Banni Chow Home Delivery | BCHD 20th October 2022 Written Update: Banni threw out of the house


Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th October 2022 Written Update: Banni threw out of the house


At the start of today's episode, Banni feels bad seeing kheer on the floor. She takes the kheer i.e left in the box for Yuvan.

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Banni breaks the gate and marks her re-entry into Rathore house

On the other side, the guard throws Yuvan. Yuvan saves laddoos then he tells the guard that he did wrong disrespecting food.

Yuvan then lifts the guard and ties him to a tree then he makes Guard distribute sweets to the kids. Kids thank Yuvan, while the Guard requests him to leave him.

Yuvan leaves the guard and then he enters the temple and prays to God. Just then Banni also enters the temple and searches for Yuvan.

Yuvan recalls flashes of some little crying when her father is beating her mother. A new girl enters the temple along with Banni, while Banni spots Yuvan.

Banni says Yuvan, how can you leave the hospital without informing anyone? Yuvan doesn’t see her and says Bunty is not with her mother and where is Bunty.

The new girl's dupatta falls on Yuvan’s face, while that girl prays to God. Then Banni comes in front of Yuvan and says it’s Banni, not Bunty.

At this Yuvan tells her he is taking Bunty’s name only, who’s Banni, hearing this Banni gets shattered. Yuvan asks her if they met before.

Devraj hears it and comes in front of Yuvan. Yuvan recognizes Devraj and Hemant. He asks them why they look changed. Devraj asks why he came to the temple without informing anyone.

Yuvan says I recalled some memories and came to the temple for mom and Bunty. Banni walks back thinking who’s Bunty?

An unknown girl smiles at Yuvan, while Yuvan asks who’s Banni. Hemant says they need to rush to the hospital for a final checkup and he tries to take Yuvan.

Yuvan wants to help Banni, while Devraj makes Hemant leave Yuvan. Yuvan removes thrown from Banni’s feet and asks her to go to the hospital.

Banni forwards kheer’s box but Hemanth takes Yuvan with him. Yuvan feels confused and thinks if he knows Banni. Devraj asks Banni to go home.

The new girl distributes prasad to everyone. A lady sees her hand and tells her that she will get the person whom she loves. Then she gives prasad to Banni.

Banni thanks her and says it’s needed. The new girl asks Banni to pray to God as he fulfilled my wish so he will fulfil yours too and then she leaves.

Banni prays to Shivji to not break her trust.

Banni denied entry into the house:

Later Devraj stops Hemant and confronts him about why he stopped him from telling Yuvan about Banni. Hemant says it’s not needed to tell Yuvan about Banni as they got married against my wishes.

Just then Banni cones there, while Hemant says Yuvan will get married to the person who’s from our level and he closes the gate in Banni’s face.

At this Banni feels hurt. Devraj asks him to open the door as Yuvan wants Banni. Hemant says not anymore, now Yuvan doesn’t even remember her.

Devraj asks how can he forget Banni’s favours. Hemant says he remembers all favours and he tells Banni that he will give her funds to develop her business.

Hemant tells Banni that he is freeing her from their house and relationships. Hemant tells Devraj that Yuvan doesn’t see Banni kind of girl.

Devraj scolds Hemant for his low-level thinking and tells him that he will inform the truth to Yuvan. Hemant says that Yuvan will accept Banni forcefully not out of love.

Devraj asks him to stop his nonsense as he knows Yuvan better than him and he loves his wife Banni so he will inform the truth to Yuvan.

Episode Ends!

Banni Chow Home Delivery Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Hemant announces that Yuvan is going to be the new CEO of their company and Viraj gets shocked.

Then Veer creates a scene over Hemant’s decision and then he slaps Yuvan.

Later in the darkness, Yuvan slaps back Veer.

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