Anupama 30th October 2022 Written Update: Anuj makes Vanraj the decision maker for Pakhi-Adhik


Anupama 30th October 2022 Written Update: Anuj makes Vanraj the decision maker for Pakhi-Adhik



In Today's episode, Anuj asks Adhik, after knowing the truth we were ready to give you a chance so why you took this step?

Anuj shouts at Adhik when he comes to open Adhik's mouth for clarification.

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Anuj said there is no space for your excuses. He accuses him of failing both families' trust.

Anuj was angry with Adhik as they supported him, but he let them down.

Kavya accuses Pakhi of taking such a big step without thinking twice about her family.

Kavya tells Pakhi that this is not the end, the actual life starts only after getting married.

She has to face the real world now.  Kavya goes on to ask Pakhi, what would they do if her family does not approve of their relationship.

Pakhi explains to Kavya why her family will not approve of it, they have followed all rituals.

Anupama and Leela ask a question to Pakhi,  why she couldn't wait for a day.

Adhik defends themselves and requests Anuj to understand his feelings for Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Pakhi tries to persuade her family to accept her marriage and approaches Vanraj, begging him to accept her wedding.

Adhik thinks if Vanraj agreed and accepts them, other family members will be easily accepted them.

Vanraj took back his hand and walks away.

Ankush leaves from there and will inform Barkha as well about Adhik's vast step.

Anupama shared that Pakhi and Adhik both have used their half mind without thinking once about after effects of what they've done.

Shahs are concerned about Vanraj's response.

Leela requests Kavya to accompany Vanraj but Kavya says she cannot handle Vanraj in this situation.

Anupma gives medicines to Anuj and Leela.

Anuj asks Anupma to see Vanraj as a parent of Pakhi, and she adds Kavya along with her.

Vanraj packed all Pakhi's stuff in two suitcases and throw out them the house in front of everyone.

Vanraj added as a father, he will not curse Pakhi, but he will also not bless her. 


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Anuj will tell Pakhi and Adhik, you have done what you wish, and now it's the turn of your parents.

Anuj tells Vanraj, he has a right to make his decision whatever it may be we all would be agreed.

Pakhi is in fear and asks Adhik if they have taken the wrong step. Adhik shows sympathy to her.

Vanraj tells to everyone if Pakhi will not change her decision, he will compel her to take his decision.  


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