Banni Chow Home Delivery | BCHD 24th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan attacks Viraj to avenge his past insults


Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan attacks Viraj to avenge his past insults


At the start of today's episode, we see Yuvan searching for Banni, while Banni smiles seeing Hemant and Hemant leaves.

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Then Devraj thinks Banni will win the challenge as no one can separate Yuvan and Banni.

Yuvan then stops girls’ fights and advises them to not humiliate their partners with their fights.

Yuvan asks them to enjoy the Diwali party. At this one of the girls tells Yuvan that you’re the one who embarrassed your family in the past and at one party you entered without clothes.

Hearing this Banni feels bad, while Yuvan leaves and then watches the videos of parties where Viraj humiliated him in the past and how Banni took a stand for him.

Just then Banni comes there and then turns off the TV and asks Yuvan to not watch past videos and then tells him that Viraj is changed and accepted him as his elder brother.

Yuvan says true people changes, then he says my family is against me but I have noticed how you supported me and this is not just a relationship of eating food, there is something more.

Yuvan asks her to reveal to him the truth, just then Brinda calls Banni and Banni quickly leaves asking him to get ready.

But Charmi stops Banni and takes Banni to Viraj. Viraj shows the ring which he bought for Yuvan as a sorry gift.

Viraj tells Banni that he hopes Yuvan forgives him. Banni tells him that Yuvan has already forgiven him. Viraj says he and Yuvan will sit in the puja together and Banni smiles.

Later Devraj asks Banni to bring Yuvan to puja and Banni agrees. But Hemant asks Myra to bring Yuvan. While Banni looks on.

Then Yuvan recalls his insults by Viraj in anger. He goes to Viraj’s room and blindfolds him.

Myra tells everyone that Yuvan is not in his room. Hearing this Devraj gets worried. Banni asks him to not worry and tells him that she will bring Yuvan.

Brinda asks Charmi for Viraj, and Charmi replies that he is getting ready. Brinda asks Banni to bring Viraj too and Banni agrees.

Banni goes upstairs and she is worried after seeing Yuvan’s injury. She asks him how it all happened.

Yuvan says he didn’t know what happened and he has a headache and doesn’t remember what happened in the garden.

Banni asks why he didn’t inform the Doctor about headaches. Yuvan asks Banni to relax saying he took tablets.

Then Banni bandages his injury. Then they hear some noise coming from the party.

Banni and Yuvan get shocked to see Viraj state and then Yuvan unties his blindfolds.

Charmi asks who made him wear the lady clothes. Viraj says don’t know but I wanted to know who did this to me.

Hemant sends the guests home. Then Yuvan asks Viraj to get relaxed and tell him what happened.

Viraj reveals to him how someone slapped him after blindfolding him and that person made him fall unconscious and now I’m here in front of you guys in this state.

Yuvan asks who can do it. At this Alapana says it’s Banni work. But Charmi says Banni was with us and how can she do it?

Yuvan asks them to blame him if they want as he has reason to do it for his past insults.

Hearing this everyone gets shocked. Yuvan says I forgave Viraj as Banni made me realise Viraj is changed and I’m not angry anymore.

Then Myra brings scissors and shows everyone that it has blood. Viraj has hurts the person with it while defending himself.

At this Banni says then that person might be hurt. Devraj asks Myra to check all workers and Banni gets suspicious.

Banni sends Viraj to change his dress. Later Viraj tells Charmi that he feels the one who attacked him could be Yuvan.

Charmi says it can’t be Yuvan as he forgave everyone and it might be the work of Hemant to create differences between brothers. Just then both Yuvan and Banni enter Viraj’s room.

Then Yuvan tells Viraj that he is planning to announce at the post-Diwali party that this time brother will do Bhai-Dhooj.

Viraj says it’s a good idea. Banni sees the shoe and says it’s looking different and Viraj says it does not belong to him.

Yuvan says it does not belong to him. So Banni says it can belong to the attacker.

Viraj says it’s an expensive shoe and it does not belong to Tai and Chacha. Banni thinks about who can be that person.

Episode Ends!

Banni Chow Home Delivery Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Yuvan proposes to Banni saying that he is nothing without her and she is nothing without him. Then Yuvan dances with Banni.

Later Yuvan sees a girl and says to her that destiny made them meet and says he loves her.

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