Anupama 25th October 2022 Written Update: Girls flirt with Anuj at Anupama's college


Anupama 25th October 2022 Written Update: Girls flirt with Anuj at Anupama's college


At the start of today's episode, Anupama asks Anuj what he is up to. Anuj explains he always wanted to drop her at the college on the bike.

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Anuj also tells Anupama that whenever he will get time from the office he will drop her at the college. Anupama dances and Anuj watches her.

At the Shah house, Pakhi asks her family not to force her to go to college. She says either Anupama will go to college or she will.

Then Leela asks Pakhi, earlier when Vanraj was stopping her to go to college then she was fine. She asks why she wants to go to college now.

Then Samar asks Pakhi to stop her daily drama, hearing this Pakhi gets angry and says that sharing the same college with Anupama is embarrassing.

At this Samar tells Pakhi that she should be proud of Anupama.

Pakhi says earlier Anupama sent Choti Anu to her school and now she also took admission to her college and then she gets irked.

Vanraj asks Pakhi to go to college and not miss her important lecture. Kavya asks Leela to prepare for Choti Diwali and then she prays for her family's happiness.

At the Kapadia Mansion, Barkha asks Ankush and Adhik what they are up to. Ankush tells Barkha that it is simple, Adhik loves Pakhi and will marry her.

Ankush also says that if she is against this, then she should stay away from Adhik’s marriage.

At this Barkha asks Adhik and Ankush if are they serious. She further says that Adhik wants to overtake Kapadia Empire by marrying Pakhi.

While Ankush and Adhik get furious and Barkha says she can decode Adhik’s mind.

On the other side, Anuj drops Anupama at the college. He asks her to fulfil her dream which she quit long back. He asks Anupama to write a new story about her life.

Then Anupama enters the college and gets happy.

While Barkha meets Vanraj and tells Vanraj that he needs to know something very important.

At the college, Anuj decides to watch Anupama from afar. While Choti Anu prays to God for Anupama and asks Lord to take care of Anupama.

Then Anuj calls Choti Anu and Choti Anu asks Anuj to take care of Anupama and also asks him to secretly follow her.

Anuj shares with Choti Anu that he is feeling nostalgic at college as he remembers his past.

After entering college, Anupama prays to God to bless her with an education. Anuj and Anupama dance at the college in Anupama's dream. Back to reality, Anupama thinks she has gone crazy.

Then Anupama enquires about the financial literacy class. She hesitates to enter the classroom, and then she boosts her morale.

Seeing her the students out there laugh at Anupama post-learning she is a student. The class teacher introduces Anupama and says learning has no age and another lady joins the class like Anupama.

In the meanwhile, girls out there try to flirt with Anuj. But Anuj waits for Anupama and ignores the other girls.

Episode Ends!

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In the upcoming episode, Anupama decides to focus on her study. While Vanraj tries to talk with Anupama about Pakhi. Then we see Anuj and Anupama's college romance.

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