Banni Chow Home Delivery | BCHD 18th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan leaves Banni for someone else


Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan leaves Banni for someone else


At the start of today's episode, we see Manini saying to Banni that she doesn’t know what’s written in the letter. Hemant asks Banni if she has any proof to prove Manini is behind missing Yuvan.

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Banni says the court needs proof but her heart knows Manini is the culprit. Then Banni beats Manini with a belt, while Hemant tries to stop her but Banni throws him. Manini goes outside and Banni follows her.

Hemant tries to go behind but Devraj stops Hemant and tells him Manini is responsible for Yuvan’s current state as she made Doctor give him the wrong medicine to Yuvan, while Hemant looks on.

Then Banni tries to beat Manini again. Manini stops Banni by holding the belt and then accepts that she asked Yuvan to write this suicide note and pushed him from Kaali cliff, and Yuvan is no more.

Manini further says that she can’t prove her crime as Banni doesn’t have any proof. Banni gets shatters hearing this and rushes to the spot to find Yuvan and then she cries for Yuvan.

Yuvan calls Banni’s name. Banni notices Yuvan is hanging to a tree branch and then Yuvan says that he is unable to hold it. Banni asks him to hold for some time.

Banni saves Yuvan with the help of a rope. Banni then slaps Yuvan and confronts why he left her. Yuvan says he left her for her happiness as Agastya can make her happy not him.

Banni asks how can he think that way. She tells Yuvan that they love each other and they are one. Banni makes him listen to her heartbeat and tells him that his heart beats for him.

Yuvan apologizes to Banni and promises her that he will never leave her again. Then Yuvan says to her I love you, while Banni tells him she loves him so much with a hug.

Later at home, Hemant questions Manini about why she tried to kill Yuvan.

Hemant then reveals that for years everyone is warning him about him but he didn’t listen to anyone and made you have all share of my property but you tried to kill my son.

Hemant says he can’t bear her presence anymore and asks the police to take her.

While leaving Manini tells Devraj that her revenge is not yet completed. Devraj asks what revenge she is talking about.

Manini says you threw out my Dad Vikram from the company and you’re responsible for my shattered family state. Devraj says your dad did a mistake that’s why I removed him from the company.

Manini says it’s a lie and our fight will continue as I will be back but I didn’t give the wrong medicine to Yuvan and there is someone in the house who’s against you guys and wish that person can make your life hell until I return.

Then Police take her, while Devraj says Manini lied while leaving home too. He asks them to leave it and asks them to get ready for Karva Chauth puja.

Later Yuvan breaks Banni’s fast by feeding her kheer. He calls her to eat food. Banni tells she has something important to tell him.

Yuvan asks her what’s it. Banni reveals to him that he can get normal. Yuvan feels happy, but Banni doesn’t reveal Doctor’s warning to him.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Banni thinks Doctor said Yuvan’s surgery is successful but will he remember me?

Banni enters Yuvan’s room and notices it’s empty. She learns Yuvan went to mandir where he has his childhood memories so he may remember me and searches for me.

Banni rushes to the temple with hope but some new girl stands in between them.

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