Banni Chow Home Delivery | BCHD 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan proposes to the new girl in front of Banni


Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan proposes to the new girl in front of Banni


At the start of today's episode, Hemant announced in front of his family that Yuvan would join their company as CEO tomorrow. Myra asks Yuvan to concentrate on his rocking star competition too.

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BCHD Written Update 23rd October 2022

But Veer opposes Hemant’s condition. Hemant asks why he drinks so much and asks how can he make Yuvan CEO.

At this Hemant says I did a mistake by giving my share of the property to Manini while leaving for jail she made Viraj managing director by giving him power of attorney then why can’t Yuvan become CEO?

Veer says Viraj knows work, unlike Yuvan. Hemant advises Viraj to forget what he learned from Manini for a better future.

Veer says he grew their family business with his hard work and wouldn’t let Yuvan become a CEO. Then Hemant insults Veer, while Yuvan tries to interfere, but Veer slaps him hard.

Everyone gets shocked seeing this, and then Charmi stops Banni from interfering. Yuvan says he will work under Viraj to learn work and he will become CEO after proving his abilities.

At this Viraj says he stole his heart and says tomorrow he will throw a party to introduce him to everyone and Yuvan agrees. Everyone feels happy, then Yuvan hugs Veer but hides his real intention.

On the lawn, Banni imagines she is dancing with Yuvan. She is about to trip, and Charmi holds her and teases her.

Banni notices she is sneezing and she takes her inside saying she will prepare milk for her and Yuvan.

Just then Banni notices someone’s shadow and she asks Charmi if she noticed it, but Charmi says there is no one.

Later, the power goes off and Yuvan like a psychopath follows Veer, while Veer gets scared.

On the other side, Charmi asks Banni, won’t she feel scared thinking what if Yuvan doesn’t remember her?

Banni says her confidence increased more seeing how calmly Yuvan managed the situation even after getting slapped by Veer. Hearing this Charmi teases her and then Banni takes milk for Yuvan.

In the darkness, Yuvan takes revenge on Veer at night by slapping him continuously. Veer falls on the floor in his drunken state.

On the other side, Banni goes to Yuvan’s room and notices Yuvan is not in the room. Just at that time Yuvan returns to his room and asks what’s she doing in his room.

Banni says she came to give him milk. Yuvan asks if she stays at their place. Banni manages to say Devraj asked her to stay and he sneezes.

Banni notices his hair is wet and tries to wipe the wetness from his hair, but Yuvan stops her and says you care for me a lot, isn’t it?

So Banni says she will leave. Yuvan says your eyes are saying you care for me a lot.

Meanwhile, Veer tells Brinda that Banni might have slapped him as he slapped Yuvan in the morning.

Then they enter Yuvan’s room and Brinda asks Banni if she slapped Veer, while Banni denies it.

At this Veer says that she can do anything for Yuvan. While Yuvan says Banni is in front of me and she can’t be the one, Veer doesn’t believe this.

So Brinda forcefully takes Veer out with her.

Then Yuvan asks Banni if she can do anything for him. She notices Yuvan’s hand is hurt. She applies cream and thinks if Yuvan slapped Veer.

Episode Ends!

Banni Chow Home Delivery Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Banni leaves the flower plate with the sudden entry of Yuvan. All the flowers fall on them like rain.

While Hemant tells Devraj that he doesn’t want Yuvan’s name to link with a home delivery girl.

Then Yuvan asks Banni to choose his dress for the party. Later at the party, Yuvan dances with Banni, and on another side, he proposes to the new girl.

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