meet her as Agastya praises her so much and she informs Banni that she is Agastya's best friend and he has sent gifts to her family.

Banni says Agastya is a good person and he finds good in everyone, while Tulika sees puja is happening.

Then Tulika apologizes to Banni for disturbing her and says that she will leave.

At this Banni says you came here on Diwali so you can’t leave without eating sweets. She asks the servant to get rice pudding for Tulika.

The servant gives sweets to Banni and Banni gives them to Tulika. Tulika says it’s good and says that she felt as if she had it before but cannot recall when.

Then Yuvan sees Tulika but she didn’t see him. Devraj asks Yuvan to feed food to 5 children and Yuvan agrees.

Later, Tulika leaves forgetting her identity card. Yuvan asks Banni who’s she. Banni says she is Tulika a friend of Agastya who’s your mentor and judge in the Rockstar competition.

Then Banni asks Yuvan what’s in the bag. Yuvan tells Banni that he needs to feed food to 5 kids, so Banni says she didn’t know about it.

Yuvan says he will feed the kids by along with her and asks her to take him on her scooty and Banni agrees.

On the way, Yuvan gets closer to Banni whenever the speed breaker comes, while she feels awkward and stops the scooty.

Yuvan asks why she stopped, at this Banni says he is the problem. Yuvan asks what if her Scooty has some problem.

Yuvan requests her to make him learn how to ride a scooty. Banni asks him to paint for her, while Yuvan says it’s a new thing to him.

Banni says you can do anything and Yuvan accepts her challenge. Banni starts her scooty and asks him to observe how she is riding.

Banni helps an old lady then she serves food to 5 kids. Yuvan feeds food bites to Banni.

Later Yuvan asks how can she care for and love everyone. Banni says she has so much stock of love.

Then the Colony lady comes to give money to Banni and she is about to ask if her husband is cured completely, but Banni takes her aside on time.

Then Banni teaches Yuvan how to ride Scooty. Yuvan thinks there is something in Banni that is pulling him towards her.

Later Tulika calls Banni and asks her to check if she forgot her ID card at their place as it’s important for her medical camp.

Banni checks it and tells her it’s at their place. Tulika asks if can she give it to her, while Banni says she is going to deliver food.

Tulika says she will collect it from her and asks her to tell her location and Banni shares it with her.

Then Banni sees Yuvan on her scooty and asks him if won’t he go to the office. Yuvan says the car is waiting for him in her colony.

Banni reminds him about her painting. Yuvan says the sprouting of patience is sweet and then they reach the colony.

Banni asks Yuvan where is his car and Yuvan goes to check it. While Banni calls Tulika and tells her the location and Tulika searches for Banni.

Then Banni gets a call and she goes to deliver food thinking she can return before Tulika comes.

In the street, one man is seen beating his wife, which makes Yuvan gets some flashes and he turns into a different person.

Episode Ends!

Banni Chow Home Delivery Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Yuvan proposes to Banni saying that he is nothing without her and she is nothing without him. Then Yuvan dances with Banni.

Later Yuvan sees a girl and says to her that destiny made them meet and says he loves her.

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