Banni Chow Home Delivery | BCHD 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan makes Banni jealous


Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan makes Banni jealous


At the start of today's episode, we see Banni doing first aid for Yuvan. Yuvan tells Banni that she does care for him and Banni leaves, while Yuvan says thanks to Banni.

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Yuvan and Myra talk about Banni. Yuvan asks Myra about Banni and asks if there is a boy in Banni’s life. The trainer tells Yuvan to do the workout and Yuvan apologises to the trainer.

On the other side, Banni gives milk to Charmi but Charmi warns Banni saying Hemanth is conducting a party tonight in which there will be a lot of girls and Hemanth wants to marry Yuvan with someone else.

Then Devraj asks Hemanth why is he inviting girls to the party. He tells Hemanth that there is only one girl in Yuvan’s life and that’s Banni and says Yuvan is already married.

At this, Hemanth says “it is just a play you played while I was not here.” Hemanth further says that Banni is just a caretaker and nothing else.

Devraj replies to Hemanth that if he doesn’t budge from his decision then he will also do what he has to do.

On the other side, Myra teases Yuvan asking if he loves Banni. Yuvan teases Myra back saying not to think too much.

Myra and Banni do the decorations, while Yuvan decides to find out what does Banni think about him?

Later, Banni and Yuvan run into each other and the flowers fall on Banni and Yuvan as Banni is carrying a plate of flowers and it falls as they collide.

Yuvan apologises to Banni and then he makes up a reason and says he was not able to find his T-shirt.

Banni goes to Yuvan’s room and shows him the T-shirt that he said he is looking for. Yuvan thanks Banni and then he asks Banni to help him choose a dress and shoes to match it.

Yuvan then teases Banni saying there are a lot of girls going to be at the party and he needs to look handsome. Hearing this Banni asks Yuvan to call one of the girls to select the dress for him.

Banni tries to leave but Yuvan asks if Banni is jealous and that’s why she is not choosing him.

Banni says there is nothing like that and chooses a dress and shoes for himself and then she leaves from there.

At the party, Hemanth introduces Yuvan to some girls and says if he likes a girl he will marry that girl to him. Yuvan sees Banni and talks to the girls smilingly.

While Charmi introduces the girls to the Banni. Banni hearing that they know each other says her plan to Charmi. Charmi takes Yuvan away from the girls.

Then Banni goes and speaks with the girls one by one and says Yuvan likes girls who are straightforward. Banni talks bad about the other girls.

One of the girls tries to take Yuvan away but the other girl stops her and says they start bitching about each other in front of Yuvan. Yuvan sees Banni and he understands it's Banni behind this.

Then Yuvan goes to Banni and asks if she did this, but Banni doesn’t admit to it.

Yuvan asks Banni if she will do these things then how can he find the perfect match for himself?

So Banni shows the newspaper and tells Yuvan to find a match from this paper and leaves there.

Episode Ends!

Banni Chow Home Delivery Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Yuvan tells Banni that this is not just a relationship of eating food and says there is something more.

Then Yuvan proposes to Banni saying that he is nothing without her and she is nothing without him.

Yuvan says he loves Banni and then he sees a girl and says to her that destiny made them meet and says he loves her.

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